12 Signs of Instagram Addiction and Ways to get Rid of it

  • How many hours a day do you spend watching other people’s movies and photos on Instagram?
  • Ever wondered if you might be addicted to Instagram?

If you are one of those people who have to spend a lot of time on the Internet every day.

This article will help you better manage your time and have a better experience using Instagram.

12 Signs of Instagram Addiction

It’s not just you, many use Instagram and other social networks excessively.

Continuous use of Instagram can waste your time and cause you serious psychological problems.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you 12 signs of Instagram Addiction and give you a way to quit.

Instagram Addiction and Ways to get Rid of it

  • Is the first thing you do after waking up checking your Instagram?
  • Do you have to be aware of all the latest posts or be up-to-date?
  • If you wake up in the middle of the night, do you go to your Instagram page?
  •  You do not like to be tagged on your friend’s photo, because they did not edit the photo well?
  • Do you have a caption in mind before taking a photo?
  • Are you excited about Instagram updates?
  • Are you a professional in hashtags?
  • Do you have different apps for editing photos before posting them on Instagram?
  • Nothing can stop you while checking Instagram; Do you take your phone with you everywhere?
  • Do you have a fake account on Instagram?
  • Does it take at least two hours to choose a photo for your Instagram?
  • Can’t post a black and white photo next to another black and white photo?
  • Do you get excited when you post on Instagram and the likes start?
  • Do you like your account with fake accounts?

Why is Instagram so Addictive?

  1. The act of taking photos: We think that if we do not seize the moment, it will be lost forever and this will make us anxious.
  2. It has become a popular social network: Instagram is no longer just about capturing moments, people use it to relieve boredom, connect with others, and not miss new news every moment.
  3.  Excellent filters: You can make an attractive photo from a not-so-good photo.
  4. You are afraid to stay away from others: One of the biggest reasons to use Instagram is the fear of being left behind.
    Unconsciously, your heart wants to go to Instagram, look at all the pages, and read so that there is no news and you are not informed.

Instagram so Addictive

One of my friends who was addicted to Instagram said:

Instagram so Addictive

I used to follow educational and business content from great entrepreneurs (both inside and outside) on Instagram, which appealed to me.

But little by little, I concluded that reading a book can be much more effective. Sometimes I checked my Instagram because of unemployment or boredom, just like many others…. At that time, I did not learn much, even if I was following educational materials because Instagram is more suitable for entertainment and shopping than education!

Instagram so AddictiveOn the other hand… I do not care how others live and what beautiful things they do during their lives. Not that it’s not important, it’s important, but I do not want to know the details!

I have never followed such content, but I see them, and unfortunately, these things, even if it does not directly affect one’s way of thinking, affect one’s subconscious.

And I also do not want people to show me right or wrong life on Instagram; I have a chance to take control of life, and that is my life, so I act in my style.

Instagram so AddictiveI do not spend much time on Instagram, but usually, that time was for escaping from the outside world!!

It is not good to fill all your time, you need a specific time for thinking, spending time with family and friends and… I realized that I could fill my idle time on the bus with a smile and a little thought.

Or if I am at home, I can spend time with my family or read a book.

Introducing the Activity tool for managing activity time on Instagram

Interesting, humorous, and funny posts, educational clips, etc., are things that tempt people not to skip these posts and spend a lot of time watching them.

Another thing that happens in the meantime is that viewing these posts consumes a lot of the internet.

For this reason, some people may be looking for a way to control their Instagram activity to save time and the Internet.

managing activity time on Instagram

One of the interesting features of Instagram is that we can limit our activity on Instagram by specifying the number of hours to use this app, for example, by setting the amount of 2 hours, we have specified that we have the right to use the Instagram app only 2 hours a day.

activity time on Instagram

With the introduction of these tools by Facebook, you can now have better management for working with social networks.

This feature will be useful for people who are severely addicted to social networks; also, using it can be effective and useful in controlling the use of social networks by parents on their children.

Introducing these tools can be considered the first effective step to stay away from cyberspace and be close to family and friends in real space.

How to Use Activity Feature on Instagram

To take advantage of the Instagram activity feature, you need to update the version of the Instagram app to the latest version available.

After updating Instagram, you can now use the activity dashboard, which is described below.

  1. Go to your profile section
  2. touch the three dash icon at the top right
  3. From the displayed options, now select the “Your Activity” option to enter this section.

Your Activity on instagram

After entering the Your Activity section of Instagram, you can see the weekly chart of the duration of using Instagram.

The number shown at the top of the screen is also the average daily usage of your Instagram based on last week.

weekly chart of the duration of using Instagram.

Below the chart, we see two options. The Set Daily Reminder option is for setting a specific time to use Instagram.

In this section, you can ask Your Activity Instagram to send you a notification after your daily use of Instagram has reached a certain time to realize that you have reached the threshold of using the application and it is top better to stop using it.

Set Daily Reminder

There is also a series of alert settings in the Notification Settings section.

For example, in this section, you can disable notifications related to Instagram itself when not using Instagram so as not to distract you.

In this section, you can keep notifications related to direct chat active even after the end of Instagram usage.

There is also another set of settings in this section that you can use to refer to these settings.

Notification Settings

How to Overcome Instagram Addiction?

You may be addicted to Instagram if you are constantly stressed, anxious, and use Instagram, or if you are comparing yourself to others and feeling frustrated.

Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

Instagram so Addictive

1- Delay and schedule

search icon pngYou need to reduce the amount of time you spend on Instagram and find a better job to do.

Remember that life is not a race and you should not use Instagram to show “who is the best”. By scheduling your activities on Instagram, you can get a lot of free time and energy.

2- Your value is not equal to the number of your followers

search icon pngYou should not compare yourself with celebrities on Instagram.

The number of followers does not indicate your value.

3- Turn off Instagram notifications

search icon pngAt first, when you turn off Instagram notifications, you may feel like you are missing something, but it gets easier over time.

You do not need to be informed about everything. When you see the screen of your phone turn on once every few minutes, you will experience stress.

4. Find happiness outside the world of social media

search icon pngYou do not need to inform others that you have a happy life, instead, you should live that happy life.

Your life should be about yourself and how you feel, not about others liking you. You have to like and love yourself.

5. Do not touch your phone constantly

search icon pngKeep your mobile phone out of reach. For example, in another room or under the bed.

Just put it out of sight to make it easier to forget.

6- Delete the Instagram app from your phone.

search icon pngYou can delete this application from your phone.

Do not worry because your account will not be deleted and you can download and use it again.

7- Unfollow Extra pages

search icon pngYou must have seen some advertising pages or some of your friends which post many pictures and stories every minute.

This is really annoying! Be sure to unfollow the additional pages and people who post frequently!

8-Keep your private life to yourself

search icon pngAvoid posting photos and videos about your daily life, such as eating out, walking down the street, and visiting cafes on Instagram.

Otherwise, one day you will realize how addicted you are to sharing your life with others.

9- Temporarily deactivate your account

search icon pngAnd the last way is to temporarily deactivate your account. It is possible to temporarily deactivate or even delete your Instagram account permanently.
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In addition to doing these things, make a list of all the things you can do instead of flipping through Instagram and watching other people’s photos and videos.

By doing things that you enjoy, you can take your focus away from Instagram and get used to it more easily.

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