Book Lovers Should Follow These Instagram Accounts In 2021

  • Do you enjoy reading?
  • Do you get excited when you see gorgeous photographs of books and people who read?
  • Do you require book suggestions?

If you said yes, I couldn’t wait to share with you ten great and practical Instagram profiles for book lovers and readers (that you should follow in 2021)!

The book lover society on Instagram is OVERFLOWING with great Bookstagram profiles, so I limited this list to the greatest!

I want to say that I feel like I’d be negligent if I didn’t mention my own.

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It’s not quite as beautiful as the ones I’m going to show you, so I thought I’d start with that so it didn’t feel like a letdown after all the drool-worthy photographs you’ll see below:

Expectation Management and Items.

The best and unjoyful book accounts on Instagram

It is a collection of great Bookstagram profiles that motivate you with their originality and elegance.

I’ve been following most of these pages for a while now, and I’ve seen them grow in style and photography.

Now be with us to enjoy the best book pages on Instagram:

@crimeofrhyme-105k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

This feeds is very beautiful, and I adore the motif she has happening on. Plus, it’s usually making me thirsty or giving me a strong need for a coffee!

I enjoy how she writes in a variety of genres, just like me. One of the most stunning Bookstagram pages I’ve ever seen!

@readingbringsjoy-65.3k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Rachel is a pleasure, and seeing her on my newsfeed is always a treat.

Very comfortable profile that makes you would like to curl up with a book and a hot drink.

One of the greatest feeds for book suggested on Instagram!

@pieladybooks-55.5k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Listen, Steph’s pages are a breathtaking thing to behold. Not only is she the loveliest, but her couple’s book suggestion with the MOST AMAZING PIES SHE MAKES.

It is one of the most wonderful bookish Instagram pages that any book lover should follow, like the most motivational Bookstagram profiles.

@lottelikesbooks-68.6k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Lotte is a university student from Berlin with a drool-worthy Instagram feed.

I admire her diverse reading tastes and always get wonderful suggestions from her, whether YA or adult literature.

 @tomesandtextiles-14.7k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Carmen’s profile is something to behold! These are true works of art.

She’s bright, creative, and stylish, and she’s a wonderful person who I’ve followed in the book community for years.

She primarily writes for young adults and is an outspoken supporter of diversity and social activism.

@honeybuttergal-12.3k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Kayla’s profile is the newest, but it has quickly become a favorite of mine in 2021, so I have to include it on my list!

Her photos are stunning, her personality comes through, and I like her interesting comments.

@mamajustwantstoread-11.1k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

One of my favorite Bookstagram moms! It’s good to speak about motherhood and reading with another mama who understands!

Her photographs are very lovely and light!

She reads different kinds of genres, but she offers the best recommendations if you like love. 

One of my favorite authors, Instagrams, has grown into a dear friend, and I adore how freely and truthfully she discusses motherhood, body acceptance, and many other topics.

@literaryjo-22.9k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Her feeds are extremely inviting, and her suggestions are fantastic!

One of my favorite bibliophile Bookstagram profiles!

@absorbedinpages-37.3k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Jaime provides fantastic suggestions, and I always like reading her analytical perspectives on novels from various genres!

One of the most impressive literature Instagram profiles!

@lineisunderline-10k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Kerry is a treat – if you want a warm room with somebody who is the essence of all things quiet, relaxing, and HYGGE…

I recommend her book page. I admire her good suggestions and the care she takes with her reading.

@booksandmargs-22.9k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Jessica has one of the most interesting accounts!

She’s the chick to follow if you want fantastic good suggestions, cultural issues, baking with her child, and SHE SHARES GREAT DRINK RECIPES, as well as some fun random things which make her eyes wander!

@silkreads-61.7k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Silke operates one of the best book Instagram accounts, and her lovely brilliant white, nearly monotone stream is so visually appealing that it aches.

I like how her book collection includes both classics and new titles. Silke has them all while I’m debating which book series I would like to begin collecting! I’m not a bit envious…

@mylittlebooktique-119k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Haley’s Instagram profile has long become one of my favorites, and she has one of the gorgeous accounts.

I didn’t think I could adore it anymore, but then she changed her theme to add these gorgeous brown colors, and I’m even more enamored!f

I’m not a drinker of coffee or tea, but Haley makes me need to get my coffee maker and pressing to create cold drinks like her.

She also has an enormous collection of vintage literature, including some very cool Korean versions I’d never seen before.

@emilyhowarth-27.6k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Emily’s feed is full of comfortable, autumn emotions all year long, and the dark brown tones complement her love of gothic literature and mystery books.

Her profile is one of the top books on Instagram feeds, and I appreciate that her page includes various pictures ranging from flat lays to architecture and bookstores.

@frombeewithlove-49k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Bronte is known as the “Queen of Creative Storytelling,” and she considers herself a modern femme fatale.

Her inventive shooting and photoshop talents continue to astound me for each new post that appears on my newsfeed.

Each month, she selects a topic and creates a tale around this one, which she shares with her fans every day.

It’s a refreshing approach to making graphics for a system that (sadly) promotes repetition.

She also promotes eco-friendly living, a vegan, and feminist.

@wordchild-95.5k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Triin is among the loveliest and tranquil libraries I’ve seen on Instagram.

It’s completely crammed with literature, and there are stacks upon mounds of them all over the place.

She, too, has a great garden view, and I can’t help but be envious of the photos from her sitting at the table with a hot chocolate, light flowing in through the window.

Triin is also a vocal advocate for women’s rights, and you’ll get glances of her gorgeous daughter from time to time!

@nikkiinwanderland-77.7k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Nikki’s photographs have a retro air to them, making me feel as if I’ve stepped back in time.

Her handwriting abilities are incredible, and her copy of Rupi Kaur’s poetry in her notebook is stunning.

She also has two cute dogs named Tyra and Arya!

@maw_reads-47.4k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Mika’s images make me like to crawl up in the bed with a hot beverage and a snack right away (or three).

Her page also has a cozy, fall vibe that makes me wish for colder weather all year!

This profile is also bokeh paradise.


Famuos book accounts on instagram

I’ve been following Stefie’s page since its inception and have seen it increases productivity. It’s easy to see why!

She’s the queen of the #onthebed flatlay, which reminded me how lovely a simple open book could be.

@clumsy.words-92.9k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Kathleen of @clumsy.words is frequently seen carrying a hefty stack of books in her arms.

Her account is full of beautifully jumbled bundles and heaps, but my favorite images are ones of her blending her textbooks and garments into backdrop walls.

Are you curious what that could mean? Check out her Instagram to find out!

@thebibliotheque-83.2k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

@thebibliotheque is one of my favorite bookstagrammers because she is so enthusiastic and effective about the books she reads.

Her flawlessly managed account is comprised of yellow and white colors, and her bedroom is #goals!

If you enjoy romance novels, it is the Bookstagram page to follow.

@pollyflorence-212k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Polly’s images always appear when you browse for literary images on Instagram, indicating that many people look to her for motivation.

She is the queen of cozy, rustic photographs, and she makes me want to buy all of the candles, even though I wouldn’t say I like candles.

Polly’s flatlay and indoor design make me yearn for lazy days at home.

@twirlingpages-92.4k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Alexandra does have the most recent YA titles, and I’m jealous of her library!

While I adore the above image and the stunning cover, Alexandra’s photographs hide behind a good book that I adore.

If there is such a thing as #bedroomgoals, it was created for Alexandra’s colorful room.

@lookingforabura-48.9k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Abura uses her unique antique brown filter to upload a mix of books, lifestyle, and travel photos.

Her stream is beautifully maintained and incredibly consistent, as she flawlessly merges these three elements.

She lives in Dubai, and you should follow her for nice outfits, books, and espresso shots.

@coffeeandbookss-99.6k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Tanbir has the most beautiful literary room I’ve ever seen.

It is absolute #interiorgoals, with a giant multi-colored bookshelf spanning half the wall and a stunning gem mirror dominating the other half, mirroring even more volumes.

@coffeeandbookss is undoubtedly one of the most visually appealing Instagram pages Bookstagram.

These lovely images are complemented by captions that offer good suggestions, reviews, and tiny book lists, so it’s also a terrific place to get reading motivation!

@seelieknight-52.8k followers

Famuos book accounts on instagram

Viktoria is a New York-based aspiring screenwriter and book enthusiast.

Her images have a rustic air to them, with many of them taken outside in what appears to be the countryside.

Her Instagram page is a terrific example to the world to have a gorgeous and consistent Instagram page, which I can only hope to emulate.

Viktoria herself appears in several of her photographs, and her distinctive long red hair is unmistakable.

The last word from Aloinstagram to dear audience

Here is my selection of around 20 of the top Bookstagrammers who’ve been producing unique and amazing content.

But if you have enough time, I could keep naming top Bookstagram profiles to join!

You should check out #bookstagram on Instagram if you haven’t already.

There are so many devoted bookworms out there uploading gorgeous photographs of their bookshelves, reading nooks, and books on travels throughout town.

What were some of your favorite Bookstagrammers or Bookstagram accounts to follow?

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