Social Media Platforms Impact in SEO

In the past, online businesses have used a variety of marketing methods.

If we want to go back to several years ago when social networks were not very prosperous, we must say that search engines were the most important source for attracting traffic and marketing online businesses.

Today, there are several social networks, each of which provides users with different marketing capabilities.

On the other hand, social media users are very high, and social media marketing cannot be ignored.


Today, if we want to choose between SEO and social media marketing, it is not easy!

Each of them has advantages, and of course, the most important thing is that both of them are effective in having a successful strategy for our business.

In this article, let’s explore ways to use the impact of social media on SEO! 

We mean to do something to help social media increase our search engine rankings, increase traffic, and ultimately increase our business sales. If you agree, join us and examine the impact of social networks on SEO.

What is the Difference Between SEO and Social Media Marketing?

Social media management requires producing engaging and valuable content to attract users; In other words, you produce content on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and… to be seen on the same networks.

This content may only be seen for a few days, and then not a single person will see it!

In SEO, you generate content so that if a user sees a keyword related to your content or has a question related to your content, they will see that content from your site in the Google search results and enter the site!

The advantage of SEO over social media marketing is that you visit it forever, but it takes more time than social media marketing.


Now, if we want to use social media marketing and SEO together, we will experience the best impact of social media in SEO.

Social networks are positive signals for search engines, and when we use these social networks, we not only increase site traffic directly and through the content posted on social networks, but also increase the incoming traffic of Google and other search engines.

Of course, search engines can also help your social media followers grow and increase!


Search engines are a great resource for attracting customers!

On the other hand, social networks are slowly developing and becoming one of the main marketing tools.

You might think that SEO and social media are against each other!

But we must say that social networks and SEO help each other have the best strategy for the growth of your business!

You should not be unaware of the impact of social media on SEO, and you should promote both of them well.

In the continuation of this article, we will review the solutions so that you can experience the best impact of social networks in SEO!

Appropriate Internet Business Strategy Considering the Impact of Social Networks in SEO

SEO strategy and social media marketing are completely different, but you should keep in mind that by developing a proper strategy, you can have the best impact on social networks in SEO.

Social networks help businesses to present their desired and valuable content to users and users to use it.

SEO, on the other hand, helps businesses get users to your site if they search for a specific question or content.

Using SEO and social media marketing helps you to attract traffic from different sources and sell your services or products!

However, are you willing to use only one marketing channel to increase the traffic and sales of your products? Definitely not!


Users use search engines to reach their questions and social networks to learn about new business content (such as training posts, discounts, training courses, etc.).

In this section, we are going to review seven great ways to have the right strategy to get the best impact of social media in SEO:

1- Create Social Media Buttons for Sharing Site Content

One of the most important factors in improving a site’s ranking in search engines is the placement of share buttons!

Not only does this increase traffic through social networks, but Google also considers the signals received from search engines to be important in ranking the site.

So if you are looking for the impact of social media on your site SEO, I suggest you put the site sharing buttons on social media at the end of all your content.

Look at the picture below:

Suppose that under each site’s content, there are icons related to four social networks, which by clicking on it, the content link will be shared on the desired social network!

Now suppose your article is shared by users 5 times a day and each of these users has at least 100 followers; By doing this, your link will be seen by 500 people daily.

Therefore, using this tool has a great impact on increasing your traffic directly and also improves your ranking on Google.

2- Use Search Keywords in Social Media Content

We said at the beginning of this article that the line between social media marketing and SEO is blurring!

What is so important about content SEO? Definitely keywords!

Keywords form the basis of SEO content; This means that you need to know what keywords users are searching for the most to get the content you need so that you can use that keyword in SEO.

Search engines also use social media content keywords to rank shared links!


This means that if you have shared your content link on a social network such as Twitter, for best results, you should include the keyword used in the content of your site content in the tweets related to each content.

Of course, we do not mean to bombard your tweets with keywords; We mean to insert them only once in the text of your tweet.

This not only improves your content ranking in search engines, but you can also easily get the attention of users to enter your site.

3- Put Site links in Social Media Profiles

Another way to get the most out of social media in SEO is to put a site link in your social media profile!

For example, if you have created an Instagram page for your site, just put your link in the bio.

By doing this, users will click on it and generate direct traffic for you!

But our goal is to improve SEO and increase the site’s ranking among Google search results.


The links you post on Facebook and Twitter are No Follow; That means they are not very important for Google and other search engines.

But the links you put in your social media profile are usually Follow!

This means that these networks tell Google that these links are very valuable and that Google will improve your site ranking.

So make sure you put your site link in your social media profile!

You should also note that the links you post to some social media posts are not clickable; For example, if you publish a post on Instagram and put a link in that post, this link is not clickable, but the link you put in your profile is clickable and will help increase site traffic and improve SEO rankings.

4- Insert Content Links Related to Videos

If you are looking for the impact of social networks in SEO, be sure to use video!

Users usually like visual content, especially video, because you can learn more in less time.

If you post your video on social networks such as YouTube, be sure to provide a link to related content on your site.

This improves SEO rankings and causes a user to link to your video if they write content related to your video.


But what is the use of this?

The benefit is that you put your link on the video page and users who enter the video page to see the video also click on your link.

You can easily improve the users, SEO, and sales of your business!

5- Social Network Profile Optimization

Look at social media as a tool for your online business! It does not matter which networks you operate on, but it is important to use that network in the best possible way to increase your site traffic.

A page profile on social media is the most important thing you need to optimize; Because this section is directly in the view of users!

If you write this section interestingly, you can ask users to enter your site at the end; You can even ask them to fill in their email or contact number in the newsletter form after entering the site.

Having user information is very important for businesses and is used for marketing.


Profile optimization encourages users to enter your site! With users’ entry to your site, traffic also increases, and the number of visitors to a site is very important for search engines.

So if you are looking for the impact of social networks in SEO, be sure to have an attractive, optimized profile with a site link and encourage users to click on the site link.

6- Use Users to Share Links on their Social Pages

If the content of your page is appropriate, many users are willing to advertise your post in the story and even their posts!

If you are active on Twitter, it is more common to quote other users. Try to put a link between your posts and ask users to share that content!

As we said, search engines like Google attach great importance to social media links, and this importance is increasing day by day.

The more signals Google receives from your links, the better your site ranking will be.


The best way for users to republish your content is to create a great interaction on your page; This means that if you try to challenge users, you will gain their trust, and eventually, you can ask them to publish your content on their page with the listed link.

7- Create new relationships!

Another way to get the best impact from social media in SEO is to build new relationships!

Your business website is a good communication channel for selling products, providing information, educating users, and so on.

Using social pages, you can build great relationships with users and then ask them to put your site link to their site.


This is known as backlinks, will have a huge impact on your site SEO; Of course, you should note that as much as possible, the topic of that site is the same or at least close to the topic of your site.

To insert links in users’ sites, you can create a suitable post for them and in that post, refer links to your site pages.

Branding; The most Important Result of Using Social Media Marketing and SEO Together!

It has happened to all of us that we want to buy a product and have two brands of the same product!

Which brand is your choice?

Dozens of factors may influence choosing that product, but if the conditions are right and the product cost of the two brands is almost the same, you will choose the more well-known brand!

Sometimes you are even willing to pay more to get quality products. It all depends on the brand!

This means that the more well-known you are, the more users will come to your site and the easier it will be for you to sell your products in a competitive market.

The most important result of using social media marketing and SEO at the same time is branding.


With help, you can help increase your Instagram followers, and through social networks, you can direct more users to the site.

The more traffic your site has, the better your SEO results; Because one of the most important SEO factors is site traffic.

Google believes that the more traffic a site has, the more credibility it has among users and the higher that site ranks among its competitors.

Therefore, branding also indirectly affects your SEO!

Simply put, branding is the rationale for the impact of social media on SEO.

The best way to increase site traffic through social media marketing is to create challenging content that will help you drive more users to your site.

On the other hand, if several reputable sites and social pages put your link, your credibility with Google will increase greatly.

Put yourself in Google’s shoes; You are looking for a trusted person!

One person is recommended by 2 ordinary people and the other person is recommended by 5 reputable people; Which do you choose?

Google also has a feeling for your site, and you can easily improve your site ranking by placing your site link on reputable sites.

A Note! If you are just starting and have just started your business, no one will be willing to put your link on their site for free.

So if your site is important to you and you want to have a better future, produce the right content, and pay your link permanently on the site for a fee.

These things can change the ranking of your site after several months. On the other hand, you may not be able to attract many followers on social media, but you can be sure that social media marketing will not hurt your SEO.

You should try to improve your social page followers through your site and your site SEO through social media marketing!

Of course, this takes time and requires a lot of energy and effort for start-up businesses.


The impact of social media in SEO is increasing day by day and if we can not have successful marketing, our site SEO may be damaged in the future.

In this article, we reviewed the solutions that can help you experience the best impact of social networks in SEO!

Now you tell!

How effective do you think social media is in SEO and what methods do you use to get the most out of social media marketing in SEO?

In the comments section, share your experiences with us and other users.

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