How to Fix Instagram’s User Not Found Error

Many users do not know exactly what happened to their account when they encountered the user not found a message on Instagram, and they think that the person in question has blocked their account.

If this error occurs on Instagram, there can be various reasons. In this tutorial, we want to know what is the meaning of the user not found error on Instagram and how to remove the user not found a message on Instagram.

Before explaining how to fix the user error not found, it is better to talk a little about the reasons for such an error.

Solve “User not Found” Problem on Instagram

You must be wondering what is the meaning of a user not found error on Instagram?

User not found error on Instagram means that the desired account was not found.

The reason for this problem is that the desired username was not found in the Instagram database.

This basically happens when:

  • The account owner has changed his/her username.
  • The person in question has deleted or disabled their account for some time.
  •  The account has been blocked by Instagram.
  • The two sides have blocked each other

'User Not Found' Error

So how do we fix the user not found error when searching for the desired username? Don’t worry, we’ll cover that in more detail below.

What is the Cause of User not Found on Instagram?

Instagram, as one of the most popular social networks of the current era, sometimes suffers from errors and errors that confuse users.

Imagine you open your account and search for your desired username. As a result of the search, you will see the message user has not found.

At first, you may think that the person in question has blocked your account, but there are various reasons for this error:

  1. Wrong username
  2. Change the username of the person in question
  3. The account is temporarily disabled
  4. Account is deleted
  5. The account is blocked by Instagram

Now, by examining each of the above, you will be able to solve the problem of Instagram not found user.

Cause of User not Found on Instagram

1- Inserting the wrong username on Instagram

On Instagram, you may tap on the mentioned or tagged username that is used in the post, comment, or caption, which has been misspelled.

By touching it, you will suddenly see an error that is the same as the user’s not found Instagram error.

At first, you think you’re blocked, but it’s possible that the username was wrongly tagged. So first make sure that the username is properly tagged.

To solve this problem, you can find the person’s username in the search results list by writing the correct username.

Cause of User not Found on Instagram

2- Change the Instagram username

You may find a username that has been tagged in a post, comment, or caption.

You may encounter the user not found error message when you tap on the username.

By changing the username by the account holder, the previous ID is deleted from the Instagram database, and as a result, you will encounter the user not found error by tapping the previous username.
So to solve the problem of users not found on Instagram, you have to find the new ID of the desired account and search for it.

So in the first step:

when you encounter the error “user not found” on Instagram, it is better to first :

check the correct username and search for the desired account with another account to make sure that you are not blocked by that account.
If you come across the message “user not found” on Instagram again, one of the above has happened.

3- Delete and deactivate the Instagram account

Someone may temporarily deactivate their Instagram account. In this case, Instagram will remove the desired username from its database, and by searching for its username, you will encounter an Instagram user not found error, so as long as the person in question has an account If you do not reactivate, you cannot access his/her account.

3- Delete and deactivate Instagram account

4- Delete Instagram account

If the person you want to delete his/her Instagram account, you will encounter the same error.
If the account is permanently deleted, you will no longer be able to view his/her account and posts!

However, if the account is temporarily disabled, this problem will be solved after the person returns to the Instagram social network.
In the box below, we explained how to delete an Instagram account.

5- Instagram account is blocked

Instagram may restrict or deactivate some accounts due to a defect in the terms and conditions.

Also, if an account is reported by other accounts, access to it is restricted.

If this happens, you will not be able to access the account until Instagram removes these restrictions.

If your account is permanently deleted by Instagram, you will never have access to that account.

5- Instagram account is blocked

Note: Instagram user not found error does not mean that your account is blocked.
If you are blocked by an account, you cannot search for it, and if you can access the person’s page, you will encounter a no post yet error.


In this article, we examined the error of users who were not found on Instagram and identified the possible causes of this error.

So if you encounter this error message user not found on Instagram, don’t worry, you are not blocked.

Changing the username, deleting or temporarily deactivating the account, blocking the person’s account by Instagram, etc. can be the reason for this.

Do you think there could be another reason for this error on Instagram?

Share your experiences and views with us.


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