Spiritual & Amazing Yoga Accounts On Instagram

Yoga has started in ancient Asia, but the age-old practice now has a sizable following on social media.

Your Instagram account will be swamped with photographs of vinyasa flows and Sun Salutation videos from all around the world if you search #yoga.

With over 75 million yoga pictures on Instagram and new yoga profiles being created every day, it might be challenging to discover one that speaks to you.

We’ve compiled a selection of our favorite yoga profiles, each with its distinct perspective on the old tradition.

Some of these individuals travel the world searching for the most beautiful yoga backgrounds, while others defy age and sickness to create yoga on their own.

Yet, others have sparked national campaigns to promote diversity and body acceptance.

So whether you’re seeking relaxation tips, Warrior pose assistance, or an incentive to attend your next or first yoga session, these profiles have you prepared.

Suppose you’re looking for the best yoga Instagram accounts to follow.

In that case, you’re new to yoga and searching for some famous and unique concepts and poses to try, or you’re looking for inspiration to start your own yoga Instagram.

Whether it was correctly or not, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve selected the most popular yogi Instagram profiles as of May 2020, along with a few up-and-coming profiles, so you can get your fix of yoga motivation wherever you may be!

Yoga is one of the most acceptable fitness options to try if you’re in the house because it can be done anyplace.

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@adamhusler-61.4k followers 

Adam is a fitness instructor, co-creator of thehuslers.com with his wife Holly, and co-host of the famous yoga podcast ‘Honestly Unbalanced.’

He is situated in Equinox, one of London’s world’s top yoga studios, specializing in Alignment-Based Vinyasa Yoga.

On his page, you’ll find some of the most challenging yoga poses ever created, beautifully displayed with the use of subtle filters.

The difference is rather striking, and it will undoubtedly help to brighten up your Instagram page when you’re looking for ideas!

Husler should be one of your first male yoga Instagram profiles to follow if you’re looking for male yoga Instagram pages to follow.

His content is inspiring and beautiful, and his considerable experience in instructing yoga is comforting to those who are apprehensive about participating.

His open and entertaining style will help you stay motivated while also allowing you to interact with other yogis who are new to the scene.

After all, he’s taught yoga in over 16 different nations, and it doesn’t get much better than that.

If you’re considering becoming a yoga instructor, make sure to check out our U.K. yoga instructor coverage compare for all of the details.

@adrienelouise-1.2M followers 

Adriene Mishler would be absent from any list of the top yoga Instagram profiles.

She’s one of the most well-known yogis on the planet, and with 850k Instagram followers, it’s hard to disagree!

Adriene is the creator of yogawithadriene.com, a website where she offers free yoga classes and chronicles her life.

She first gained notoriety on YouTube, where she amassed a following of over 6 million subscribers.

Her page features yoga positions, lessons, and even some adorable photos of her dog Benji to help to balance things out.

It’s brimming with positivity, and it’s ideal for people wishing to join a yoga girl Instagram account with a refined and organic design.

Adrienne’s Instagram account will ensure that you are well-informed on all things yoga since she covers almost all you need to know.

She also has her hashtag, #yogawithadriene, which has over 250k posts from yogis worldwide that follow her, so you can easily interact with other community members!

P.S. If you’re looking to develop your Instagram page, be careful to verify our list of top yoga tags, which include a lesson on how to use them.

@laurasykora-1.1k followers

Looking for an Instagram page to follow that is full of high-energy, happy yoga girls?

We shouldn’t need to tell you why you should go directly to Laura’s page because she has already amassed 1.2 thousand subscribers on her own!

She has roughly 20 years of yoga training and a gymnastic and cheering background, enabling her to master even the most challenging yoga positions.

She also does ACROVINYASA, a mix of acro yoga and inverted training, and it’s pretty stunning to witness in action.

While not everyone can do a problematic handstand as part of their yoga routine, Laura’s page will make you believe you can thank her instructional videos, yoga photographs, and competitions.

Her theme is an excellent mix of creative images and mighty feats, so you won’t have to look elsewhere for your crazy yoga dose.

@mynameisjessamyn-467k followers

Follow Jessamyn Stanley on Instagram if you’re seeking a yoga girl Instagram account that’s full of body acceptance and motivation for individuals who are scared by yoga.

 She is the creator of Every Body Yoga, a book that includes 50 basic postures and patterns that anyone can do at home.

The book’s best feature and what sets it different from others in this category is that it concentrates on how yoga helps you feel rather than how it makes you appear.

It encourages self-acceptance and body image, and it attracts a broad audience by defying yoga preconceptions.

 It’s no surprise that she’s amassed such a massive following on Instagram.

Her articles are as genuine as they come, and they’re motivational – they’re full of character, and they’ll make you would like to put on your yoga mat and try out some of Jessamyn’s advanced yoga postures daily.

Jessamyn’s Instagram feed is vibrant, entertaining, and motivating. 

She also includes bold writing below her poses, which is refreshing to see because not many yogis do so.

@boysofyoga-27.3k followers 

Every day, the world moves closer to removing the taboo surrounding male fitness routine because of sites like boysofyoga.com.

While yoga women’s Instagram profiles are used to rule the web, it’s fantastic to see a rise in men yogis.

After all, yoga should be for everyone, and no one should be restricted in their practice because of their gender or other factors.

The Boys of Yoga site says, to give you an idea of what they’re about:

Some men believe that yoga makes them less of a man, but the reality is that it makes them an excellent one; it’s time to debunk the myth.

Returning to their Instagram account, it does not disappoint in terms of looks.

The color scheme is rich cold colors with a slight vignette to finish, letting each photo stick out against the competition.

The words are incredibly inspiring and send a powerful message to males who are excited to begin their yoga adventure, as well as those who need a reminder to let go of everything that is holding them back.

Michael James Wong, the founder of Boys of Yoga, also has his own Instagram account committed to building males engaged in yoga: @michaeljameswong.

@esthermarieyoga-138k followers

Esther’s page is unique because although yoga is her specialty, she does not limit herself to one aspect of it.

She takes a comprehensive approach to yoga and all that it has to offer!

A brief look over her Instagram will allow you to test out various hatha yoga, ranging from those that will strengthen your arms to those that will assist you to chill down after a run and even some that will help you lose weight.

Her page is chock-full of energetic yoga routines and instruction, all of which are displayed in a gentle pastel tone.

She even has various beach towels to go along with her concept, which are yoga Instagram ambitions.

Those who enjoy dogs will be pleased to learn that she has a sidekick yoga dog called Sonny, who occasionally appears in her writings!

Esther is a yoga instructor and meditation coach based in London, and her content on the site reflects this.

Her 138k followers attest that she frequently shares yoga positions and exercises geared at reducing anxiety.

Her 138k followers certify that this content is attractive and fulfills its goal of assisting others in overcoming stress in their lives.

@yogatips-213k followers 

While it’s fantastic to follow yogis, some of the most excellent yoga pages are made up of different stuff from various sources.

It implies that your Instagram page will be changed each time you open the application, especially if you find a profile that updates frequently, rather than being entire.

Fortunately for you, @yogatips posts every day, which is undoubtedly one of the causes for their large following.

They offer content from some of the most famous yoga feeds on the site, so you’ll be able to explore new areas to follow in addition to the ones we’ve already listed.

To give you an idea of their learning classifier topic, they provide yoga tips, show videos, presentation photographs and visuals, statistics, memes, photographer’s yoga content, health suggestions, and much more!

We particularly like their amusing yet inspiring text postings, which are a great addition to any yoga Instagram account, as well as the fun assignments they post.

So go over to their profile to see what we mean, If you’re new to yoga, be sure to check out our top yoga kits list to see which goods are the best in the U.K.!

@sjanaelise-1.5k followers

Can you imagine a more stunning yoga setting than Australia’s tropical greenery and green waters?

Sjana Elise Earp, a native of Australia, will bless your page with poses that will make you want to get your sleeping bag right away.

Yoga Alliance, the world’s largest voluntary yoga organization that qualifies teachers and schools, has allowed Earp, a life coach at Yoga Loft in Newcastle, Australia.

Amid the overactivity that is social networking, her expressive subtitles will provide you a sense of serenity.

For a refreshing change, follow Earp’s profile and try out her complimentary dance lessons on YouTube.

@yogabeyond-369k followers

Honza and Claudine Lafond met and fell in love in New York City in 2007. They understood they had similar interests in art, health, and yoga.

The couple decided to combine their business backgrounds to start YogaBeyond, which offers yoga instructor education and mindfulness vacations throughout Asia.

The couple’s Instagram page contains AcroVinyasa, a style of yoga that they invented and copyrighted.

This type of yoga, which can be done alone or with a companion, emphasizes breathing synchronization via vinyasa, acro-yoga, and inverted exercise.

The Lafonds’ Instagram page is about more than practicing yoga next to pretty settings, though you’ll see enough of that!

It’s chock-full of meditations, family photos, and thoughtful remarks.

@traveling_yogigirl-17.5k followers

Melanie Iznaola’s Instagram page is precisely what it looks like:

she travels the world, from Florida to Mexico and beyond, posting gorgeous nature photos and yoga postures.

In her comments, you’ll frequently discover inspiring statements geared at inspiring wives and women to accept themselves and accept their abilities.

You can truly feel the emotion wherever you are in the world.

@spirituallyfly-52.2k followers

Faith Hunter, a Louisiana native, started training yoga in the early 1990s to cope with her elder brother’s morbidity and mortality.

She discovered awareness and contemplation through yoga, and she went on to develop Spiritually Fly, a life philosophy focusing on appreciating every minute.

Kundalini yoga, vinyasa, and other forms of mindfulness have all inspired her approach.

She can be seen practicing classes at the White House Easter Egg Roll, on the covers of Yoga Journal, or leading yoga studios when she’s not at her yoga class in Washington, DC.

@mathieuboldronyoga-43k followers

Mathieu Boldron has been working on yoga for 13 years, having discovered it while in Paris rehearsing for a part in the Broadway play The Lion King.

He now conducts meditation classes, seminars, teacher training sessions, and courses worldwide since becoming a qualified yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance.

He also provides yoga coaching to yogis who desire to develop a challenging session.

In addition, he is the creator and owner of the Lomey Yoga studio in Paris.

Boldron’s courses are accessible on the Alo Moves and TINT Yoga digital sites.

Boldron’s Instagram pictures are inspiring because he mixes power, fun, and motivation.

@michaeljameswong-20.3k followers

Michael James Wong is on a quest to dismantle the societal hurdles that males face when yoga.

Wong, who is now based in the United Kingdom, is the creator of Boys of Yoga, a movement devoted to making yoga more accessible to men.

Some males think yoga makes you less of a man,” he adds on his website. It does make you a better person.

It’s past time to deconstruct the myth.

Wong has released Sit Down, Be Quiet, and a book for guys about practicing awareness via yoga in a gentle, self-aware, and nonjudgmental manner.

@morningmarjolaine-4k followers

Marjolaine Savoie started morning Marjolaine to support other female entrepreneurs throughout the world. 

She means companies and meditation training to women entrepreneurship that are artistic.

She also offers international meditation classes for women to engage with their long-term aspirations and detach from daily distractions.

In an email to Everyday Health, Savoie says her objective for the women she teaches and teaches yoga to be to “help them align with their vision, reinstate innovation, and build a reputation and life they are deeply in love with.

Savoie, a matless-yoga devotee, believes in appreciating the floor’s cleanliness so that yoga may be practiced anywhere — hence her magnificent images of wood floors and coastlines.

 Savoie’s Instagram posts reflect her job as a yoga instructor and teacher. 

She loves strolling nude, having a coffee, and turning tricks as a singer in her leisure time.

@travelanddoyoga-1k followers

This Polish yoga teacher is so passionate about yoga and traveling that it only seemed natural to develop a profile that combined the two.

Maciej Jaskólski has only been photographing his postures for a year.

Still, he has great aspirations to instruct yoga all over the globe, beginning with a whole tour of Latin America.

To cope with the central systems of financial services, Jaskólski started training yoga.

He claims that yoga helped him become a better version of himself and eventually left finance to marry the woman of his dreams, Dariya.

He knows he needs to educate and practice yoga wherever his adventures take him, ideally on the ocean.

@lottasebzdayoga-263k followers

A lot of Sebzda, a long-time yogi, is spreading the word that yoga can be done at any age.

Sebzda is a 52-year-old grandma who is physically fit enough to compete with most 20-year-olds.

For about 19 years, she has been practicing and instructing ashtanga yoga throughout the Nordic region.

Her movies and photo slideshows of yoga poses and Sun Salutations are instructive videos and photo slideshows.

She frequently has her (equally fit) husband helping or practicing beside her.

Her cute youngster made a few appearances on her yoga mat as well.

A lot of Sebzda Yoga, her new YouTube channel, has more in-depth recordings of her yoga practice.

@yoga_mami-51.1k followers

By mixing yoga and parenthood, this Canadian mom of two children achieves the ideal balance.

Together with her father and two adorable sons, Josephine Jacob practices yoga with her entire extended family.

She believes in having joy with her training and frequently writes about her children’s amusing efforts at postures.

Her articles are honest and open, and they frequently revolve around maintaining a digital presence while still being a mom, as well as the need to withdraw from time to time.

Nevertheless, her sons appear to be on their way towards becoming little yogis as well.

@dade2shelby-99k followers 

DJ Townsel is a former NFL player who now works as a yoga teacher and fitness instructor, and his yoga Instagram account is one of the best we’ve seen in the industry.

DJ’s images are of exceptionally excellent quality and are displayed in a bright and happy tone.

Thanks to the outside backgrounds he selects to use, there’s a combination of blue and green colors!

His posts are centered on intermediate yoga positions executed in various locales, so you’ll never get tired of seeing them.

DJ also includes partner’s yoga positions, which he performs with his girlfriend @veda yoga108 daily, and this will undoubtedly be a challenge if you’re looking for something new to try.

The comments he puts are tremendously motivating for all yogis, regardless of their present level of practice.

He pushes newcomers to the game regularly, which is encouraging for people who are afraid of yoga!

@skyting-50.3k followers 

SKY TING was created by Chloe Kernaghan and Krissy Jones and synthesized various kinds of yoga, including Katonah Yoga, Taoist, Vinyasa, and Hatha.

Instead of conforming to one comprehensive teaching method, the instructors at SKY TING are permitted to teach their favorite type of yoga, which is an excellent topic to emphasize when presenting their brand – it indeed matches the motivation for their Instagram account!

SKY TING Yoga is made up of various styles and approaches, as you can see from a glance. Not only that, but you’ll note their design is quite distinct.

They provide a picture of the skies in the backdrop of every photo they upload in various soothing colors.

It is neatly written because it refers to their brand identification the word ‘SKY‘ is in the name and refers to well-known yoga images.

Within seconds of looking at their stream, words like ‘meditation’ and ‘wellness’ spring to mind; it’s clear that they’ve nailed their branding!

It can be hard to find yoga Instagram profiles that post frequently enough to meet your motivation requirements, but you won’t have to worry when you join SKY TING.

They have over 1,800 posts to date, and they frequently post multiple times each day while keeping excellent content quality.

@tarastiles-154k followers

Tara Stiles, the creator of Strala Yoga (which also has its own Instagram page if you like compilations accounts), has a beautiful yoga Instagram page.

She is the author of several finest yoga books, including Yoga Cures and Strala Yoga, so it’s safe to assume she understands her business!

Her Instagram page is full of IGTV yoga instruction, adorable family photos, and outrageously difficult (but incredibly hilarious) yoga poses.

Tara broadcasts regular yoga films at 8 a.m. EST, which is beneficial to understand if you’re searching for inspiration to start a daily regimen!

You’ll find wonderfully crafted themes of health and awareness inside her descriptions to fill you with motivation as you progress along your yoga path.

They’re down-to-earth and honest, and they say exactly what so many of us have to listen to when we’re feeling stressed by life stressors.

@yogagirlofficial -136k followers

The Yoga Girl Instagram profile is without a doubt one of the most inspirational accounts for females we’ve ever seen; it’s easy to see how they’ve amassed 136k subscribers!

Here, anyone can be a Yoga Girl,’ says their bio, which we believe is a diverse yet inspiring statement to pass out to their fans.

It’s no secret that social networking has been chastised in recent times for putting pressure on young women to meet unreal ideas that are frequently advertised as part of the deal.

The fantastic factor about Yoga Girl is how they react to these messages.

The temptation to be someone other than you is lifted on their feeds!

Their theme is colorful and joyful, and the information they provide is also so.

When it comes to self-awareness and self-confidence, their descriptions are motivational and authentic.

@joayoga-88.4k followers

We believe that man yoga Instagram pages, particularly those who give as much to the internet yogi society as @joayoga does, should be given greater attention.

His design is one of the most visually appealing we’ve come across on the site. 

Every comment serves a visual function and contributes to the overall theme; none of them are created on the fly of the minute or out of need!

He has an extensive collection of story highlights on his page, including tips, lessons, slogans, yoga, and YouTube material.

It is a tool that many users neglect, but we’re delighted to see that Joaquin’s profile makes good use of it.

His subtitle content is excellent, and it appeals to a broad audience rather than simply those who can already execute advanced yoga positions.

One of his titles, for example, reads:

Flexible people are those who can adjust to every scenario that crosses their path, not those who can bend themselves.

If this doesn’t pique your interest, we’re not sure what will. If you’re a male yoga or just searching for some motivation, Joaquin’s Instagram is a must-follow.

Before you leave!

After reading our comprehensive list of yoga Social media accounts, we expect that you’ve discovered some that you’d like to add to your following.

Each of the profiles we’ve included here is visually appealing, and the material is relevant, so you shouldn’t even have trouble finding many profiles that attract you!

If you want to start yoga, check out the Aloinstagram web page, download the newest yoga information, and learn everything and start!

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