How To Make An Instagram Guide To Assist People With Crucial Issues Information On Covid-19

People are searching for drugs and medicine, oxygen, emergency rooms or beds, and other supplies for themselves or their family members and dear ones all around the world right now.

You can build guidelines on Instagram to offer helpful information to them if you have it.

instagram covid 19 guide

The Covid-19 pandemic is still spreading worldwide, and many individuals are searching for medicine, oxygen, emergency rooms, ICUs, blood donations, and other services for themselves or others.

If you use all social media especially Instagram regularly, you’ve probably seen a lot of these requests, as well as posts from people who are offering confirmed leads.

If you have many confirmed offers, it’s a fantastic idea to create an Instagram “Guide” that you can publish and share with others.

These tips and guides are saved to your account, where they can be viewed and shared as necessary.

Make sure you or any other one share the validated facts.

A million users share unfounded offers and telephone numbers just now, and folks dealing with urgent problems don’t have the time or mental space to conduct them.

At first, your account must be in ‘Public’ form for others to see and share the guides and posts you’ve created at any time. If your profile is ‘Private,’ only your followers will be able to see it.

instagram covid 19 guide

On Instagram, here’s how to make your guide

  • Be sure you’re using the last version of the Instagram application.
  • For updating Instagram, go to the Play Store or App Store.
  • Enter the Instagram app and click on the [+] icon in the top right corner of your profile page.
  • Now choose “Guide” from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, you should choose among the two options for the type of guide you wish to make.
  • After that, you choose the type of guide you want to share; now, you can select the tips you want to include in them. You can select to publish posts from your own Instagram profile or posts from other Instagram groups.
  • After that, you choose the title for your article; you can select a cover photo and even write a related caption for each post you’ve included. Then you’re done.
  • From the top right corner of the page, select “Next” and then “Share.”
  • After you click “Share,” your tutorial will be available to your subscribers as well as the general public, according to your profile privacy settings.
  • These tips will appear on your Instagram profile page under the “Guide” icon.

instagram covid 19 guide


So, by these possibilities, you can inform every one of the open bed hospitals and clinics, any place with medicines and oxygen, and locations where oxygen cylinders can be replenished; all be included under the heading ‘Places.’

Under ‘Posts,’ you can see posts from other Instagram users who have validated leads on Covid-19 resources, as well as posts you’ve produced.

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