Perfect Guide for Improving Sales on Instagram

These days, few people are not aware of Social Networks. Most people spend part of their day on these networks. But in the meantime, many people are thinking of making money from these virtual spaces.

In addition to the time they spend and being informed about the information and news of the day, they can also introduce their business and make it prosperous.

One of the largest and most popular Social Networks that has always been welcomed by users worldwide is Instagram.

With their excellent capabilities for advertising, product display, and easy and close communication with customers, these platforms have started many businesses and created jobs.

For this reason, in this article, we will examine this powerful Social Network and the ways of advertising and improving sales on it.

Certainly, Instagram has capabilities that you are unaware of. So if you are one of these people, I suggest you join us at the end of this article.

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Tricks to Increase Sales on Instagram

In a Facebook poll, 81% of respondents said Instagram helps them find products and services; This means that Instagram will gradually compete closely with Google. As a result of this important news, if you introduce your products well, you can meet the needs of many people and thus add to the statistics of your real customers.

Tricks to Increase Sales on Instagram

One of the ways to attract customers through Instagram is how to introduce new products and have a close relationship with users.

For this purpose you can:

  • Before promoting the product, create promotional products: that is, to attract the attention of customers and create enthusiasm in them, display a small part of the product or share part of production process on Instagram.
  • Interact to build trust: Instagram has two good weapons in this area; Live and story! You can use the questions and polls field in stories and answer customer questions in live. This will make the customer feel like they are with you, thus trusting you and your services more.
  • Have multiple tutorials: You can share your tutorials in the form of long videos on IGTV. Rest assured that even if people do not buy from you, if your training is useful to them, they will still come to your page and eventually become your customer.

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Instagram Business Account Capabilities

Also, one of the most important ways to increase sales on Instagram is to have a business account. Because when your Instagram account is commercial, you can see the number of people who visit your page daily, you can even see their gender, average age, city and country and even the most visited hours.

You can also see how much posts are reposted or saved. So with a little time, you can easily understand the tastes of customers and know for what age group and with what gender.

To know how change your personal account to business acount read this article:

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Instagram Business Account Capabilities

Run a Shop on Instagram

But now we come to the most exciting and important part of increasing sales on Instagram: Create an Instagram store!

The Instagram Shopping feature, which has been added, has become one of the most powerful sales tools on Instagram.

It looks like you have a store website with an Instagram store because customers can enter the purchase page directly by clicking on it while viewing the images of the product and its price and specifications.

This article may help you: How to Set Up Price Tags on Instagram


Get Instagram Blue Tick

If you have been working on Instagram for several years and your business is somewhat well known, now is the time to get acquainted with the conditions for receiving an Instagram blue tick.

The blue tick or the Verified Badge that appears next to the profile name indicates that the account on the social network is official.

How to get a blue Instagram check is that your account must meet several conditions, including:

  • Your account must represent an individual, a business, or a registered entity.
  • Your account must be specific to the person or brand you named.
  • Your account must be public, have a profile picture, have a completed bio, and have at least one post.
  • The last condition for receiving a blue tick is that your account must be known and searched by other people, and you must be very active.

Get Instagram Blue Tick

It’s better to know Some Important Tips in Way of Optimizing your Instagram Profile. please read:

Optimizing an Instagram Profile Page For Business Branding

Note that: if you apply for a blue tick and your account does not meet these conditions, you will not be able to apply for a blue tick again until one month after the disqualification date.

 Use Live videos Feature on Instagram 

When you share a Live video on Instagram, your audience can see it live. Also, if there are any questions or problems regarding your Live video, users and followers can let you know through the comments section; one of the ideas behind sharing Live videos on Instagram is to answer users’ questions!

Many businesses hold Live videos at least once a week to give their customers the chance to address their questions, thus, increasing their popularity among users and followers.

 Use Live videos Feature on Instagram 

The difference between the Live videos feature on Instagram and other platforms, such as YouTube, is that you can save your Live videos on Instagram, and users & followers can see them for up to 24 hours.

On other platforms, users will only be able to view the Live stream while it’s being posted live, and then users and followers won’t be able to view it unless you manually record and share it on your channel/profile page.

So Instagram greatly helps you expand the numbers of your business customers, which is done by creating trust in your users through Live video streams!

Any business that can answer its users’ problems and questions will gain more trust, and it will be easier to market its products and services to users and customers.

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Use Exclusive Proprietary Hashtags Related to Your Business on Instagram

Using proprietary hashtags associated with your business helps you showcase your posts to users and followers searching for hashtags in that field.

Users usually interact more with proprietary hashtags, and the more appropriately you can use proprietary hashtags, the more targeted your post viewers will increase.

Also, if user interaction is good, Instagram will display your post in the Top section, which will greatly increase the number of visits to your posts.

The higher your posts are compared to your competitors’ posts, the more views you will get for that post!

Because users tend to trust higher posts more, higher posts are viewed sooner than other posts. Offer a product or service, and your posts are higher than the posts of other competitors.

You can easily do Instagram Marketing for your business products & services and greatly increase your sales rates.

note!Note that:  the first step to Instagram Marketing is to increase the visibility of posts to attract more users & followers. Suppose users like your post, and that post is deemed useful for users. In that case, many other users will follow you, which will effectively increase the overall interaction your Instagram profile page receives.

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Using IGTV for Branding an Internet Business

You must already be aware that using different Instagram tools such as Posts, Stories, Direct Messages, etc., has a huge impact on your business and your relationship with users!

Are you also aware of the impact of IGTV on Business Branding and Increasing the Number of Your Audiences?

Video content usually has a greater impact on your audience, which is why the IGTV feature can help you a lot with your internet business.

Follow us along for an overview of 6 professional and practical features for Internet Business Branding using IGTV.

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Using IGTV for Branding an Internet Business

In addition to all the above points, if you consider special conditions for sending products, it can also be effective in sales and attracting new customers.

Conditions include door-to-door payment or free shipping for certain goods or consideration of the minimum purchase amount to include free shipping. And finally, quality and honesty always come first in any business.


We hope that after reading this article, you will look at social networks with a different perspective and think about starting your own business in this space, or if you have already established your business on these platforms, from now on Then you can use various features of social networks to introduce your brand better and thus increase your sales.


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