How To Use Instagram on Mac? (The Practical Apps)

Instagram has surfaced to become the most popular social media site since its introduction in 2010.

Its visual aspect, which primarily consists of photographs and videos, is appealing and simple to absorb.

In 2016, Instagram added Stories, a feature that was first launched by Snapchat, which intensified the communal Instagram habit by playing on time sensitivity (Stories disappear after 24 hours).

In general, Instagram is gaining ground. It’s the greatest way to keep up with friends, celebrities, express your imagination, and be influenced by what others are doing right now.

However, if you come across some images you most want to save or download for later use, you’ll find it difficult to do so because all Instagram files are DRM-protected.

However, a few hacks can help you download Instagram photos on your iPhone or Mac.

You can, for example, capture pictures on your iPhone and then trim them only to show the real photo.

Then you might be wondering how to download Instagram photos to your Mac.

instagram on mac

What is the best way to save Instagram photos on a Mac?

Because Instagram is so popular today and we upload so many photos or videos (about 100 million photographs per day), many of us are the most comprehensive photo archive of our lives.

So, to obtain our photographs, let’s first look at how the built-in Instagram photo is downloading works.

To activate Instagramdownloaderom Mac:

  • Enter the Instagram website on your Mac
  • Select Profile Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the Privacy and Security section.
  • Choose Request Download in the Data Download section.
  • Write your email to receive a link to the archive ➙ Next
  • Enter your password ➙ Request Download

While processing your request may take up to 2 days (though this is rare), Instagram will then deliver you a package containing all of your photographs, comments, profile information, and more.

That’s one method for restoring high resolution to your images. But what if you only want one snapshot or anything from an account you’re watching right now?

How to use source code to preserve Instagram photos on Mac?

The open web’s attractiveness is that you can examine the source code of any website and download any file you want to without technical knowledge if you know where to go.

To get around the Instagram picture downloader manually, do the following:

  • Depending on your browser, right-click on the photo you want and choose View Page Source or Inspect Element.
  • Select the Sources tab.
  • Look for the Images folder.
  • Scroll through all of the features until you locate the image you want, then drag it to your Desktop to save it.

Not only can you save Instagram photographs this way, but you can also save pictures from almost any site.

instagram on mac

What is the best way to bookmark photographs on Instagram on Mac?

Suppose all you need to do is save Instagram photographs.

In that case, the best and easy method is to use Instagram’s inbuilt bookmarking feature, allowing you to save any video or image and even arrange them into customized groups (on iPhone only).

To add Instagram photographs and videos to a collection, follow these steps:

  • First, open the image or video you want to use.
  • To save it, tap the bookmarking button.
  • When you tap on your profile, you’ll see all of your saved stuff.

If you save a photograph to your gallery on iOS or Android, you can create a new folder or select an existing one.

How to edit and publish photos to Instagram in mass on Mac?

You may choose to change or adjust the files for your public bookstore after using the Instagram image downloader to grab all of your photos off the platform.

It would be a total waste of time to do it one file at a time. Is there a more automated option?

PhotoBulk is a workflow-based image editor that allows you to make changes to dozens or even hundreds of photographs simultaneously.

Easily drag and drop your pictures into PhotoBulk, add the essential elements, and click Start to begin editing.

You may also utilize PhotoBulk to build a consistent Instagram account with all of your photos being the same size, lacking metadata, and featuring watermarks to secure your copyrights.

However, how do you get all of these photos back onto Instagram?

Uplet is a simple Instagram for Mac application that makes mass uploading a breeze.

From a single easy interface, you can switch between several profiles, publish multiple photographs at once, and add captions.

Uplet, as effective as it is, lacks the conventional Instagram flow, which includes comments, hashtags, search, and DM conversations.

On the other hand, grids are an Instagram application for Mac that has a lot of features.

It’s got everything you’ll need, and it’s the only desktop program that lets you publish Instagram Stories.

instagram on mac

What is the best way to save Instagram Stories for offline viewing?

While we all know how to utilize the Instagram post downloader to save images and videos from our feeds, what do you do if you want to save a few Instagram Stories?

It’s simple to save Instagram photos from your own Stories:

Click the three dots to bring up a menu, then select Save photo. Unfortunately, it’s more difficult to download someone else’s Stories.

Using a high-quality screen-recording program on your Mac is your best bet. For example, CleanShot X is a stealthy but effective screenshot taker.

The app is hidden in your menu bar most of the time, but it is always available.

Click the icon (or specify a unique shortcut in Preferences) and select how you wish to record your screen, from a simple screenshot to a scrolling capture to a full-screen recording.

In a matter of seconds, maybe you hide Desktop icons, annotate, and blur sensitive data.

When you need to capture video Instagram Stories and edit them with the same tools, Capto is the ideal option.

The program allows you to record a screen segment or a specific app window (using a handy menu bar tool) and crop the result using built-in features right immediately.

The video can then be easily shared online or saved to your local library.

As you can see, there are various approaches to the problem of how to save photographs from Instagram.

CleanShot X for photographs, Capto for videos, PhotoBulk for batch editing, and Uplet for uploading are all options. These apps provide the greatest Instagram workflow on Mac.

Best of all, PhotoBulk, Uplet, Grids, CleanShot X, and Capto are all accessible for seven days for free on Setapp, a platform with over 190 excellent Mac programs for nearly everything you need help with during the day.

So try them all for free today and learn how software can truly transform your life!

To continue, we will introduce you to some apps for Instagram on Mac that everyone use should know. So follow us.

instagram on mac

The best apps for Instagram on Mac

We all install Instagram on our devices, but an increasing number of people are using programs that let you access Instagram on a Mac computer.

Using Instagram on your Macbook or iMac is a great idea because you have many more choices and a bigger display to work with.

Using the social networking application on your Mac is also made easier and more enjoyable by a range of applications that you can readily install and run on your computer.

And in today’s article, we’ll find some of the best Instagram applications for Mac, as the title suggests.

Luckily, you have a range of options. For example, you can spend more complex capabilities and charge for your Mac OS Instagram applications, but there are other free to pay solutions that provide a lot of functionality.

Our advice is to start with the free options and then purchase if you find there’s still something you’d like to accomplish.

With all these, let’s check out below the top best Instagram applications for Mac!

instagram app for mac

Go for Instagram

This is a very simple Instagram application for Mac that lets users access the original applications from your Macbook or iMac.

It doesn’t have any fancy features, extra filters, or anything noteworthy, but that’s all you want sometimes.

instagram app for mac


Flume is a way more complex software that is also easy to use and free. It focuses on the photo portion of Instagram (which is exactly what you need).

It delivers your Instagram feed to your Mac with an incredibly straightforward interface, letting you effortlessly like, comment, and upload new photographs.

It’s not ideal if you have many accounts because only the first is free.

instagram app for mac


The greatest Instagram application for Mac, in my opinion, is PhotoDesk. It’s not free, but it does a lot, and if you get it, you’ll probably never want another software because it has so many capabilities while being light and simple to use.

It supports numerous accounts and is largely focused on the business side of Instagram, making it easy to acquire new friends, comment on other photographs, and advance your games.

Beautiful implementation, with virtually all of the features of the official phone applications!

instagram on mac


Instead, like the previous application, premium software gives you a lot of flexibility in controlling your Instagram page.

It also has several exclusive features found only to Mac users, earning it bonus points for doing so.

If you like, you can also download images, which is useful in some instances.

instagram on mac

QuickTab for Instagram

There’s a lesser-known software that’s been around for a while and has grown steadily over time.

As a result, it is even less expensive than the previous two’s equipped, even though it provides essentially the same functionality.

You can take and upload images and apply filters, watch and upload stories, like and comment on the photos of people you follow.

 Practically anything you can do on Instagram can be done on this Mac OS-optimized software.

Yes, it performs the same functions as a web browser, but it is a stand-alone application.

These are the Instagram applications for Macbooks and iMacs that we suggest.

The last word,

 As we mentioned in the introduction, the free ones should suffice for most users, but if you truly need more choices and would like to take your Instagram to the next level, you may try the paid ones instead.

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