How to Create a perfect Audience Persona?

One of the most important concepts in internet marketing is Target Audience Persona.

The term is very common and everyone thinks they are familiar with it, but the fact is that the concept is not that simple.

In this article, we intend to examine the concept of the audience persona or customer persona completely and clearly; So if you are looking for articles that know everything about your audience, join us in this article.

What is the Audience Persona?

Before we get involved with the concept of audience persona, it is better to know the simple meaning of this term.

Every business is looking for its target customers! Target customers are people who would potentially like to buy business products or services.

For example, if you manage a flower and plant store, your customers are those who are interested in flowers and plants.

These ideal customers are called audience persona or customer persona, which is very likely to be purchased from your store.

target customer

Your business audience has its own characteristics; These special features help you to absorb them in different ways.

For example, when you create an online ad, You can easily display ads only to the people you want or your business audience based on your Buyer Personas.

Of course, you can’t show your ads to your target audience 100%.

In fact, getting to know the customer and the audience will only help to make your ads more targeted, but it can’t help show your ads to your target customers 100%.

instagram-grow-iconFinally, the audience persona helps you in 3 areas:

  • Who are your ideal customers? (Who is more likely to sell the product to them)
  • What concerns are there in their daily lives
  • What are the challenges facing them?
  • How are you encouraged to buy your business products or services?

By finding the answers to the above 4 questions and with the help of knowing the customer and the persona, you can find ways to sell your products.

That’s exactly what many businesses don’t pay attention to and can’t sell well!

Every business has several audiences! In simpler terms, there is no reason for a business to be associated with just one customer.

As an entrepreneur, you can get to know a few categories of your audience by knowing your customers.

By doing this, you will have access to a larger community of your customers and you can increase your sales!

Audiences have different criteria for buying a product from different stores; For some of them, the warranty is important, but for others, the price!

So you can never expect high sales with just one product offer.

Instagram-GrowthBy knowing the persona and the customer, you can easily identify their characteristics and provide them with whatever features they expect.

For example, you may offer a good price, but your guarantee service may not satisfy your customers!

Now that guarantee service is important to your persona, you can never experience good sales.

On the other hand, if the price is important to your audience, you will probably have good sales.

Now suppose that in addition to the reasonable price, you also provide good guarantee service to the users!

In this case, you will definitely meet the needs of both groups of customers and you will get a large market share.

identify customer

The audience persona is sometimes called the customer; Although the customer of a business is the only person who has bought from you, But if you understand the concept correctly, the word customer can also be true.

In fact, the audience persona is recognized by their customers and helps businesses understand their customers well so that they can provide good services to their customers.

Why is the audience persona so important to businesses?

Getting to know the customer or the audience is the first step in doing business!

In fact, by recognizing the audience’s personality, you can easily perform all your services and activities according to their characteristics.

However, instead of paying attention to the needs and desires of the audience, many companies only talk about what they are doing!

At the same time, customers do not need many of the things that companies do; Ultimately, many of these things are done without paying attention to customer needs and will not work.

Getting to know the customer

Users go to reputable stores when they need a product or service. This is perfectly normal and every user feels good about reputable stores.

But if we are a start-up, how can we attract an audience? The only way is to gain the trust of the users!

If you want to get to know your persona and attract your customers, the only way to do that is to know the needs of your users.

Once users feel you understand their needs, they are more likely to trust your business.

Because they feel that your goal is to help them and you can easily gain their trust to buy from your business.

Gaining the trust of users requires a fundamental change in the way products or services are presented!

You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

For example, a one-week money-back guarantee can be a great way to gain users’ trust.

Because they are given the feeling that your product will reach them without any problems and they can safely make their purchase.

The audience persona is also widely used to retain business customers. You need to find out what your customers need during different time periods.

In this case, you can keep them satisfied by meeting their needs. In many cases, businesses do not pay attention to this issue and their business customers buy from other stores.

Losing customers to a business is the first and most important step to failing a business!


How to use the audience persona?

The steps of recognizing the customer or the audience are somewhat clear! In general, to create a persona, you must first ask yourself questions about the ideal audience.

In whatever field you work, be sure to have experience in that area and you can answer some of your questions.

After answering your questions, go to the answers of your colleagues or even your competitors.

Compare their answers with your own and get to know your personalities to some extent!

This comparison allows you to understand the problems of your answers and ultimately more accurately identify your customer and your persona.

This will help you to do things like marketing, sales, product development, and user support accurately and professionally.

The following persona or customer knowledge will help you:

  • A: Knowing the customer or the audience persona will help you understand the needs of your audience and apply them when developing a product.
  • B: Audience Persona will help you in product marketing! With it, you can make a more accurate strategy and present your product to your target users in the best possible way.
    For example, suppose you want to use content marketing for your business products!
    In this case, you need to research keywords based on persona and find the words that your business audience is looking for.
    Now use the same keywords to generate content among your audience and attract your business customers.
    Then introduce your product to them and increase your sales.

analyze instagram audience

  • C: Audience Persona will help your sales team! Once the sales team knows what your audience is asking, they are much more willing to answer and help users.
  • D: Finally, knowing the customer and the audience will help the support team so that they can serve your customers more easily.
    Sometimes customers are quite angry about the problems your product has, and when you get to know your audience, you can calmly respond to their problems.
    Sometimes you don’t even have problems and you can’t do anything, but by knowing the customer and the audience, you can be compassionate and kind to them and help solve problems.
    In many cases, your compassion and kindness can prevent a customer from losing.

Therefore, knowing the customer and the audience persona will help a lot in all stages of marketing, sales, support, and product development.

Is it Necessary to Know the Customer and Audience Persona for Small Businesses?

If you are managing a small business (for example, a one-person business!), The question is probably whether it is necessary to know the customer’s personality for my business?

Before we get into that, let’s look at the big business that doesn’t know what its audience is like.

But this may be confusing for you because you think you know your customers, and knowing your customer or persona is just a waste of time!

We have to say that persona helps you to easily follow the path of your business.

Audience Persona for Small Businesses

How to Build a Buyer Persona for our Business?

The audience persona or buyer persona is only done based on research inside and outside the business!

That is, it all depends on your research. Some businesses have several personalities who can offer their product to all of them!

If you have a business, you don’t have to work on all of your personas at once. All you have to do is start one of them and over time, go to the other audience’s persona.

For example, if you run a gym, your staff includes people who want to have a good physique, as well as women who want to return to their previous state after the birth of their child.

Over time, you can generate content for all of your characters on the site, and eventually absorb them all.

Of course, in the meantime, your competitors are also attracting them, and with a great strategy, you can succeed in the competition.

Build a Buyer Persona

If your business is not new, create an audience persona based on your audience information!

Then focus on attracting new people. So the first step in creating a persona is to do thorough research based on your business information.

If you don’t have a lot of information, using common user questions will also help a lot!

You can collect common user questions and share them with your team. This will make your persona less cluttered and you will be able to absorb them.

smart iconOnce your first persona is created, you can survey your audience and improve that persona over time.

The more accurate your persona, the better ways you can attract customers, sell products, and support users.

Of course, your customers are not the only ones you have identified, but a large part of your customers are the same audience.

Once you’ve experienced good sales, use the same customers to improve your persona!

Even if your initial persona is too far away from your customers, you can create a new persona and use it to keep going.

Be patient in this way and do not rush at all; Use all your focus and precision to create a persona!

Because this part is very important and the continuation of the product sales process will depend on this stage.


The audience Persona includes an essential part of the business. You can’t create the right strategy to sell your products without knowing the customer and the audience.

A personalized audience is obtained through careful research, and after creating the first step, you need to improve it over time.

With Audience Persona, you can identify your customers much more accurately and retain your old customers and make new ones.

Now you say! What methods do you use to create your business audience?

In the comments section, please share your experiences with other users and us to use these methods to do our work.

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