Recover Your Forgotten Instagram Password

In today’s busy and anxious world that people may even forget their names. It is not uncommon to forget the password!

So there must be a solution to it. Instagram account password is your security.

So you have to pay attention to it. If you have forgotten the password or you want to change the Instagram password, we have brought you everything from zero to 100 here.

What should I do if I forget my Instagram password?

It is possible that for any reason, you will forget the password of your Instagram account.

Do not worry if this happens to you because Instagram offers different ways to recover users’ forgotten passwords.

 These methods are very simple to use and only take a few minutes.

If you have forgotten your Instagram password, follow the steps below one by one to change your password.

There are several ways to change your password. Change password with email, mobile number, and Facebook. Here we talk about all these methods.

  • First of all, in the account login section, tap on Get Help With Signing in.

tap on Get Help signing in.

  • In this section, Instagram asks you to enter your username, email, or mobile number.
  • Anyway, Instagram should know you somehow. Which method do you choose?


  • After that, in this section, you will see 3 options that you must choose a method to recover the password.

Here are three ways to recover your password:

Method 1: Recover your Instagram password by Email

If you remember both the email address you registered and your username, Send an Email is the best option.

Recover your Instagram password by Email

When you click on this option, Instagram will send you an email.

If you do not see the email in the inbox, be sure to check the Spam folder as well. Instagram email may enter that folder.

When you open the email, you will see the Reset Password option.

Click on this option to enter the new password setting page.


Enter your new password in the first box. Just try to choose a password that is not easy to guess and will never be forgotten.

Enter the new password again in the next box.

Method 2: Recover your Instagram password via SMS or Facebook

If you remember the Phone number you registered with, select the Send an SMS option.

By doing this, Instagram will text you the link to set a new password.

Recover your Instagram password via SMS

Enter the text messages and open the message with the name FACEBOOK and click on the link.

If your Instagram account is connected to Facebook, you can change your account password with the login with Facebook option.


After choosing to change the password with Facebook, you must log in to your Facebook account to be able to change the password of your Instagram account.


note!Attention! Sometimes Instagram may send you a 6-digit code instead of a password change link.

By entering that code, you can log in to your account.

Recover Instagram password through Instagram PC (Website)

If you want to change your Instagram password through the Instagram site, follow the steps below.

Select the Forget Password option as shown below:


You will now be taken to a page where Instagram asks you to enter your username or email in the specified field.


Then click the Send Login Link option so that Instagram will email you the password change link.

After clicking the Reset Password button, you will need to choose a new password for your Instagram.

In the first blank, repeat the new password according to the image below, and in the second blank.

Note that: this password must be at least 6 characters long and not easy to guess. This is necessary for the security of your account.


Change Instagram password in the Instagram app

You may decide to change your Instagram password for any reason. You can do this through the app and Instagram settings.

How’re you? Follow the steps below:

1-Enter the profile and click on the three lines at the top right of the page.

instagram login-activity-1
2- Now enter the Settings section.

instagram login-activity-2

3. Select the Security section.

insragram login-activity-3

4- Now select the Password option to change the Instagram password.


5-In the first part enter the current password, and in the other two fields enter the new password you want to choose.


Note: We emphasize once again that it is very important to go through the above steps correctly and accurately.

The slightest mistake on your part can make the process of recovering your Instagram account difficult.

Frequently Asked Questions about change Instagram password

What should I do if the password change link is not sent?

Check markIf you forgot your password but did not receive a link, you may have entered your mobile number or email incorrectly. So try again.

Of course, the email may have entered the spam folder. So be sure to check Spam in your email.

If you are sure you entered the number or email correctly, try again in a few hours.

What if I forget both my email and my mobile number?

Check markTo change the password you forgot, you must either proceed with the email or mobile number.

But what if you do not remember any of them? We have several solutions.

  • Create a new account and start your activity on Instagram with it.
  • Try accessing your email again. When you try to access your email, you will see several options.
    For example, forgetting a password, trouble signing in. These options give you access to your email again.

What should I do if I changed my password but still could not log in to my account?

Check markYou may have changed your Instagram password via the password change link, but you were still not allowed to log in to your account. Request to send a new link, to change the password again.

My account has been blocked by Instagram, what should I do?

Sometimes you are not allowed to log in to your account by violating Instagram rules.

In this case, I suggest you do not miss How To Remove Action Blocked On Instagram.


In this article, we talked about forgetting the Instagram password and changing the password.

Did you learn what to do if you forget your Instagram password?

Try to choose a password for your account that you will never forget, this is the best solution.

But any questions you have about the Instagram password, ask us.

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