Instagram: the Top Media of the 21st Century

If we consider lifestyle as a set of behaviors or desires of an individual or group that encompasses all aspects of human life, with a set of daily choices of how to use income, working time, how to dress, nutrition, makeup, cultural behaviors And … we come across that it is a tool to show the social status of people economically and culturally.

With this definition of lifestyle, social networks are undoubtedly the way to show people’s daily lifestyle in a society connected to the World Wide Web.


Social media, which is penetrating society with the daily growth of information technology, has become the most accessible tool for updating the daily life of users.

Users report different states of their lives on social media at any given time.

But the technical characteristics and user density of any social network change the dominant space of the shared content and the interactions of its users.

Instagram, a photo-sharing social network based on smartphones, is one of the most popular social apps with image editing and uploading tools.

How Many People use Instagram?

Since June 2018, Instagram has reached more than 1 billion monthly active users.

This figure is surprising for a photo-sharing app that is mainly active on mobile phones.

More than 500 million active users also use Instagram during the day.

Therefore, it can be said that this application is one of the most popular social networks in the world today.

How Many People use Instagram?

Social networks are typically ranked and measured by the size of their active user base monthly and daily.

Monthly Active Users Definition (MAU’s): These are registered and logged-in users who visit Instagram’s App or web application within 30 days from the date of measurement.

Daily Active Users Definition (DAU’s): These are registered and logged-in users who visit Instagram’s App or web application every day.


It is interesting to know that in 2013, Instagram had only 130 million active users per month, and this number has now increased 10 times.

Instagram was once used only by teenagers, but now all age groups are present on this social network.

So that the number of daily active users on Instagram is less than just Facebook and YouTube.

The Real Power of Instagram

With more than 1 billion active users per month, it is no surprise that Instagram has the highest number of engagement or user interactions among all social networks after Facebook.

According to statistics, about 60.6% of Internet users in the United States log in to Facebook at least once a month, compared to 37.4% for Instagram.

The Real Power of Instagram

Everyone on this social network is looking to increase the number of their followers and increase their interaction with their page.

If your business is also present on Instagram, it is better to think about increasing your engagement page.

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Young People Love Instagram

Of the 1 billion active users who use Instagram every month, 71% are under 35 years old. Most groups of Instagram users are between 25 and 34 years old, followed by 18 to 24-year-olds.

Do your business audiences fit into these age groups?

Knowing the age range of users on social networks will help you determine which of these networks is best for your business.

Young People Love Instagram

In this way, you can ensure that you are producing content in the right place and not wasting your time working where your target customers are not.

If the main audience of your business is young people and teenagers, the best place to work on social networks is Instagram.

By knowing this, you can focus on producing the right Instagram content for your audience.

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The Average time people Spend on Instagram

People spend almost as much time on Facebook as they do on Instagram.

In fact, the amount of time Android users spend on Instagram is very close to Facebook statistics.

According to the latest estimates, in 2018, each user spends an average of 58 minutes a day on Facebook, which is 53 minutes for Instagram.

The length of time users stay on Instagram is important because the more time they spend on the app, the more ads they see and the better their chances of getting to know your brand and products.

The Average time people Spend on Instagram

Instagram has announced that with the introduction of the story feature, the presence of users in this social network has increased.

Of course, not only the amount of users on Instagram is important, but also the hours of their presence during the day; Because by knowing this, you can find the right time to publish your posts.

In this article, we have explained about Best Time to Post on Instagram.

Businesses Use Instagram

As Instagram became popular, 71 percent of American businesses announced that they were using the social network to boost their business.

Another study found that out of every 10 Instagram hashtags, 7 are related to brands.

Also, 80% of businesses say they consider Instagram engagement more important than other factors.

Businesses Use Instagram

Given this, it can be said that Instagram is one of the best social networks to pursue marketing goals.

Not just because of the large number of users, but also because there are so many users who may be interested in your business and the products you offer that you can access them at no cost.

Impact of Instagram on Brands

According to Instagram statistics, 83% of users said that they use this social network to find the products and services they want.

Brands can only reach a large number of customers by being on Instagram.

Instagram not only helps introduce and find products to customers but also reduces the distance between seller and customer by providing features such as shopping bags.

Impact of Instagram on Brands

Now your customers can follow all the shopping steps on Instagram.

That is, the first look for the product they want, then review and compare its various features, and finally decide to buy it.

Marketers can be influential in all these stages and attract a large audience.

Instagram Stories Statistics

In 2016, Instagram introduced the story feature. This amazing feature, which is now very popular, allowed users to share photos and videos that automatically disappeared after 24 hours.

After the introduction of this feature, the number of people interacting with Instagram increased significantly.

According to Instagram statistics, about 500 million accounts use Instagram Story every day, and more interestingly, one-third of these accounts belong to businesses.

Instagram Stories Statistics 

Before the story was introduced, people only shared some very interesting moments of their lives with others, and usually did not do this every day.

But with the introduction of the story, they were motivated to share all their moments with their audience.

Instagram Story is also a great opportunity for businesses to be more exposed to their audience and use this feature for branding as well as increase sales.

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Instagram Users Follow Brands

According to Instagram statistics, about 50% of users of this social network follow at least one brand.

This shows what a wonderful opportunity Instagram has given businesses to introduce themselves to customers.

It does not matter if you are a local brand or a world-renowned name; By using Instagram, you can create better opportunities for your business.

Instagram Users Follow Brands

With business accounts, you can provide more information about your business (such as contact information, address, etc.) to your audience.

Also, if you have a business account, you have access to the Instagram analysis section, through which you can view visit statistics, engagement, etc.

This feature helps you identify your audience and What content do they like the most?

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Instagram Has More Engagement

The motivation statistics for the brands on Instagram are increasing.

From 2017 to 2018, this statistic has increased by 29%, which shows that Brands can interact with their audience on Instagram 4 times more than on Facebook.

Although Instagram engagement is very important for brands, what does engagement show, and how is it measured?

Instagram Has More Engagement

This factor indicates the extent to which the audience interacts with your content, which can be shown as the number of likes, comments, or shares.

One of the main reasons that the Instagram platform has a high level of motivation is the visual nature of this application.

You can share all kinds of photos, short clips, and live videos on Instagram and use different content formats to convey your message to the audience.

Instagram has Changed the Way of Shopping.

We talked about the positive effects of Instagram for brands, but let’s mention another Instagram statistic; About 80% of Instagram users use this social network to decide whether or not to buy a product.

Influencers, meanwhile, play a very important role and can directly influence your customers’ decisions.

If your business is not currently active on Instagram, you should know that you have missed a very valuable opportunity; Especially if your audience is young people and teenagers.


There are many techniques to attract customers and persuade them to buy products.

One of these techniques is to use extensive advertising on Instagram that you can use.

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List of Most-Followed Instagram Accounts

This list contains the top 50 accounts with the most followers on the photo and video-sharing social platform Instagram.
As of August 2020, the most-followed individual is Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo with over 238 million followers, and the most-followed female is American singer Ariana Grande with over 199 million followers.
Instagram has its brand account on the platform, and with over 361 million followers, it is the most-followed account overall. 
National Geographic is the second most-followed brand account, with over 144 million followers.
A total of 21 accounts have exceeded 100 million followers on the site.
1@instagramInstagram362Social media platform
2@cristianoCristiano Ronaldo238Footballer
3@arianagrandeAriana Grande200Musician and actress
4@therockDwayne Johnson196Actor and professional wrestler
5@kyliejennerKylie Jenner193Television personality, model, and businesswoman
6@selenagomezSelena Gomez190Musician and actress
7@kimkardashianKim Kardashian186Television personality, model, and businesswoman
8@leomessiLionel Messi165Footballer
10@justinbieberJustin Bieber145Musician
11@natgeoNational Geographic144Magazine
13@taylorswiftTaylor Swift140Musician
14@kendalljennerKendall Jenner137Television personality and model
15@jloJennifer Lopez130Musician and actress
16@nickiminajNicki Minaj122Musician
17@khloekardashianKhloé Kardashian120Television personality and businesswoman
18@nikeNike120Sportswear multinational
19@mileycyrusMiley Cyrus114Musician and actress
20@katyperryKaty Perry105Musician
21@kourtneykardashKourtney Kardashian100Television personality
22@kevinhart4realKevin Hart98Comedian and actor
23@ddlovatoDemi Lovato92Musician and actress
24@theellenshowEllen DeGeneres92Comedian and television personality
25@realmadridReal Madrid CF90Football club
26@fcbarcelonaFC Barcelona89Football club
27@badgalririRihanna87Musician and businesswoman
28@virat.kohliVirat Kohli77Cricketer
29@zendayaZendaya77Actress and musician
30@iamcardibCardi B74Musician
32@chrisbrownofficialChris Brown71Musician
33@kingjamesLeBron James70Basketball player
34@victoriassecretVictoria’s Secret68Lingerie brand
36@billieeilishBillie Eilish66Musician
37@vindieselVin Diesel65Actor
38@davidbeckhamDavid Beckham64Footballer
39@championsleagueUEFA Champions League62Club football competition
40@nasaNASA60Space agency
41@justintimberlakeJustin Timberlake59Musician and actor
42@emmawatsonEmma Watson57Actress
43@priyankachopraPriyanka Chopra56Actress and musician
44@gigihadidGigi Hadid56Model
45@shawnmendesShawn Mendes56Musician
46@shraddhakapoorShraddha Kapoor54Actress
47@9gag9GAG54Social media platform
49@deepikapadukoneDeepika Padukone52Actress
50@dualipaDua Lipa51Musician


Instagram has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for various businesses.

We hope that the Instagram statistics that we mentioned in this article have clarified the importance of being on this social network.

Suppose you want your business to have a more successful presence on this social network, in addition to producing engaging and quality content.

In that case, you must also think about moral and targeted advertising.

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