Permanently Delete Instagram Account & Download your Data

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites worldwide, and many people use this platform to share images and videos.

But did you know studies show social media is as addictive as gambling?

Using these social networks wastes a lot of time. Some researchers are now linking an Instagram addiction to mental health risks and depression.

Therefore, some people prefer to get rid of this platform by Deleting or Deactivating their Instagram Account.

Here is a brief and helpful tutorial on how to delete or deactivate your Instagram account.

If you want to delete an Instagram account for some reason, you can delete the account in two ways:

  1. Temporary Deletion
  2. Permanent Deletion

Permanently Delete Instagram Account

If you decide to permanently delete your Instagram account first, consider the following important point:

  • If you permanently delete your account, your account will be deleted entirely, and you will not be able to recover it.
  • After deleting your account, access to all your images, videos, comments, likes, friends, direct messages, followers, and other information will not be possible even by Instagram.
  • After deleting your account, neither you nor anyone else will create an account with the same username.
    You also cannot create another account with the email address you used to create this account.
    If you wish to reuse the same email in the Edit Profile section of your profile page, delete or change it to an email (even an invalid email).
  • Without a username and password for your Instagram account, there is no way to delete your account.
    If you have access to the email you signed up with, you can reset your password, and if you do not have access to email, there is no way to clear your account.
  • Using the method described below, your account will be deleted, and there is no way to restore it even a second after you delete the account! In addition, all of its effects disappear within a day or more.
  • After deleting your account, your username will be temporarily changed to Instagram, and after a few days, the account will be removed entirely with comments and likes.
    1. Attention 1: If you only want to be inactive for a short time, you should deactivate it instead of Permanently Delete Your Instagram Account.
      So, you made your decision?!
    2. Attention 2: It is recommended that before deleting your account permanently, save a permanent copy of your posts, comments, and profile information. to do this read the following section.

How to download all your Instagram data

Before you delete or deactivate your account, take a few minutes to download your data.

If you want to delete your account completely, this is the only way that you can access Instagram photos, videos, and more later.

Surely you love a lot of your images, especially photos you’ve taken with celebrities or places, and You don’t want to lose them.

Download Instagram Data via the Instagram app

  • Log in to your account
  • Click the three-line hamburger menu icon at the top right.
  • Tap the Settings option from the bottom right of the screen.
  • Tap the Security option.
  • Then click Download Data.
  • Enter your email address here and touch the blue Request Download button.

download all your Instagram data

Download Instagram Data via a web browser

  • Login to your account
  • Click the Edit Profile button.
  • Click the Privacy & Security option.
  • Scroll down the page to enter the download information and click Request Download.
  • Enter your email address and click the blue Request Download button.

Finish! Your Instagram data is ready.

After completing the above steps, you will receive an email titled “Your Instagram Data.”

Open this message to see the information download link inside it. This link will only be used for four days.

Please note! Receiving Emails may take up to 24 hours, but it usually takes less than an hour.

When you click on the link, a folder containing your photos and videos will be downloaded.

Also, a separate file is inside this folder for all your account information, including comments and more.

Instagram stores these files in JSON format, which is related to JavaScript files.

These files are used for textual display of information and are easy to read. Using Firefox is one way to open these files. Just drag and drop the file onto the Firefox browser to open it.

How do I permanently delete my Instagram account?

To permanently delete your Instagram account, follow the steps exactly as in the pictures:

Then you should see this page:

delete your account

Attention: You can’t delete your account through the Instagram app.

  • Then select your reason for deleting your account from the ‘Why are you deleting your account?’ drop-down menu.

Delete Instagram Account step1

  • After choosing your reason, you should write your password and then click on “permanently delete my account” bottom

Delete Instagram Account step2


finally: If you’ve done all steps to delete your Instagram account correctly, the following message will appear for you and your account will be permanently deleted from the Instagram account.

Delete Instagram Account step3

The complete process of deleting your Instagram account usually takes from a few hours to a day.

Delete Instagram Account step4

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