Marketing on Instagram in Simple Language!

Recently, customers who contact us talk about their low income. Some people either have an Instagram page or are just starting to create a page.

Whatever it is, they are not satisfied with the situation and are looking to increase their income.

They like to know how to market on Instagram And grow the account. To have something to say on Instagram; You need to learn Instagram marketing and use the experience of others.

In the following course, we will teach you the rules of the game. That means everything you need to have a successful Instagram business. So do not miss the following content.

Marketing on Instagram

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing; That means you use Instagram and connect with your contacts and customers. simply!!

  • What is the purpose of your business?
  • sales increase?
  • Brand awareness?

Whatever it is, Instagram makes it easier to reach. Because the number of Instagram users is so large that you have access to a large market of people.

learn the principles and rules ON MRKETING

Now, if you are looking for marketing on Instagram, you need to learn the principles and rules of the game.

Ready for professional Instagram marketing?

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Raise your Knowledge

Everything must be clear from the beginning. With a weak foundation, you will not get anywhere.

Your first brick is collecting information.

This means that you need to gather useful information to know how to behave on Instagram and what content to post.

The information you need can be summarized in 3 steps:

Raise-your-Knowledge MARKETING

1. What exactly is my business?

What products and services are you going to offer on Instagram? You need to know exactly the category of your products and services.

Look at the questions below:

  • First of all, what is your brand name?
  • In what fields do you work?
  • What products do you have?
  • What services do you provide?

If you do not know yourself, you will not know the next two categories.

2. Who are my customers?

We know that you must eventually sell your product to the customer. That is one or more groups of people who need your products.

Are you familiar with the concept of persona?

If you are not, get acquainted with the personality of the audience and its importance right now.

In general, persona means your ideal audience!

That is, to whom exactly are you going to sell?

Then, knowing the customer’s tastes and interests, decide what strategy to define for your business.

We suggest you read the following important article to clarify this issue: how to Create a perfect Audience Persona?

3- Know the competitors and analyze well

You need to know your competitors. That is people who sell similar products to you or whose products can be a substitute for your products.

These two categories are among your competitors. Now you have to analyze these well.

For example, see:

  • Who are their customers?
    What services do they provide?
    How much do they sell?
    How satisfied are they with their situation?
    What are their plans for the future?

All of this will help you assess your situation and make the best decision.

Because in the end, you have to be ahead of the competition. That means getting customers to buy your products, not competitors!

To better identify and analyze competitors, we have a separate article to discuss competition analysis on Instagram.

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Strategy Development on Instagram; A Crucial Step

Now we see that you have gathered a lot of information from competitors and customers.

What is the use of this information?

You need to make the most of the knowledge you have.

How about Having the right strategy؟

We are talking here about the goals and the means to achieve them. That means fully functional and fit!

Strategy Development on Instagram

What is your goal in Starting an Instagram Business?

Suppose you are going on a weekend trip with your family. But you do not know where!

If you do not know your destination, you can not collect equipment, nor choose the route and vehicle!

In short, you are confused, and all you know is that you are going to travel.

The same goes for Instagram marketing. What destination did you choose to travel to on Instagram?

We are talking here about 2 of the main goals and tools to achieve that goal.

1-Branding on Instagram

Suppose you specify your products and brand precisely. For example, your brand name is X, and you offer a series of products or services.

Now your goal is that people know you, and in the next step, your brand name will be known, and it will be heard.

For example, we all remember Amazon as soon as we hear online shop.

Of course, you are not just trying to make a name for yourself. You are looking for people’s trust.

This means that when they hear your name, they are satisfied and confident.

Brand awareness

We are going to use Instagram and introduce ourselves to others. To do this, you must be familiar with a series of Instagram tools.

A tool that is exactly in line with recognition.

What can we do to increase brand awareness?

A-Have a professional Instagram bio

For every user who enters your page, the first thing they see is your bio. That is, seeing the bio; Recognizes your brand and identity. So one of the most basic things to consider is setting up an Instagram bio.

B-Have the right Hashtag and be Known

The hashtag is one of the gifts of Instagram It makes amazingly, your business will grow and prosper.

But not every hashtag! You need to find the hashtag for your business.

That means knowing what the audience is looking for. Then use hashtags in posts and stories.

If you want to feel the miracle of hashtags more, do not miss the hashtag article on Instagram: Using Instagram Hashtags Correctly in Order to Increase Views

C-Have Targeted Ads

Well, advertising is one of the ways to become famous. You indeed have to spend money, but the result of your work completely changes.

But in order not to waste your money and, get the perfect result, you have to do the right advertising.

There are different types of ads on Instagram. It would be best if you saw which model works best for you and your page.

so this article may be useful for you: What is Influencer Marketing & Its Importance for Online Businesses?


2- Trust Building

One aspect of branding is building trust. What can you do without users trusting your brand?

None! So be very careful you must have a plan to build the audience’s trust.

Because users must bring your name with trust and satisfaction.

Trust building article; Tips for Building Trust on Instagram and Increasing Followers helps you figure out how to get your followers to trust you.

Trust Building on Instagram marketing

Increase sales on Instagram

Many brands and businesses are looking to sell. They use Instagram marketing to sell their products and services.

But selling on Instagram also has its worries that you need to learn. Ready to learn how to increase sales?

Have a Content Strategy and Content Calendar

On Instagram, the basis of everything is content. This means that with great content you can increase your sales!

But before producing content, you have to have a strategy. You already know the customers.

That is, get acquainted with their tastes and interests. Now you need to know based on what content you are going to post.

In this article, Content Strategy for Creating Content on Instagram, we have said everything you need for a strategy.

also read this article to have the best content calendar: How to Create a Best Social Media Content Calendar

Generate Compelling Content

After picking a content strategy and calendar, you need to start producing content.

Generate content that challenges users and creates engagement. Of course, be aware that not all content should be advertising.

You need to create educational content among the content that is about your product.

How to Create High-quality and Effective Content on Instagram? will guide you to produce better content.

Here are some ways in which producing content can have a greater impact on sales:

  • Do not ignore the story

Users see stories much more than normal posts. So be sure to use the story more than the posts.

If you sell products on your site, be sure to put the product page link in the story.

  • Do not ignore the story

Users see stories much more than normal posts. So be sure to use the story more than the posts.

If you sell products on your site, be sure to put the product page link in the story.

  • Advertising in the story

For example, use stickers in the story and increase user interaction. By doing this, the followers will feel closer to you.

This will definitely help you increase sales.

  • Post at the best possible time

When are the followers most active? Morning? Noon? the night? It depends on your followers.

You have to discover this time for yourself. How’re you? By reading the article, Best Time to Post on Instagram

  • Reply to Comments and Direct

When followers talk to you or ask questions, be sure to pay attention to them. If they have a question, answer it.

Or if they have a comment, answer them with at least one sticker.

Incidentally, direct is one of the best ways to communicate with customers and thus sales.

  • Have a special sale

Customers love your special sales. They will definitely welcome discounts and special offers.

For example, sometimes put discounts on products.

Or if someone is buying from you for the first time, you can make them happy with a special discount or a free product.

  • Learn ways to increase real followers

As your actual followers grow, so do your branding and sales. Please do not think about fake followers.

Fick followers not only do not sell at all but also closes your Instagram page and you should read the Fateha of your page!

So only get help from ways to increase real followers.

  • Evaluate yourself

I’m sure you and everyone who does something is looking for results. So after each of the methods mentioned above, you should get feedback.

In Instagram, for analysis, the insight tool is your solution. With this tool, you can see how close each post, story, or advertisement you made has brought you to your goal!

The article How Can I Analyze Instagram Pages with Insights tool is a complete tutorial on working with this magical tool.



Instagram marketing is one of the most powerful marketing methods these days.

In this article about the general stages of Instagram marketing; We talked about competitor analysis, customer recognition.

We talked about how important it is to have a goal and talked about the tools to achieve different goals.

Any questions or concerns you have about marketing on Instagram with us right here, right now.


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