Amazing Tips for Creating Stunning Instagram Stories Visuals

Your Instagram account is no longer the sole method to connect with your followers and stand out from the crowd.

In reality, Instagram Tales has quickly expanded to over 500 million daily users since its inception in August 2016, implying that nearly all Instagram’s total user population create or watch stories regularly.

It suggests you have the chance to discuss with your Instagram audience in two places on the application, and you don’t want to squander it with boring Stories and graphics.

We’ve gathered together Instagram Stories design recommendations to assist you in engaging your audience in your stories.

These recommendations will have you producing high-quality graphics that your fans will want to see again and again.

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Starting with a storyboard is a good idea.

Instagram Stories can be used in a variety of ways.

Stories are a terrific way to communicate with your community without needing to be as professional as your newsfeed, from promoting blog content to sharing innovative features and more.

It implies you can shoot live video, behind-the-scenes footage, and iPhone pictures without worrying about it clashing with your other content.

When it relates to Instagram Story visuals, though, you would still like to be sure you’re creating aesthetically attractive layouts that entice your people to watch.

Using a screenplay to properly sketch out your tale before you begin on the layout is a terrific approach to get started.

Build a storyline surrounding many of your significant suggestions or ideas to persuade people to click on if you want to promote a recent blog post.

Alternatively, you might create a storyboard that demonstrates how to use your services or products.

Although the potential is unlimited, having a plan can make the entire development process go much more smoothly.

Keep your lines straight.

Do you remember that you were in elementary school, and you used to color? It takes a lot of practice to know to stay within the lines.

You’ll like to keep to some crucial lines and restrictions in your Instagram Page.

Your name and ability to communicate with your narrative are displayed at the top and foot of your tale visuals, accordingly.

In these sections, you wouldn’t want to incorporate any critical info or design features.

Fortunately, Instagram will alert you if you’re about to shift an item too far up or down the page, but it’s still crucial to keep inside the lines outside of the application.

While the measurements of Instagram Stories are 1080 x 1920 pixels, Instagram suggests that all major design factors be kept between 1080 x 1420 pixels in the middle, with 250 pixels at the upper part.

instagram story

 Make a style guide for each Story.

While you can still use pre-made visuals and short video clips in your Stories, Instagram also has a plethora of design components with which you can enhance your material.

Consider creating a style guide that details which fonts, filters, GIF types, and other features your firm can use from IG Stories to stay branded.

This style guide can be created in various settings to keep on hand whenever someone on your team is generating and posting Instagram Stories.

Because there are so many varied design tastes, having a Story-specific style guide can assist even more with brand awareness.

Make use of your company’s colors and fonts.

Make sure anything you make is consistent with your company. You’re Instagram Stories, too.

It implies you should have your branding kit prepared to go, complete with color hex codes, typefaces, and a logo, among other things.

When your fans are going through personal tales, incorporating your brand typefaces and colors assists with brand awareness.

They’ll recognize one of your images and immediately recognize it as belonging to your organization, even if they don’t know your login.

Photographs should be used.

Your Instagram Stories don’t have to be made up of customized graphics. Changing it up and using photography now and then is a terrific idea.

The beauty of Instagram Stories is that you don’t have to post high-quality, professionally generated content.

Instead, capture related photos right in the application with your smartphone camera.

Remember to take advantage of the millions of free picture selections accessible.

Just make sure they’re appropriate for your brand and the content you’re promoting.

Boomerangs are a great example.

Boomerang is an Instagram-owned application that is now immediately integrated into their Stories.

Users may quickly access it by activating the Stories camera and heading to the right-hand option.

A boomerang is a short, looping video clip that can be a fun way of creating content.

To add some individuality to your Stories, use this instead of snapping images now and again.

instagram story

 Put a shadow on the text.

Use Instagram’s in-app design tools to express yourself. You may create a text shadow by combining the two colored levels of the exact text in the Stories production dashboard.

Type your text in a lighter colored tone and position it on your Story where you want this to appear.

Then does the same thing with your primary shade, putting it at an angle over the shadow.

It is a fun method to add words to a photo or video that you recorded directly in the application, making it fast and easy to create your Instagram Stories before uploading.

 Use symbols to build design features.

Classic, Modern, Neon, Typewriter, and Strong are the five font selections available on Instagram Stories. It implies you have five main styles of letters and symbols.

If you rotate and blow up some of these letters and signs, you’ll have some excellent graphic components to assist in spice up your Instagram Stories.

Take a look at the following example. Each of these components has been introduced to the Instagram Stories interface with a distinctive symbol.

In the top left layout, a capital I was used in the Modern font. You can make a bar graph or an underscore for your text by rotating it sideways.

Instagram stunning stories

A pink asterisk, also in the Modern typeface, appears across from that. Make stars or snowflakes with these.

The green circles are Strong font periods that have been blown up and overlapping to make a weird design.

Then there are two blue alphabetic characters in the Classic typeface.

The last component in the example above is a dotted line created by a line of periods in the Modern typeface.

Try experimenting with the various letters and symbols in each typeface to produce emphases, backdrops, and other effects.

More color options are available.

You’ll immediately have access to various pages of color selections when you launch the text or drawing capabilities, but you’re not restricted to those.

Holding down on one of the available colors brings up a rainbow of more hues to choose from.

stories of instagram

Add a rainbow or ombré effect to your text.

Let us begin by saying that this is a difficult skill to learn. The finished result, though, is quite excellent.

To accomplish this impact, type out your material first, choose it all, or just the word(s) you wish to ombré.

Then press and hold the display on top of the initial letter, then press and hold the show in the front of the color you wish to begin with.

To make a rainbow effect, glide through the visible spectrum while concurrently sliding over each word.

You’ll move from start to finish or bottom to top to achieve an ombré pattern.

In the GIF below, you can see this in action:

If you move any of your fingers away from the rainbow or away from the words, the entire event will be messed up, so practice this one a few times before using it.

Make overlays and backgrounds.

More than just coloring or highlighting data in your tale is possible using the assigns. It also aids in the creation of backdrops and color overlay.

Use the editing tools, choose your backdrop color, and tap and hold till your complete visibility turns that color if you’d like to publish a statement on your Story without finding a photo.

You may also make a transparent color overlay by following the same steps with the highlighter tool – select a color, then click and keep the display.

You can also make sneak peeks by putting a color scheme on top of your photo and then using the eraser techniques to cut a portion of it.

Its functionality can be used to tease upcoming items, blog posts, and other things.

Make use of stickers and animated GIFs.

To add comedy and flair to your creations, Instagram Stories provides many stickers and GIF possibilities.

Browse the choices or use the search function to find something special to include in your Story.

You can use a variety of icon designs, as well as polls, quizzes, Q&As, and hashtag stickers to engage your audience further.

Users may also develop and upload their stickers and GIFs for other users to use in their stories and your business to use.

To begin, register as a certified brand on Giphy.

instagram stories

Show users how to get additional information.

In their tales, users with more than 10,000 followers have the Swipe Up option.

Use your story layout to the management system to app switcher if you’ve reached this goal and added a hyperlink to one of your Stories.

If you don’t have this function yet and visitors must go to your account to click a link, add an arrowhead or other built asset to direct their attention to the specific spot they must connect.

It produces a call-to-action for your Story visitors, letting them know what they should do next.

There are also many arrow stickers to pick from to add some extra flair to your project.

Make your highlight covers.

You can add stories to item quality at the bottom of your profile if you wish to save them for longer than 24 hours.

You can make as many highlights as you want, but just the five most newly revised will appear on your profile.

The rest of the content will have to be viewed by scrolling. You can make personalized coverings in each of these highlights, and we strongly advise you to do so.

Because these covers will be visible at the top of your account, make sure they reflect your business and blend well with your newsfeed.

Begin by using a template.

There’s a remedy if you’re still unsure about your creative eye regarding your business or personal Instagram Stories.

Instead of trying to make a Story from the beginning, start with a template.

Templates are available for almost any reason, including promoting your #ootd, recent blog entries, inspiring quotations, new product images, and much more.

Using fully customizable designs like the one above provides you with a place to start while also enabling you to add your branding fonts, colors, and other flourishes.

instagram stories

Begin designing right now!

Begin generating your own amazing Instagram Stories to impress your followers.

Use your Stories to drive traffic to your website, improve your communication skills with polls and quizzes, and reveal what’s going on behind the scenes, among other things.

You can also easily handle your Stories and receive a signal when it’s time to post to define clearly!

What are your favorite design recommendations for Instagram Stories? Please comment us your thoughts in the related section below!

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