Calculate Instagram’s Engagement Rate

  • Ever wondered how to rate a page on Instagram?
  • Did you know that the most crucial option for analyzing an Instagram page is to calculate its engagement rate?
  • You must be asking, what is engagement?

To analyze the other people’s page on Instagram, the engagement or participation rate of a page shows the success rate of that page through the interaction of the audience with the content of that page in producing principled and quality content.

search icon pngThis rate will vary depending on the number of likes, comments, shares,…  and the number of followers per page.

In fact, Instagram’s engagement rate is very important in ranking an Instagram page.

If you want to know what is the interaction rate or Instagram engagement and how to calculate Instagram engagement, read this article.

Instagram’s engagement rate

Basic Definition: The measure of how well the audience interacts with the content produced on an Instagram page is called the engagement rate.

High engagement for a page is a positive point for it and will increase the credibility of that page.

In addition, the higher the user engagement on a page, the more effective that page is than other pages.

Therefore, brands that have a high engagement rate usually benefit from more loyal customers and as a result more sales.

Another important point to keep in mind is that the cost of advertising on a page depends on the percentage of participation on that page.

The more engagement a page has, the higher the cost of advertising.

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What is engagement on Instagram?

Engagement on Instagram is a benchmark in social media that has become a global standard.

In fact, engagement helps you measure the effectiveness of your posts on social media like Instagram and find out how many people have interacted with your content and posts.

Analysis of fake Instagram followers

The high number of followers on Instagram is not a good measure of a page on Instagram, and since most pages increase the number of followers in the wrong way, this number can not be real.

But engagement or the same rate of Instagram interaction can be a good criterion for analyzing and measuring the fake or real of a page on Instagram.

Pages that have a high engagement rate are mostly seen in Instagram Explore (you can read this article:

The Perfect Guide to Getting on the Instagram Explore Page), and this is one of the benefits of Instagram engagement.

In addition, the pages with which users interact the most will be placed in Explore sooner than the other pages in the new Instagram algorithm.

How to calculate Instagram engagement

One of the most important factors in measuring an Instagram page is the engagement rate.

Instagram engagement shows the amount of participation or the same rate of people’s interaction in a post published on Instagram in relation to the total number of followers of a page.

There are two simple ways to calculate Instagram engagement:

  1. The first method is to calculate Instagram engagement with the formulas used for this purpose.
  2. The second method is to use tools and sites that automatically calculate the interaction rate by entering the username of an account. This method is useful for analyzing others’ Instagram.

calculate Instagram engagement

Note: There is no specific rule in introduced formulas. You can choose one of the formulas to calculate Instagram engagement more accurately according to your goal.

1. Instagram Engagement Calculation Formula

Through the following formulas, you can manually calculate the interaction rate of one or more posts on Instagram.

  • Formula number 1: 100 * (number of followers / (number of likes + number of comments)) = engagement rate
  • Formula 2: 100 * (Impressions / (number of likes + number of comments)) = engagement rate
  • Formula number 3: 100 * (Impressions / (number of likes + number of comments + number of saves)) = engagement rate

Instagram Engagement Calculation Formula

 Note that: this method is suitable when you want to calculate the engagement rate of one or more specific posts.

2. Free Instagram Analysis Tools

Many different sites allow users to calculate Instagram engagement rates. influencer free phlanx and Triberr are among the Instagram page calculating sites.

Just enter the username of the desired page then the page engagement rate will be calculated automatically.

Note: This method is suitable when you want to calculate the total page engagement rate.

On the phlanx site, you can calculate the amount of page engagement for free up to 3 times every 24 hours, and you will need to purchase a subscription for more.


SocialBlade is another Instagram engagement computing website that gives you more complete information about the page.


There are no restrictions on calculating the engagement rate on the Triberr site. But to use it, you need to be a member of the site.

Important point: Note that the page engagement rate on different sites may differ slightly.

This is because each site performs these calculations based on the formula defined for it.

Learn more about Instagram Engagement Rate

  • What is Instagram Engagement?

Check markThe ratio of the interaction of the contacts in a post to the number of followers of that page is called the interaction rate or Instagram engagement.

In fact, the engagement rate is a measure that is used in analyzing the effectiveness of campaigns and brands.

  • know what is effective in determining Instagram engagement rate?

Check markThe number of followers, number of likes, number of comments, number of views of a post, and the amount of sharing are indicators that can determine the rate of interaction of an Instagram page.

  • Why is engagement important on Instagram?

Check markEngagement or interaction rate is widely used in social media analysis such as Instagram and is an important criterion for evaluating different pages.

Usually, different collections that intend to advertise their brand are looking for pages that have real followers.

The high engagement rate indicates the high quality of the content produced on a page that has attracted a large audience.

Another way to tell if a page is fake or real is through its interaction rate, which, no matter how high, indicates that the page in question is not fake.

  • What is the rate of good interaction on Instagram?

Check markBetween 1 and 3%. In short, according to the global standard, the interaction rate between 1 and 3% is good.

  • What are the benefits of calculating Instagram engagement rate?

Check mark-Detect fake or real followers of a page
-Analysis of the growth rate and interaction of the Instagram page

  • What are the influential indicators in Instagram engagement rate?

Check markNumber of views, number of likes, number of comments, amount of post sharing, number of saved posts, and…

  • What does the high interaction rate of a page indicate?

Check markThe higher the Instagram engagement rate, the more successful a page will be in producing quality content and the more effective that page will be.

  • What is the best engagement rate for an Instagram account?

Check markInstagram’s social media engagement rate is between 0 and 10%. An interaction rate of 1% is considered an acceptable interaction rate and an interaction rate above 1% is the best interaction rate.

In the new Instagram algorithm, posts are generally displayed to 10% of the contacts, but if your content is so attractive and high quality that it engages your contacts, Instagram will recognize this issue and make your posts more visible.

Puts a bunch of contacts. This will increase the chances of your posts being explored on Instagram.

This will eventually lead to an increase in followers on Instagram. But the percentage of people’s participation rate in interacting with the posts of a page is important.


As you have read, in this article, we got acquainted with Instagram engagement and found out what the interaction rate on Instagram is and how engagement on Instagram is calculated.

The amount of interaction refers to the level of content produced by a page and the interaction with its audience.

Many sites have made it possible to calculate the interaction rate on Instagram for different pages. How do you calculate the engagement rate of your Instagram page?

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