The Best Information About Instagram Statistic

Instagram during ten years, especially in 2020 developed. This app has changed the lives of most people all around the world.

It has a visual platform that started its activity by sharing photos. But now it is used as a selling and earning money.

Instagram is used as a business nowadays. This platform is the favorite of most brands. 

Important awareness about the platform helps you to set the strategy of Instagram.

Statistic of Instagram Usage

It is time to check out the Instagram activity. The statistic of Instagram helps you to understand the actions of the audience.

One of each ten users of Instagram, six users, enter their account in a day. This is an app that has impressive usage among other social media.

21% of users weekly, and 16% of them enter their account later than a week.

instagram statistic

Instagram using increasing from 2013 and 2019, and in 2020, the numbers of adults grow by just 37%. 

Instagram users spend their time almost 53 minutes a day. 

Spending time on social media is important for its strength, and the users with high interaction are interested in your content.

Active users

Instagram’s users increased up to 1 billiard in 2018, and it predicted this number increasing.

instagram statistic

Instagram users with high followers

There are lots of users that have a huge number of followers in their accounts.

The most important and famous accounts are these:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo with 274 million followers
  • Adriana grande, with 229 million followers
  • The rock with 226 million followers

instagram high followers

The brand’s usage of Instagram

Ninety percent of accounts follow the business pages and the brands want to act in the marketing field.

The users of this app in the survey say that the brands on Instagram are 78% popular, 77% creative, 76% entertainment.

Instagram is an ideal option for E-Commerce Marketing. 

instagram branding statistic


Influencer marketing is an industry that everyone can trust as income. With a strategy or planning influencer campaign can be successful.

Age and sexuality

Instagram is a social media with many young users.

By statistic, the half population of Instagram all around the world are less than 34 age.

Instagram is a second popular app after Snapchat for youngers. The Instagram included the ages between 18 -24.

The sexuality in Instagram is equal. The women (49%)- men (51%)

instagram sextuality statistic


Instagram has started its activity almost ten years, and its world popularity increased among users.

The most concentrated in the United States is 116 million users, India is 73 million users, and Brazil is 72 million users.

In the future, international users will overtake United States users in using Instagram.


instagram statistic

What age group uses Instagram the most?

By statistics, 71 percentage of Instagram users are under 35 years old and young. 

Some managers use the age statistic to compare Instagram with other Social Medias to their business.

For example, this social media is the best for businesses with an audience between 25 – 34 years old. 

So by these statistics, you can be sure that Instagram is the best place for your activity in content creation and help you not waste your time on other social media.

instagram statistic


Completely we can say that Instagram is the best Social Media for business with a young audience. 

So when you know your audience, you can create suitable content for them. Of course, this statistic is changeable in future years.

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