Content Strategy Guide: Developing your Marketing Strategy

You may be interested to know that strategy is derived from the Greek word Strategos, meaning army command.

In business, you have to command your army to overcome rivals, too, which means having a strategy.

Of course, in this article, we are not going to talk in detail about the strategy, the subject of this article is the Content Production Strategy on Instagram, but before addressing the issue of content production on Instagram, we need to talk a little about your purpose of being on Instagram.

What is the Purpose of your Presence on Instagram?

What exactly is the purpose of your Instagram account? Well, of course, the answer for many of you is this: To earn or increase income.


But this is the result of your presence on Instagram, not your goal. Of course, we are all ultimately looking to make money and increase revenue, but we may be looking for this result on Instagram differently.

See this example:

  1. I am a seller of decorative accessories, and I have a shop in the city. I have come to Instagram to follow my shop page and be in touch with them and introduce new products.
    In this way, I can have better and faster sales with better communication with my audience.
  2. I am a seller of decorative accessories, and I have a shop in the city, my sales are lower than expected, and I am not in a position to be able to rent a shop elsewhere.
    I have come to Instagram, but I can get followers on Instagram and receive some orders to sell through Instagram in this way.
  3. I am a fan of the colorful world of decorative accessories. I am constantly trying different tools and decors. I have come to Instagram to share my experiences and work every day in this field.
    And then, as I get closer to the people interested in decor like me, maybe one day I will think about earning money.

set your goal on Instagram

As you can see, these three people were all active in the field of decor, but each of them came to Instagram with a different goal, although in the end, all of them will earn more money.

So you need first to determine your main reason for being on Instagram so that in the next step, you can also determine the strategy of producing Instagram content.

What does the Content Production Strategy on Instagram Mean?

You set your goal on Instagram, and you know exactly that you came to Instagram to sell the product, for example, and you want to be an Instagram store.

  • Well, your goal is clear, but with what strategy do you want to achieve this goal?
  • What is your Instagram marketing strategy?

So I ask the question again, your goal was to sell on Instagram and be an Instagram store, so:

  • what strategy do you have to produce content to achieve this goal?
  • Are you looking to make a video?
  • Looking to produce educational content?
  • What kind of content do you produce?
  • Who is your audience, and what content is right for them?

What does the Content Production Strategy on Instagram Mean?

So the content production strategy on Instagram means knowing your audience and what they need, knowing your goals for being on Instagram, and knowing what kind of content will get you closer to your goal, and ultimately based on the type of content you need to address. You set up a content program.

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What is the content production strategy on Instagram in practice?

Well, you may be a little familiar with what I mean by Content Strategy for Creating Content on Instagram by now, but it’s definitely not enough.

Here is a practical example of a content strategy to make it very clear:

Content Strategy Example

Goal: I am Martin, a Physical Fitness Expert and bodybuilding expert, and I intend to provide services in this field by earning money on Instagram, such as providing a bodybuilding program, counseling, etc.

Well, Martin clearly defined his purpose for appearing on Instagram.

Now we need to know the required information about the audience. Note that recognizing the audience has its process, which is usually long.

But you need to know as much as you can about your target audience and their needs. The more you know about this, the more successful you will be.

What is the content production strategy on Instagram in practice

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Target Audience: In this example, Martin’s audience is all people looking to have the perfect body.

Of course, they are still divided into several categories. Some are beginners and just looking for fitness, some are obese and only looking to lose weight, and some are at a higher level and want to get to bodybuilding competitions.

So what should Martin do?

Martin can help all these people and even provide appropriate content for all these people.

But Martin wants to work in a more specific field and be known in that field, so he only targets the first and third groups as the main group of the audience, ie people who are looking for fitness and also people who are looking for Bodybuilding is at a professional level.

Developing your Marketing Strategy

Well, now Martin is doing a little research to see what these target audiences are looking for the most.

With the research he does and the experiences he has had with these people in the past, he realizes the following.

  • 1-They are often looking for a suitable program
  • 2-They are often eagerly looking for information in the field of nutrition
  • 3- They often look for supplements and seek the most real information in this field
  • 4 – Most beginners have difficulty doing the right movements and sometimes do the wrong movements for a long time

And other hypothetical information

Content strategy:

Well, it’s time to identify the types of content we need to address, given our goals and the information needs of our audience.

Well, first we go to the goal. Martin’s goal was to provide services to the audience as a sports expert.

So what kind of content helps Martin achieve this goal?

  • Content that shows indirectly Martin is really an expert
  • Content that shows indirectly Martin does not just speak and act instead.
  • Contents that show indirectly others have obtained good results from working with Martin

Content strategy

And other content that is all in line with Martin’s goal helps.

So now we go to the target audience, what kind of content meets the needs of the target audience?

  • Content that has an educational aspect and teaches users what to do.
  • Contents that have the aspect of increasing the audience’s information.

We have identified five types of content that Martin should pay special attention to produce content on Instagram.

This is the strategy of producing content on Instagram for Martin’s page.


Martin should set up an Instagram content production program and list content types that each cover one or more specified types of content.


  1. Show the physical changes of the people that Martin has advised (coverage of Objectives 1 and 3, this type of content shows that Martin is an expert, and others have concluded from working with him)
  2. Pure and non-repetitive information of supplements (Objective 4 coverage, this type of content covers the information needs of the audience in the field of supplements)
  3. Documentary content, i.e., the contents that Martin includes from his daily sports activities (this type of content covers Objectives 1 and 2)

The Process of Determining Content Production Strategy on Instagram

Let’s review the procedure once again.

  • 1- First, you specify your exact purpose of being on Instagram.
  • 2- You get to know the audience and their needs.
  • 3. Identify the type of content that will get you to your goal and meet the needs of your audience. Note that you only specify the type of content you should pay attention to, not the content itself.
  • 4. Then write all the types of content you can produce to cover the specified type of content based on the type of content that has been identified.

Determining Content Production Strategy on Instagram


A specific type of content: Content that demonstrates that I am a professional.

Several types of suggested content that cover the type of content mentioned: show resume, pictures of past competitions, pictures of sports activities, documentary content of daily sports activities, show others’ satisfaction with working with me, and…


Well, friends, I tried to explain as clearly as possible with an example of what Instagram’s content production strategy is and how it can be set up.

However, everyone may set up a content program and content strategy in a different way.

It is not possible to prescribe a specific version for everyone. However, attention to the audience and business goals is a requirement of any strategy.

I use this method to adjust the production content on Instagram, and I shared this method with you.

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