Layout Feature on Instagram Stories

If you are a frequent user of the Instagram Story tool, you are probably looking for ways to increase user interaction with your Instagram Stories.

Now Instagram lets us upload multiple photos on a single Story with a layout feature. A new fantastic way to share various images!

If you open the Stories camera and see the Layout option, you can choose between two and six photos in a grid-based collage.

Official Instagram Twitter account announced this news.


Layout Feature on Instagram Stories

The new update adds a collage feature that allows users to choose photos and then them combine together and share in one story.

Now Instagram users no longer need third-party apps and layout tools to catch collage features and can reach this point into their own app.

Instagram Stories is a handy tool for showing users photos and short video clips.

Currently, Instagram Stories are the most important Instagram feature to get in touch with other users!

You can easily share pictures of your daily life with users and your followers and they will also reply to your story.

So, we can wait for the Instagram group to add new features to their layout section. that will be amazing and attractive. enjoy it!

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