Assessing 10 Top Most Successful Brands on Instagram

If you have been using Instagram for a long time, you will remember that this social network was only used for sharing photos and videos!

Images that could be Liked and videos less than 10 seconds long. The old Instagram era is over, and in recent years, Instagram has evolved from a simple network for sharing Posts to a Marketing Network for business.

Many businesses have very successful strategies for marketing their products and services through Instagram.

This type of strategy is now so common that you may come across several companies that use Instagram to sell their products online.

So today, Instagram can be considered a powerful sales tool for businesses rather than a mere photo and video sharing network.

There are thousands of companies on Instagram, some of which are highly successful!

Just as the top brands on Instagram use this platform for marketing their products or services online.

Why do Top Instagram Brands Use this Platform to Market their Products?

Before we go after assessing examples of successful and top Instagram brands, let’s examine the importance of using Instagram for online Business Marketing!

It’s interesting to know that as time goes by, more & more marketers start using Instagram because there is a varied audience for all sorts of businesses on this social network.

According to Instagram reports, over 80% of users Follow at least one Business Page; but note that we said at least one Business Page!

This means that a user may have been following the Business Pages of their favorite 10 business, and this fact multiplies the importance of using Instagram for Business Marketing.

So, Instagram has great potential for product and service marketing for a variety of different businesses!

Are you still not willing to launch your Business Page on Instagram?!

most popular instagram account

You must of course bear in mind that many internet-based businesses try to use Instagram to market their business online, but they fail!

There are many reasons behind this, but the most important reason is the lack of attention to the experiences and failures of others.

In fact, in order to have a profitable strategy, you must pay attention to the failures of businesses that have failed on Instagram.

In this article, we are going to review 10 examples of Top Instagram Brands and assess the reasons behind their success!

If you are intending to use Instagram as a marketing network, I suggest that you review these 10 examples carefully and implement their solutions and approaches on your own Instagram page.

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  1. The Nike Brand; Attracting Emotions and Increasing Users’ Confidence

You must have heard the Nike brand name or even used its product!

It is interesting to know that this brand is one of the top brands on Instagram that has attracted 92.3 Million Followers.

Certainly, this brand has a great marketing team that is able to attract users and followers well and thus increases sales rates.

It’s interesting to note that among the top brands of Instagram, this brand has been ranked #3 in this social network in terms of User Interaction.

Nike Brand instagram

On the other hand, the brand operates in a highly competitive market (shoes and other popular products); but how has it managed to attract such a large number of followers amid this competitive market?

This brand is well aware that users are faced with a large amount of direct product advertising in the market for sports products such as sports shoes!

So instead of directly advertising its products, it shares Posts that create a positive and satisfying feeling in users.

On the other hand, the Nike brand shares Posts that give users self-confidence and develop a sense of satisfaction!

The secret behind Nike’s success is that it creates a positive feeling in users and that this sense makes them believe that they can achieve their dreams by buying Nike products.

Nike focuses more on motivating users and less on promoting products directly through its page.

instagram Nike Brand

3 Important Tips you Must Learn from Nike’s Instagram Page:

  • Recognizing the weaknesses of users and creating a sense of self-confidence in them regarding these weaknesses
  • Stimulating users’ emotions through their page’s visual and textual content
  • Displaying products or services without focusing on direct sales and advertising

By following these 3 tips, you can sell your products well and have good branding for your business.

  1. The Starbucks Brand; Using Content Generated by Users

The Starbucks brand is one of the top brands in Instagram that is active in the field of serving and selling Coffee.

One of the best ways this brand has utilized for its marketing is to use images taken by consumers and users.

Currently, the brand’s Instagram page has over 18 million followers and user interaction with the page is extremely high; on average, the Posts on this page get over 170,000 Likes and receive over 2,000 Comments.

One of the most effective things the brand did in 2014 was launching a campaign asking users to print the brand’s logo on their cups and sharing photos of them with the hashtag #WhiteCupContest on Instagram.

This tact helped the brand increase its page followers by 4,000 people in just 3 weeks, and at no cost!

instagram Starbucks Brand

Nowadays, this brand receives many images from its users and encourages other users to send in their images by sharing them on the page.

By doing so, the user interaction with this page will increase and this will bring a lot of profit to the brand.

However, due to a large number of followers on this page, users also like having their photos shared on this page!

In fact, this will reduce the cost of producing and marketing content for the brand and will greatly affect page sales rates and user interaction.

Starbucks Brand instagram

3 Important Tips you Must Learn from Starbucks’s Instagram Page:

  • Converting followers to fans in order for them to share images of your products on Instagram.
  • Get help from users in generating content for your Instagram page and encourage them to do so by giving out rewards.
  • Get permission from that user or follower before sharing the image they have sent accompanied by a Tag.

So the most important secret behind this brand’s success is getting help from users in generating page content; users are also helping to indirectly market your brand by sharing images on their own Instagram pages.

  1. The Sephora Brand; Has the Power in its hands!

One way of marketing on Instagram which some of the top Instagram brands also use is Taking Power!

The Sephora brand is one of the brands that demonstrate the power of its products and services through education.

Providing education is very important to users and the brand knows that by providing valuable training, it can also advertise its products.

The company uses Influencer Marketing to introduce and educate beauty tips; Influencers usually have a lot of popularity amongst users, and this brand is growing in popularity through such people.

This page currently has 18.4 million followers and users are very keen on interacting with this page.

Sephora Brand instagram

The brand has hired many beauty professionals to give advice to users and followers on content generation.

On the other hand, the brand has also employed other beauty professionals and such people are highly trusted by those who are passionate about cosmetics.

When beauty professionals introduce the brand’s products, many users tend to use those products, which increases the sales rates of the business.

In fact, the brand uses the help of many well-known experts to build more trust amongst its users and followers.

3 Important Tips you Must Learn from Sephora’s Instagram Page:

  • Sharing your brand’s achievements with users and followers
  • Using experts in your field or business to share valuable comments, tips, and educational tutorials
  • Using IGTV on Instagram to share valuable and useful videos with users and followers

By following these 3 tips, you can easily build users’ trust for your Instagram page, which will help boost your brand sales rates.

  1. The GoPro Brand; Focus on Your Customers & Clients

One of the secrets behind the success of top Instagram brands is focusing on customers and clients rather than on products or services!

The GoPro brand, which currently has over 16 million followers, does NOT focus on its own brand or its products; rather, it focuses on the adventurous lives of its users & clients and promotes the appealing lives of its users instead of introducing products.

gopro brand instagram

This Brand Says: “The fact that users have GoPro products in their hands in the images and videos that we share is enough to validate our brand existence and give us credibility; users come to us while they are aware of our brand and use our products.”

This brand uses a storytelling approach to increase its user interaction!

In fact, it believes that storytelling has a great impact on emotional marketing and greatly helps enhance user interaction.

You can also turn your followers into heroes in these stories for increased interaction; for instance, if one of your users is a professional rock climber, you can turn him/her into the hero of your Post or Story by sharing their images.

instagram gopro brand

The brand ran two campaigns in 2018, the results of which are as follows:

The First Campaign) The hashtag #GoProAwards helped increase the number of followers of this page by 92,000 people.

The Second Campaign) The hashtag #GoProHERO7 helped increase the number of followers of this page by 260,000 people.

The excellent results of these two campaigns are due to the deep emotional connection with users through storytelling.

  • Introduce your employees and even your followers through brand storytelling.
  • Make your customers the heroes of your stories.
  • Share multiple photos and videos to tell your stories.

You can also increase user interaction and sales rates through storytelling about your business or brand.

  1. The Asos Brand; Using Brand Fans to Show Products

One of the top brands on Instagram is the Asos brand, which has over 9.5 million followers.

Nowadays, all the brands of clothing in the world have hundreds of models of different ages, gender, skin color, etc. to showcase and advertise their clothes and products.

What the Asos brand does differently is that it uses its fans and followers to showcase its products!

In 2019, it is important for many brands and businesses to interact with users in a variety of ways, and the Asos brand has done this extremely well.

In fact, the brand reflects the images that its users have posted on their Instagram profiles regarding its products, and in addition to enhancing user interaction, it demonstrates the fact that its customers are of great value & importance.

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asos instagram

If you also have a brand or business and your products are being used by many users and several photos are shared daily on Instagram that includes your brand name, I strongly suggest that you use this approach!

Especially if your brand is related to clothing, this method will greatly increase your sales rates.

3 Important Tips about Asos’s Marketing Approach:

  • Finding target audiences in a variety of ways; such as your brand’s proprietary Hashtag
  • Inviting users to showcase the products offered by your brand
  • Identifying the users’ weaknesses and increasing their self-confidence by sharing their images on Instagram

If you are seeking to increase user interaction, there is no need for hiring modes! Rather, get help from your customers and also increase the sales of your products.

  1. The Converse Brand; Sharing Photos that Show Customers’ Lifestyles

Another top Instagram brand that is active in the field of sportswear and footwear is Converse, which currently has 9.7 million followers.

This brand prefers to share Posts that include its customers instead of directly advertising its products!

In fact, it believes that in today’s world, product advertising is the second priority, and in order to have a successful marketing experience, one must share Posts that users love.

This is exactly why this brand shares Posts of customers and people who use its products instead of directly promoting its products.

cinverse brand instagram

Users and followers usually like to see images that depict different users’ lifestyles; as each user sees and can relate to his / her own lifestyle amongst all other images and knows that the brand’s customers are valuable to it.

That’s why you can easily create a deep emotional connection with your users and followers by posting different users’ lifestyles and thus, increase sales.

That is why the Converse brand shares images of its customers showing which product is best suitable for which user and has experienced a very successful marketing strategy.

instagram cinverse brand

3 Important Tips about Converse’s Marketing Approach:

  • Take time to learn more about your customers’ lives and share their different lifestyles.
  • To obtain images that show customers’ lifestyles, ask them to send you their desired images.
  • Do not focus solely on promoting your product and try to present your product along with other content; such as sharing images of your customers who also use your product.

So if you are aiming to better interact with your users and followers, focus on the lifestyle of users who use your products.

  1. The Airbnb Brand; Using Images & Experiences Obtained from Users

The Airbnb brand is one of the top brands on Instagram, which provides accommodations for users and travelers.

Interestingly, the brand operates in 191 countries worldwide, including 34,000 cities, and has attracted 4.3 million users and followers, so it is tough to take pictures of all these locations.

This brand uses images sent by its users to build customers’ trust! For instance, a user searches for booking a forest house on a spring day, and Airbnb has provided suitable accommodation!

On the other hand, the user captures a beautiful photo with the help of their camera and sends it to the brand.

This brand then shares the image on its Instagram page, which attracts many customers because users post photos themselves.

If you take a look at the Instagram Posts of this brand, you will see that users interact a lot with this page, which is extremely valuable in marketing.

airbnb instagram brand

Of course, this brand also used video advertisements to promote its services to users in Germany and Australia more quickly; which resulted in attracting more than 125 million users’ attention and interaction and managed to boost the speed of its Instagram page growth!

This requires a great deal of budget, and if your brand is not big, it may be costly for your business.

The most important thing that this brand did in order to attract more customers was to use its customers’ experiences to create Instagram Posts that increased interaction and sales rates.

air bnb instagram brand

3 Important Tips about Airbnb’s Marketing Approach:

  • Creating a proprietary Hashtag to obtain feedback and images from users
  • Inviting customers to introduce your brand’s services and the advantages of using your brand’s products or services
  • Introducing the name (or ID) of customers that send you images in order to encourage other users to share their experiences with the brand’s products or services

By following these 3 tips, you can easily increase the amount of interaction with your page and reduce the cost of producing content for your Instagram Business Page.

  1. The Lacoste Brand; Combining Originality and Modern Styles in the Production of its Products

One of the most famous and oldest brands in the world is the Lacoste brand, which has been operating since 1933. Now, this brand is amongst the top brands on Instagram and has a very successful Business Page on Instagram.

The company has established a very ideal balance between old principles and modern lifestyles, and by doing so, has been able to attract many customers.

Of course, the company’s long history of operating for almost 100 years has also been highly effective in its success!

The company applies a lot of creativity with its products and tells users that despite being an old brand, its products never get outdated and always have a word to say in the field of fashion and style.

On the other hand, having 4.3 million followers on this page indicates the brand’s popularity amongst users!

lacoste instagram brand

By following all these strategies, the Lacoste brand has been able to establish a very successful business.

If you also own an old brand, you can be creative too alongside sticking to your principles and produce up-to-date and modern products.

In fact, you have to present your strength, originality, history, as well as the production of new and innovative products in one package that can only be achieved through creativity!

instagram lacoste

3 Important Tips about Lacoste’s Marketing Approach:

  • Tell users about your brand’s history and its fascinating stories over its years of activity.
  • Inform users about your brand’s principles and goals.
  • Get rid of boring Stories and use attractive images and text for your Stories instead.

By following these 3 tips, and especially the last one, most businesses can increase their brand’s customers and become one of the top brands on Instagram.

  1. The Lancome Brand; Assessing the Advantages of Products in the Competitive Market

The majority of Instagram users are women and this is why competition in the cosmetics market is so intense!

There are various beauty brands in the world, and most of them have chosen Instagram as a platform on which they can showcase and advertise their products.

The Lancome brand is also one of the leading beauty and cosmetics brands that have attracted many users and followers by providing its clients with valuable training & information!

Also, in the Highlights section on Instagram, the brand assesses the benefits of its products and how they are used.

For instance, they examine different eye shadows and products and provide customers with tips that make women look more beautiful, which is why they have so many fans.

lancome brand instagram

Users usually prefer to buy cosmetics and beauty products in person; because they don’t know about the materials used and don’t even know what results can be expected!

So you have to be very professional and influential in the field of cosmetics so that users will be willing to purchase your products online.

This Business Page has been able to attract over 4 million followers by sharing valuable tips and education and achieve good sales rates.

If you also have a product and intend on doing some branding, just explain the benefits and advantages of your product and also the way in which your product is to be used on Instagram.

There are many users who refuse to buy a product due to lack of training and information on how it’s used.

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lancome instagram

3 Important Tips about Lancome’s Marketing Approach:

  • Assess the benefits & advantages of your brand’s products on the Instagram page.
  • Provide users with valuable information, tips, and tutorials related to your brand’s products
  • Create a bit of drama; generate content that will cause users to talk about your brand.

By following the 3 tips mentioned above, you can easily do your branding and increasing the sales of your products.

Of course, regarding the third tip, you must bear in mind that you should NOT do anything that would undermine your users’ trust in you; you need to use strategies that would make users speak positively about your brand and in the same way, attract more customers.

  1. The Oreo Brand; Using Video Content in Order to Increase User Interaction

The Oreo brand is one of the top Instagram brands active in producing biscuits and chocolate!

There is also a lot of competition in the field, and in order to have a successful brand, Oreo has tried to increase user interaction on its Instagram Business Page.

At present, this page has over 2.6 million followers and has been able to achieve good sales through Instagram.

In fact, the company has used visual and video content generation to increase user interaction and trust!

oreo brand on instagram

It’s interesting to know that in one of the videos shared on this Business Page, the sound and visual effects of Game of Thrones have been used, which has attracted many users and followers.

Bear in mind that these innovations have a significant impact on your brand’s audience, and it’s no surprise that the creator of this type of content has sacrificed days or even months to produce it.

There is no doubt that the company knows how to increase user interaction well, and this is why it has obtained an extraordinary place in the competitive market for its products.

You can also create content that is slightly marginalized and involves a little drama, making users and followers talk about your brand, which will ultimately help increase user interaction and attract new users.

instagram oreo brand

3 Important Tips about Oreo’s Marketing Approach:

  • Generate high-quality and creative videos in order to increase user interaction.
  • Use the experiences of users and pay attention to important news; you can use this information to produce creative videos.
  • Create a margin and a little drama for users to talk about your brand; again, we must mention that you need to be careful about not making negative drama and not ruining your users’ trust in you and your brand.

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Assessing and analyzing the top brands on Instagram helps us better understand the methods and strategies they conduct when generating content for their Instagram Business Pages.

In this article, we reviewed 10 of the top brands on Instagram and highlighted some of the aspects and features that you can use to better manage your brand’s Business Page on Instagram.

Most of these methods are cost-effective and don’t require large budgets!

Now You Tell Us! What strategies do you use for better branding and increasing sales rates for your products? Tell us and other users about your experiences and opinions in the Comments section.

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