How to Make the Most of Instagram Stories Templates

Say hello to Instagram Stories themes if you’d like to make beautiful Instagram Stories regularly.

Instagram Story themes are becoming increasingly popular, with brands and influencers helping to shape branded stories with consistent color, mood, design, and structure.

It allows making on-brand content a breeze, so you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to sharing on social media and developing your company.

Are you ready to discover how to create Instagram Stories templates?

This tutorial will teach you all you should know about using Instagram Stories themes for business and how to make your own.

What are Instagram Stories Templates, and how do you use them?

You’ve probably already noticed companies and influencers adopting Instagram Stories layouts as part of their strategy on Instagram:

Instagram Stories templates are an excellent starting point for generating your own stories post since they have a consistent format and a unique design that matches your brand image.

Instagram Stories templates, in principle, are pre-made designs containing pictures, text, or motions that you may customize to fit every new tale.

You can build seamless, on-brand stories that connect with your entire business using the same (or comparable) templates for your Instagram Stories. It’s very simple to cooperate as a group on your Instagram feed!

Now the amazing news for you: No graphic design skills is required to build and use Instagram Stories themes for your business.


What are the advantages of Instagram Stories Templates for Brands?

It’s just as crucial to keep your Instagram look and repetitive comments on-brand as it is to incorporate your company into Instagram Stories layout.

This can be as basic as always using the same Instagram font or using your color scheme when utilizing text or editing tools.

Check out how Mary Young used their brand colors to build their own Instagram Stories template:

However, as Instagram Tales become more famous, marketers treat them as seriously as their normal Instagram posts, generating beautifully designed stories that stand out on Instagram and prevent consumers from scrolling past them.

You’re missing out on the opportunity to present your brand to new consumers, create brand awareness, and make lasting first impressions if your Instagram Posts designs don’t match the aesthetics of your Facebook profile.

Using Instagram Tales themes is ideal if you want people to observe and recall your stories and brand!

We’ve teamed with Storyluxe, a popular Instagram Stories app, to supply you with infinite story themes right from their iOS app to give you a jump start!

Later’s template selection was created with our people to assist you in communicating what’s important to you.

These layouts are likely to halt your followers in their tracks, whether you’re introducing a new blog post or displaying off your vacation screenshots.

instagram story templates

To get the templates:

  • First, download and install the Storyluxe application, then go to the corner of the page and choose Templates.
  • Then, in the bottom-right corner, click the + sign to install the Later collections.
  • The new template pack will display in the Later option at the end of the screen. Select LATER2 to use the new collection.
  • Finally, once you’ve completed designing your templates, you may export them to use in your Instagram Stories!

Are you ready to improve your Instagram Stories?

When generating Instagram Stories templates, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the artistic process and lose sight of your objectives.

Here are some of our top products leveraging templates to expand their following, build their online brand, and achieve profitability to assist you in taking your focus on the target.

The important goals to use templates for your Instagram stories:

  • Using branded fonts to increase brand awareness is a great way to start.
  • Create a link between your business and Instagram stories.
  • Create and Cultivate are simple backdrops that can be used to encourage new content.
  • With a Hero Color, you’ll stand out from the crowd.
  • Branded Calls to Action are a great way to get people to take action.
  • Your Templates Must Be Future-Proof

They could be a fantastic place to get ideas before you start making your own:

6 Instagram Stories Templates That Are Unique, Intelligent, and Interesting. While there are dozens of different Instagram Stories template sizes and colors, they all have the same goal: to increase brand recognition and interaction.



An Instagram Stories template might feature your brand’s typography or color palette in its most basic form.

Sticking to your brand’s design and layout, not just your Instagram aesthetic, is the key. Consider your website’s features (logo, typeface, color palette, and tone) and implement them to your Instagram Stories layout.

Companies can truly unite their look and style from every viewpoint by using similar components throughout their site, Instagram posts, and stories.



Always keep in mind that your Instagram Stories are an extension of your marketing strategy.

While tales are more impromptu and “raw” than your filtered stream, you would still like to make sure that stories complement your goal and promote your product.

For example, @natgeotravel has used stories as an extension of its physical and digital offering, emulating the aesthetic of its journal and website:

National Geographic, like Versed, uses its custom font to achieve an editorial vibe. So when you’re scrolling via their Instagram Stories, it can seem like you’re flipping through a National Geographic magazine or watching a story!



To advertise their current content, skincare business @gotoskincare keeps it simple with a series of similar themes and changeable white fonts:

Simple text-based templates like these are great for marketing new content, resources, and free downloads, among other things!

A visitor is more likely to pay attention to whatever the tale promotes if the background is kept simple (but on brand!).



Is your brand’s Instagram feed or promotion dominated by a single color? Then, it’s time to incorporate it into your narratives!

See how @ritual incorporates their characteristic blue and yellow into their Instagram Stories:

The brand’s characteristic colors are available, whether they’re marketing new items, a how-to guide, sharing behind-the-scenes content, or reposting browser content.



Consider using your hero color in your text or as a backdrop in your Instagram Stories themes to help boost brand awareness.

Your viewers notice your content when they’re scrolling through their feed.

The Daring Romantics, a lifestyle and business blog, shares a standard set of branded layouts each week to develop marketing podcast scenes.

The frameworks provide a slide that highlights each new episode, great moments, and a call-to-action that directs viewers to where they can watch the show:

Because the “swipe-up” link in Instagram Stories is frequently neglected or missed, incorporating a second call-to-action in your template design is a great approach to catch your audience’s attention and direct traffic to your link!



Remember that your themes are there to save you time and work, so think about how you might make your material future-proof.

For each of their weekly features, Byrdie Beauty, the one-stop-shop for beauty secrets, ideas, and customer reviews, uses a selection of Instagram Stories templates:

The story themes at Byrdie Beauty allow the area to add new text based on what is displayed each week.

Creating an Instagram Stories “series” that is updated regularly is a terrific approach to build a loyal following and get people coming back for more. This style of “fill in the blank” design is ideal for posting while on the go!

And use the same set of themes each time you publish will help you establish brand recognition on Instagram and allow your followers to know what to anticipate next and maintain them pressing forward for more.

How to Make Instagram Stories Templates of Your Own

Now that you’ve seen all of the advantages of using Instagram Stories themes for your business, it’s time to make your own!

Here are a few methods to get started creating and constructing your Instagram Stories templates:

Develop a Strict Style Guide for Your Instagram Stories Template.

To start developing a unified Instagram Stories theme for your business, you don’t need any sophisticated tools. All you’ll need is the Instagram application and a solid style guide to get started.

Make a list of the colors you would like to use, your major and alternative fonts, and whether or not you prefer GIFs and other Instagram Stories design features.

All of these minor elements add up to a really basic but lovely design that reflects your brand’s style and tone, and it’s all done in the Instagram application!

One of the benefits of using the Instagram app to create a theme is that you can continue to post stories on the fly without sitting down and editing your themes on your PC or in another application.

instagram story templates

Build your Instagram Stories template with an application.

Fortunately, creating high-quality Instagram Stories material is now simpler than ever — you need to walk outside of the Instagram application for some extra help!

Pre-designed themes can make the process of creating Instagram Stories much easier by removing the stress of finding out where to put your text, picture, or video.

When you don’t have a visual reference, it isn’t easy to visualize how wonderful everything will appear, which is why we love themes!

Creating Instagram Posts themes with an app is a reliable way to make some amazing stories on the go.

With Storyluxe, you can create eye-catching photos and videos for Instagram stories.

Storyluxe is the newest Instagram Stories template application that has everybody’s attention.

The application contains various unique Instagram story themes, such as Polaroid and instantaneous film themes, rainbow, floral, and – new this month – our new template collections!

Choose a design from one of the packages and fill it in with your photos and videos to begin. Then, to match your Instagram style, use Storyluxe’s effects, backdrop patterns, and colors to improve your story.

Unfold allows you to create clean and minimalist templates.

Other free applications, such as Unfold, allow users to add various frames and borders text to their photographs and have begun to appear all over Instagram Stories:

With its collection of clean and modern themes, Unfold stormed into the spotlight this year. As a result, it’s becoming one of the most famous Instagram Story design applications!

From your favorites Instagrammers’ stories, you may know Instagram Stories with filmstrip, Polaroid, and minimalist borders:

Unfold also allows the user to set your tale in ‘Story mode,’ allowing you to see how your stories will seem on Instagram before you hit ‘post.’

Unfold will now become your favorite application if you’re seeking a fast and easy solution to make your Instagram Stories appear more unified.


With Canva, modify themes to suit your brand’s style.

Canva is a free graphic arts application that you can use online or on your phone, and it’s perfect for everyone who doesn’t know how to use more complicated software.

To make an Instagram Stories design with Canva:

go to the site and click on the Instagram Stories design choice, then choose from thousands of layouts that fit the specifications of Instagram Stories.

You may change the typeface, the text, the color scheme and even add your symbols, logos, and photos to your business from here.

Canva’s mobile application is another quick and easy option to make stunning Instagram Stories themes for your company, and you can do so on your phone or your computer.

Create Beautifully-Designed Templates Your Own with Made.

Made’s narrative toolbox, a new Instagrammer favorite, is jam-packed with basic and stylish themes “made with content creators in mind.”

Unlike many other pre-made theme programs, Made comes with configurable page backdrops, 40 distinct colors, 80+ pattern designs, and 16 bespoke fonts to enable you to create on-brand themes flawlessly in a matter of seconds.

The program also publishes special themes every month, such as the famous Tourist Collection, Film Pack, and the most recent Pride Month collection:

Made’s storyboard tool also makes it simple to create a whole tale from beginning to end and publish it effortlessly on Instagram.

With Over, you can share text and graphics that stand out.

Over is a terrific Instagram Stories application that enables you to overlay text and images on your photographs and videos, which is excellent for providing tips, inspirational quotations, or adding a unique twist to your promotion!

Over offers many pictures, fonts, graphics, themes, and tools to help you produce high-quality, on-brand content.

The best way to increase your stories is to use Instagram Stories themes, and Over made it simple to add a little movement to your completely on-brand footage.

In addition, you can choose from a variety of animations in Over’s stock video library to add some life to your creation.

Select a theme or start from scratch; the possibilities seem limitless. If you’re ever stuck, their devoted audience even has #bestofover hashtags to assist you in getting ideas from other authors!

Using Over the popular style application! You’ll learn how to design Instagram Stories from the ground up, build a color scheme, and more.

With Mojo, you can make dynamic video themes.

Adding animations to Instagram Stories is a terrific way to make your material more visually appealing, and animating is a hot new trend right now!

The Mojo application includes anything you’ll need to make great video stories that keep fans from swiping away. Thousands of animated themes are included in the application for any content you want to share.

Mojo’s themes are also completely customizable, allowing you to cut, crop, add effects, titles, animation, modify speeds, and colors, among other things.

You can build entertaining Instagram Stories for your profile using Mojo’s animated templates and either videos or still photographs – it’s especially great if you’d like to highlight a blog post or have some written content that you’d like to stick out in your timeline.

This may be the best option for you if you’re seeking a quick and easy way to boost your storytelling strategies!

While numerous programs to pick from, make sure that your new themes are a good match for your company’s brand design.

Designing branded Instagram Tales themes will save you time and ensure that your brand is consistent throughout your story, posts, and the whole business.

The best part? You don’t need any prior graphic arts knowledge!


Using Photoshop to create high-quality and great Instagram Stories themes.

While using an application to make Instagram Stories themes is a quick and simple answer, Adobe Photoshop allows you to design high-quality, unified themes that exactly suit your business.

This way maybe one of the best for you if you’re seeking a quick and straightforward way to boost your storytelling strategy!

While numerous programs to pick from, make sure that your new themes are a good match for your brand’s design:

  • Are you want to introduce a new product?
  • Are you planning an event?

By creating an Instagram Stories marketing plan, you can ensure that you never miss an opportunity to interact with your followers while producing regularly high-quality material!

With Later, you can arrange your Instagram Stories content.

Now that you’ve created your Instagram Stories posts with ease, thanks to your Instagram themes, it’s time to schedule them!

Rather than creating new stories regularly, you can now upload your photographs and content to your Instagram Stories calendar!

You can make sure you’re posting regularly and keeping top of mind with your followers by planning your material ahead of time.

Consistently posting on Instagram Stories is essential for growing your followers and boosting your likes.

You can schedule your stories just like any other social media post in your content calendar.

The good news is that Later makes it simple!

Drag and drop your stories onto the storyboard editor to begin planning, and then rearrange them to meet the sequence and design you desire.

Then, when it’s time to post, you can add links or descriptions to your planned stories, which will be saved to your phone.

You’ll get a notification on your phone when it’s time to post. Your stories will be saved to your phone and any captions or links transferred to your notepad whenever you open the alert, making it simple to post Instagram Stories in minutes.

Instagram Stories Can assist you in growing your business.

There are so many photo and video editing tools for Instagram Stories that you can truly allow your imagination to run wild!

While you’re sculpting and producing using applications for Instagram Stories and developing themes, keep in mind that you want to produce consistent content with your brand look and Instagram marketing goals.

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