How to Use and Fully assessing the Countdown Sticker on Instagram Stories

The Story feature on Instagram is one of the most important tools for providing information on events for Internet Businesses.

If you are the administrator of an Internet Business, you probably have a lot of discount events or festivals!

If you use Instagram for Marketing means, you need to make use of the best business Marketing and Event-Reporting tools that are available to you.

Instagram Stories helps you share important news and information on events because users interact more with Instagram Stories than Instagram Posts.

instagram-grow-iconOne of the most practical tools available for Instagram Stories is the Countdown Sticker that can be used to start a countdown leading to a certain event.

For instance, if your discount event commences in 20 hours, you can let users know about it using a Countdown Sticker.

In this article, we intend on teaching how to use and fully assessing the Countdown Sticker on Instagram Stories so that you will be able to easily inform your users and Followers of events, festivals, and discounts.

What is a Countdown Sticker on Instagram?

The Countdown Sticker is an amazing and useful tool on Instagram that lets you notify users and Followers about events on your Instagram page.

Before the Countdown Sticker was added, Instagram was a place to Display Events, but with the addition of this sticker, Instagram Stories have become a means of Reminding Events; because this sticker allows you and users to request notifications and after the countdown ends on Instagram, you (or your Followers) will receive a notification.

instagram-grow-iconBy using this tool, you can create countdowns and send notifications to users for up to One Year in Advance.

Users can also share your Countdown Sticker in their own Stories so that their followers would see it too.

For instance, you may have shared the time of a discount festival and a user may want to let his / her own Followers know about the discount festival too in addition to taking benefit of the discount themselves.

However, you must note that your Follower can ONLY share the Countdown Sticker itself and they will not be able to share the full content of your Story.

countdown on instagram

When someone enables the Countdown Sticker Notification Option, a notification will be sent to you!

Using this feature, you will be able to have an estimate about how important a certain event or festival is to what number of your Followers.

Ultimately, those who have had the Remind Me option enabled on your Story will be displayed to you after the Story ends.

Of course, you must know that this notification is received via the Instagram Notifications section and users will NOT see it at the top of their phone screen!


If your countdown accounts for less than 24 hours, the Countdown Sticker will be displayed to users as 00:00:00 before your Story disappears.

Using the Countdown Sticker on Instagram

In order to use this sticker, go to the Instagram Story section and create your intended content; creating content means taking a photo, adding a photo from your phone gallery, writing text, or using Stickers in Instagram Stories!

Then, you simply need to open the Stickers Section at the top of the screen and look for the Countdown Sticker.

Selecting this Sticker will provide you with several options:


  • Countdown Name: In this section, you will be able to select a name for your countdown.


  • Set End Date & Time: In this section, you must choose the date & time in which your countdown is to end.
  • The Color Circle: Do you see the colored circle at the top of the screen? The color of the Countdown Sticker changes as you click on it! Each time you tap on it, a different color is chosen for your Countdown Sticker and you can pick your desired color.


Note! The 24-hour time limit for your Stories does NOT apply to your countdown and you may set a countdown for up to a Year in Advance. In order to do so, all you need to do is tap on the Countdown Sticker and choose an end time and date for it. Click on Done once you have finished setting the time & date and the sticker will be added to your Story.

How to Make Use of the Countdown Sticker in Way of Marketing our Internet Business?

Are you the administrator of an Internet Business and do you use Instagram for your marketing strategy?

That’s fantastic! Any tool on Instagram has the capability of being used for marketing purposes; the Stickers available on Instagram have a very high potential for being used as Marketing Tools for Internet Businesses.

In this section, we intend on discussing 4 practical examples regarding the use of the Countdown Sticker for Internet Business Marketing that you can use to improve your business sales rates.

Notifying Users about Live Videos on Instagram or Facebook

Do you share many Live Videos on Instagram or Facebook that are related to your business?

The best way of informing users and Followers about an Instagram Live Video is using a Countdown Sticker!

By using this sticker, you can tell users exactly at what time you will start your Live Video so they can see it.

Along with the Countdown Sticker, you should announce the exact time of your Live Video and ask users to enable the Remind Me option for the Countdown Sticker.

This will greatly increase the number of people who will see your Live Video!

Also, many users are very fond of your Live Videos but NOT aware of their time; these tools will help them not miss any of your future Live Videos.

  1. Do you Organize and Hold Webinars or Educational Courses?

If you are an expert in organizing or holding a Webinar or a certain Training Course, the Countdown Sticker is a great tool for you!

Webinars usually have a specific timeframe, but since they are not hosted in person, many users tend to forget their time or date.

By using this Sticker, you can easily let users and Followers know the exact time and date of your Webinar, and if they have had the Remind Me option enabled, the Webinar will be reminded to them.

Webinars and Training Courses usually have a limitation for the number of participants and can NOT accommodate a large number of users at once.

You can use the Countdown Sticker on Instagram to notify when registration will commence.

grow iconIf users know that the number of participants will be limited, they will try to register their names in the first moments of registration before the limit number is reached!

If you use a Countdown Sticker, they will be sure to enable the Remind Me option in order to receive a notification at the specified time.

You can also add the Registration Link in the Bio Section of your Instagram profile or, if you have a Business Page that hosts over 10 K Followers, you can add the link to the very same Story.

  1. Have you Organized a Union or Gathering for Users?

As an Internet Business, you may occasionally organize and run gatherings to see and build a closer relationship with your audience and clients.

These gatherings are a great asset towards building better relationships with customers and gaining their trust and you must know that they have a great impact on your Internet Business!

For instance, during these gatherings, you can talk about the advantages and features of your products or services and encourage users to purchase them.

Have you announced the time and date of the next gathering to users?

Very well! But if they forget the date and time of the gathering, the number of people present at your event will be very low and this will practically have no effect on your business.

grow instagram pageBy using the Countdown Sticker, you can easily remind users of the time and date of your gatherings!

Just add a Countdown Sticker next to the notification Story and ask users to select the Remind Me option.

This being the case, there will be no further worries about users and clients forgetting the time and date of an event and if they have no personal problems or plans, they will attend your gathering.

Now that a large number of participants are going to take part in the union, have you prepared a list of the features and advantages of your Internet Business products?

  1. Organizing an Instagram Competition or a Discount Festival

If you are intending on launching an Instagram Competition or holding a Discount Festival, you need to let your users know when it will start.

Competitions and Discount Festivals have a limited time; which means that they start at a specific time and end a few days later.

You must inform users of the time and date when your Competition or Discount Festival will start time so they can participate in it.

If your Competition or Discount Festival will last for a day or two, sharing a Story is enough and users will be notified of it!

instagram-grow-iconBut if you are organizing a Competition or Discount festival that will last a few days, it is necessary that you inform users of the time and date of the event in several Stories and a Post!

The way in which you notify users must be so precise that no user would have a complaint about it.

If you make use of the Countdown Sticker and notify the exact time and date of an event, none of the users can complain that they were uninformed; you can also ask them to Enable the Remind Me option so that they would automatically be sent a Notification on Instagram when the countdown reaches 00:00:00.

If your event is related to a business and you take advantage of other channels such as a Website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. you can also ask users to visit your Instagram page to see the event Terms & Conditions.

Ask them to Enable the Remind Me option too so that they wouldn’t miss out on any parts of the Instagram Competition, Event, or Discount Festival.


The Story Feature on Instagram is one of the most important tools available to your Internet Business!

There are many different Stickers to use in Instagram Stories, and most of them have been created just for Entertainment.

However, some Stickers, such as the Countdown Sticker are highly commercialized for Internet Businesses, and you can notify users about the various events of your Internet Business by using them.

If your users have Enabled the Remind Me option, the efficiency of your notification will be greatly increased with the aid of this sticker.

Are you the manager of an Instagram-based Business?

We are waiting to hear about your experiences with the Countdown Sticker in the Comments section!

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