Changing the Font and Color on Instagram Story

Are you familiar with Instagram stories? You surely know that you can write anything you want on Instagram!

Also, you have probably seen texts with different colors and even fonts in other people’s stories.

You might have come up with this question that how could you change text color and font in the Instagram story.

Instagram has provided users with many features, and fortunately, it has provided different possibilities for people with different interests.

One of the interesting and useful features of Instagram is the possibility of changing text font.

Actually, the users can easily change the text font and color in their stories based on their interests.

Instagram story is one of the most useful and interesting features of this application and the users seek for creating more attractive stories.

After the story photo, the font and color of the text attract the attention of many users.

In this paper, we are aimed at instructing how to change font and color in the Instagram story; so that, you can attract the attention of more users, especially if your Instagram page is a business page.

It will be so effective in increasing the users’ interaction. If you are ready, follow the instruction of changing font and color in the Instagram story.

Changing font in Instagram story

You might be unaware of the fact that there are 5 different styles for changing text font in an Instagram story.

In fact, Instagram provides you with the feature that enables you to write your text with 5 different fonts!

Each of the fonts has a special application and attractiveness. Furthermore, each font has a different audience.

For example, some fonts are used in pages with male audiences, while some other fonts are more attractive to women.

The default font in your mobile phone is known as the “Classic” font and it can be seen with the same title in the font change tab.

In addition, there are 4 further attractive fonts that are reviewed in this part:

Changing Font on Instagram Story

  • Font one) Modern, a formal font for writing formal texts

After Classic font, the second font that is seen in the font change tab is Modern font. This font is a bit larger than Classic font and it is used for writing formal texts!

However, this font has been less optimized for Persian texts; but if you want to write a formal English text, this font is one of the best choices for changing text font in Instagram stories.

I suggest you use this font in your stories at least once to see its effectiveness in increasing user interaction.

In the end, you should know that this font is a little bold. However, it is not boring for the users to read that! You can easily use this font for your modern business.

  • Font two) Neon, attractive font for being used in pages with a female audience

After the two introduced fonts, this font will appear before you when you click on the font change tab in the Instagram story.

You can easily make your texts more attractive by using this font! When you write a text by this font, the margins of your text shine with a light surrounding the text.

However, this font is mainly used for women. If you have a page with a female audience, your audience will certainly enjoy your story and the interactions of your story will significantly increase.

Also, if your page is an entertaining one and you need to make your stories more attractive, you can use this font and see its effect on your page.

  • Font three) Typewriter, a small but professional font for writing general texts

The other font that is a simple one but makes your story more attractive is Typewriter font by which, you can write general texts.

If you manage a simple or personal page, this font helps you!

The interesting point is that Typewriter is one of the most optimal fonts for changing the Instagram font and the texts written by this font can be easily read.

In most of the Persian pages, in the case of preferring not to use the default (Classic) font, this font can be used and the users can easily read the texts.

  • Font four) Strong, large font for writing important texts

Are you seeking a font for attracting the users’ attention? Well, we suggest Strong font! Although this font seems to be a simple one, it is a predominant and excellent font for presenting important texts to the users.

If you are managing a business page in which, you inform the users about the events or market the products, Strong font helps you to share your texts with Instagram users in an optimal manner.

The interesting point is that this font is a little bent (Italic); so that, it can attract more attention besides being prominent and bold!

I suggest you use this font only for short headlines; because this font has a large size and in the case of being used for long texts, the users will be boring while reading your text.

Using these 5 fonts, you can easily change the Instagram story font and increase user interaction.

Note! You can simultaneously use all the 5 introduced fonts in the same story! For example, you can use Strong font in the headline and write the long text in Classic font.

Changing the text color in the Instagram story

After changing the Instagram font and selecting your favorite font in the story, it is time to change your text color!

According to the reports available in user experience, color is one of the most important factors affecting user interaction.

By using the feature of changing color in a story, you can easily increase the attractiveness of the story and the written text and raise the number of replies to your story.

In order to change the text color, you should first write your text and change its font; changing the font means that you can use the Classic font or choose one of the 47 introduced fonts.

After writing the text, you can select one of the colors that appeared at the bottom of the page:

Changing Color on Instagram Story

There are several lighter or darker colors for each color. You can choose one of them based on your interest and the colors in your photo.

Note that after choosing the color, be careful that your selected color does not decrease the legibility of the text written in your story!

Also, you should insert the text at a point in your story where the text is legible. In order to change the text location, touch the text and pull that towards the desired location.

Some users want the whole text to have the same color with some special words having a different color.

For this purpose, you should select the considered words and apply your desired color to those words!

Note that if you want to change the color of some dispersed words you should select the words and change their color separately.

For example, in the above image, the written text is “at you like” and the word “you” has a different color.

The other feature of this part is the possibility of choosing the text color from among the colors existing in the story photo!

For this purpose, you should first select the considered text or word and then click on the eyedropper icon and apply the considered color on the selected word.

With this tool, you can write a multicolor (gradient) text and make your story more attractive:

Changing the Font and Color on Instagram Story

Look at the above image to get a better understanding.

Changing the font size and background of the text in Instagram story

In most cases, users need to change their text size.

For example, the default font may be smaller or larger than their considered size. In this case, they should change the text size.

You should use different methods for changing the text size in different fonts!

Classic font is the default font and Instagram has provided the possibility of changing this font.

However, in other fonts, you cannot change the font by using the font change tool of Instagram story.

In general:

  • In order to change the size of the Classic font in the Instagram story, you should select the text.

There is a tool for making the text smaller or larger on the left side of the Instagram page:

Changing the Font size Instagram Story

For making the text larger, pull the tool up, and for making the text smaller pull the tool down and change the text to your desired size.

  • In order to change the other 4 fonts in Instagram story, unselect the text.

Put your fingers on the text and make the text smaller by making your fingers close to each other (zoom out)!

Font size on Instagram Story

You can also move your fingers away from each other (zoom in) to make the text larger and insert the text on the considered part.

How to change the text background in an Instagram story

In addition to the possibility of changing text font and color in the story, Instagram has provided the users with another feature too.

By using the feature of changing text background in the Instagram stories, users can easily share their texts in three modes (without background, with full background, and with semi-transparent background).

For this purpose, you should only select your text or chick on that; then click the A icon at the left top of the page to change the background.

With every click on this icon, the background will change; however, note that in the case of using background, the color selected in the previous stage will be applied to the background and the text will have a color contrasting the background to be legible.

So, if you apply the background after changing the text color, the resulted color may be unfavorable to you; in order to solve this problem, you should only select your text once again and change the background color by the color change tool at the bottom of the page.

Changing background Color Story

Some important tips about the fonts

  • The first tip) if you use Modern and Neon fonts, the first words of the sentences may be small and the words in the second line may be so large.
  • To solve this problem (in the case of necessity), you should only remove the space before the word in the second line and press the space again.
  • It makes your text more beautiful and legible for the users.

edit story font

  • The second tip) Typewriter font will always be at left-justified mode! If you write a Persian text, you should change that to the right-justified mode.

To do this, you should only click on the icon at the left top of the page presented in the following image:

The text mode will change with every click and you can easily select your desired mode for the text.

  • The third tip) as Modern and Neon fonts, Strong font has a justified appearance and it makes the font more ordered. However, if it decreases the legibility of the text, you should only select a background for the text by using the background tool (A icon at the left top of the page) to make the text more legible.

Observing these 3 tips, you can easily create attractive and legible text for your story and increase the interaction of your Instagram story.

Creating stories that only contain text

In this part of the paper on changing Instagram fonts, we discuss special stories. Stories that only contain text are among the most popular stories among users.

By these stories, you can inform the users about your business or share any other text with them!

Instagram is aware of this fact and has applied this feature in the updates.

In the past, for sharing a text with the user, you must apply color on a photo or insert a photo with a special color in your background.

However, you can now easily share your texts with the users by the new feature of Instagram.

In order to use this feature, go to your story and select the option “Type” from the list at the bottom. Now, you can write your text or customize that:

create a text story

In order to customize your text, you should first select your favorable font in the font change tool.

You are provided with the 4 fonts introduced above and you can apply one of them to the text.

However, note that you cannot use Classic font in the story text and you should choose one of the other 4 fonts.

story font style

The interesting point is that rather than a special color, you are provided with multicolor (gradient) mode!

You can change your background by the tool presented at the left bottom of the page:

change text color background

The other items such as changing text location, text size, etc are as the usual stories; you are only provided with a more attractive background.

If you want to only use text in your story, I suggest you prioritize the Type Story tool.

Also, it is worth mentioning that you can use stickers in your Instagram story.

Using text on photo or video in the story

The last point about Instagram stories is that you can easily use text on photos and videos in your stories.

For this purpose, you can insert your photo or video by the common story tool or Boomerang story and write your text on that.

In order to share your stories with your desired texts, you should only follow below steps:

font options to a regular story post

  • Select a photo or video to share in your story or directly insert that by the Instagram story.
  • Write your text by Text tool.
  • Change the font of your text.
  • Change the color of your text.
  • Select a background for your text.
  • Insert your considered sticker on the story and select “send to”.
  • Finally, select “your story” to share the story with the users.

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Instagram story is one of the tools available to the users by which, they can share their photos or video with other users for 24 hours.

Changing story font helps you to share more legible texts with the users and make the texts more attractive.

In this paper, we discussed the instruction of changing the Instagram font, changing text color, changing text size, using background, and other important issues in the story text.

Using these instructions, you can share more attractive stories on Instagram.

Now you say! As an Instagram user, how often do you use the tool of changing font? Share your opinions and experiences with us and other users in the comments.

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