How Bots Destroy your Instagram Page?

For falling into wells and pits, there are many ways. For example, close your eyes and throw yourself.

Or go down the well with a rope. Some people also choose to buy followers or use Bots for Gaining Instagram Followers.

This means jumping to the bottom of the well. Why? Read the rest of this article.

How Does the Instagram Bot Work?

Before you know why robots are like poison, you need to know exactly how they work. Agree to examine how Instagram bots work to see why they are so dangerous?

The bots that collect followers, likes, and comments for you have a special pattern. For example, all of them have to follow 100 pages a day and like the last 3 posts.

They all do this in a certain amount of time. Or, for example, all bots use a common IP. For example, 1000 pages use a bot with a shared IP!


Well, it is clear that the sophisticated development of Instagram algorithms, recognizes the pattern of these robots.

It then blocks all pages that use these bots. Do you think it is worth it? Do all this for a page, and then everything will fall into place.

Why shouldn’t we use Instagram bots to Gain Followers?

There are several reasons why the relationship between Instagram and bots is not good at all.

We are talking here about a few reasons to convince you to increase real followers, not robots!


Robots Reduce the Rate of Engagement

What Instagram expects from your page is that you have active followers.

That is, when Instagram sees that followers like you, leave comments, or replay stories, it will delight you and elevate you!

Now suppose you use robots! who do nothing and do not react to anything. No likes!

No comment! If they like and comment, because they have a specific algorithm, Instagram will quickly find out and block your page instead of liking it.

Robots Reduce the Rate of Engagement

Robots are the Enemy of Instagram

Instagram, like everywhere else, has its own set of rules. For example, restrictions on followers, likes, and comments.

Well, some robots violate these restrictions! Instagram also blocks pages that do not follow the rules.

Fear the Shadowban of Instagram!

Shadowban means users will not see your page. Why? One of the reasons is the use of robots.

If you use Instagram follower bots or other bots, you get Shadowban.

Your page will be disabled, you will not be displayed in hashtags, explorer, or anywhere else.


Read the following article to read more about Shadowban: Everything about the Instagram ShadowBan

Instagram Robots Tarnish your Reputation

Irrelevant comments! One of the things robots are programmed to do is to comment.

For example, comments like what a beautiful picture! What a good profile you have!

And from this model of comments. Now suppose one of the users left a sad and depressing post, or for example, posted the scene of someone’s death!

In the middle, the dear robot comments below the post what a beautiful image !! So the discussion of irrelevant comments is one of the problems of bots.


What should I do Instead of Using Instagram Robots?

There are many ways to increase followers. You have to make your own path. With safe methods and a 100% guarantee!

We will talk briefly about a few methods here. But to increase the followers, in the articleHow Brands Can Increase Their Instagram Followers, we will introduce you to guaranteed ways to increase the followers.

Hire an Admin for your Instagram Page

I do not have time to manage my page! I do not know ways to increase followers at all!

This is an excuse and there is no reason to want to use the Instagram follower robot. You can use other admins for your page. Or use remote employees.


Do it yourself!

Take your Instagram page and work on it. You may not have enough funds to hire an admin. Be the social media manager yourself.

All this useful information and training courses that you can use to become an Instagram master, why not?

Search and see training courses. The Internet is a very complete educational resource.

Watch the Instagram page management training videos, a course that helps you make money from Instagram.

learn the basics steps for increasing followers and earning money. So you do not need an admin or spend money.


What Have We Learned about Instagram Marketing Strategy?

Content Generation Strategy on Instagram means having a specific content generation plan on Instagram.

Content Generation Strategy on Instagram is part of the Instagram Strategy that helps you create content regularly. Instagram users are looking for pages that they can learn from!

So having high-quality and practical content is the key to having a successful Instagram page for your business.

By having a Content Generation Strategy on Instagram, you can teach your users many things, answer their questions, advertise your products, and ultimately increase the sales rates of your business.

Do not Underestimate Instagram Ads

Advertise your page but purposefully! Advertising has a significant effect on increasing your followers.

But not every ad. You need to know exactly which page to advertise for the most efficiency. this video will guide you.

Finally ‌ that …

Do not underestimate yourself. Instagram bots are nothing but harm. We have gone this way ourselves.

Robots will destroy your page and eventually you will be blocked.

So forget about Instagram follower bots and get to work. We are by your side in and we will answer any questions you may have.

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