The Best & Famous Instagram Accounts About Breast Cancer

If you search #breastcanceron Instagram can see more than millions photo about attractive and successful women on Instagram.

These women share their photos during their treatment from diagnosis until Mastectomy, which causes their hair to fall out to growing again.

By the article published in April 2019 with the help of research center, 75 percent of Instagram users between 18 -24 ages and it is no surprise these statistics organize the young women.

Breast cancer is one of the widespread ones that change the breast’s form and color.

This disease causes the number of people about 40000 women and 500 men kill in a year.

instagram and breast cancer

For example, in the United States, from every eight women, about 1 of them getting infected with breast cancer.

This statistic is so amazing and heartbreaking and causes the person to become helpless.

Breast is the most dangerous among the other common cancers in women. Understanding about this cancer and what you can do to help avoid or detect it early (when they’re little, haven’t progressed, and are potentially simpler to cure) could save your life.

So it is so important to be aware of this disease and learn all about preventive training and care in combat with breast cancer.

Nowadays, there are so many Instagram pages that someone who has experience can benefit those who suffer from this problem.

So we decide to collect so exclusive Instagram accounts about breast cancer that, with their content, we learn and eager all people to be aware of it and be careful of their health.

The Breast Cancer Instagram Accounts


  • 33.7k follower

instagram and cancer

We can say that this page is your friend. She enables women to control their life and health.

At 24 ages, she understood she has breast cancer and started to share all of her treatment periods with her followers.

You should know that her Instagram feed is full of information about breast cancer for you, such as preventive measures, operations, Breast reconstruction, and Mastectomy.

She is one of the founders of The Breasties for those who have cancer.



instagram and cancer

Natalie Agustin breast cancer diagnosis in her 24 age and she started her journey.

She decides to share her life and her cancer with other women all around the world.

So she created a social society for women who refer to her weblog. 

From 2014 until 2017, Natalie is a tenacious woman who battles cancer and talks about her experiences and life for her followers and shares them daily.



instagram and cancer

Alejandra Campoverdi is a woman health-supportive. Especially for colored skin women, who are so susceptible to infection genetically to breast cancer?

She decides to found The Well Woman Coalition a famous WOC committed to improving women’s health.

Recently, she provides the documentary INHERITANCE that talks about the three women surgeries that are susceptible to infection genetically to breast cancer and her interview with experts in this case.



instagram and cancer

This organization is created for people infected by cancer and provides the field to improve their hope and self-confidence.

Lipstickangels has lots of free services in beauty and skincare that are sensitive to this kind of people.

The goal of creation is a place for all people to arouse their strength and increase their life’s hope.



instagram and cancer

This is an organization for all. They help all people who have breast cancer. They try to give positive energy and learn healthy activities and talk about the events.

Their Instagram feed is full of motivational and positive content.

Keep in mind the following suggestions and messages:

You will always be your own biggest cheerleader when it comes to your health. You are the most knowledgeable about your own body.

Keep an eye out for signs of breast cancer:

  • If you are a woman between 40 and 44, you should begin yearly maternity care using a mammogram (breast x-ray).
  • If you are a woman between the ages of 45 and 54 should obtain a mammogram.
  • A woman over 55 can choose to have a mammogram every two years or proceed with yearly screening.
  • Try to find your trustworthy doctor. This causes a safe feeling in you, and you can ask your questions easily.
  • Ask all your questions about breast cancer. Maybe there will be some specialized terms you do not know, so you should ask, and they should answer you.
  • Try to be a defender of health and help others who are not completely safe in society.
  • Cancer has not had a womb and does not discriminate. It would help if you were careful about your health. All the women can be infected by cancer, but the dark skin women’s kill is more than others. So increase your defense system and remember that you and your health are important.

What more can you do to decrease your cancer risk?

  • Tobacco should be avoided.
  • Obtain and maintain a healthy weight.
  • It gets your body moving by engaging in regular physical activity.
  • Restrict or eliminate red/processed meats and highly processed foods as part of a healthy diet plan containing many fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • It is better not to consume alcoholic beverages.
  • If you must drink, limit yourself to one drink per day for women.
  • Take care of your skin.
  • Know who you are, what your family history is like, and what your risks are.
  • Check-ups and cancer screening tests should be done regularly.
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