The Instagram Marketing Accounts That Should Follow In 2022

While we approach the year 2022, we start to consider what this New Year will entail.

Everyone can accept that Instagram has changed how we see things daily, whether personal or professional.

From Television programs to cooking tips and beyond, applications such as Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest have been a resource of information and creativity.

How can we harness all of this motivation for our consumers, business motivation, and development now that we have it all at our fingertips?

We have a department dedicated to fully comprehending what it takes to engage your customers where they are on their mobile devices. Those same resources can now be used to generate inspiration, purpose, and trends.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, want to freshen up your company or social media, or want to learn more about your intended audience, we’ve compiled a list of the best Marketing Instagram pages that can allow your organization to stand out in the eternal scroll.

Now let’s known some of these accounts together:

@adweek – 436k followers:

We’ve selected several of the most innovative marketing and advertising we’ve come across.

The Instagram feed for AdWeek is devoted to showcasing the most fascinating and noteworthy advertisements.

An excellent profile to follow for design ideas, to see what’s hot in the world of advertising, and to get a personal look at which commercials are attracting attention and generating sales.

@hubspot – 408k followers:

With a CRM platform built for scalability, we help businesses create fantastic customer experiences.

HubSpot is a fantastic CRM solution (and a NoGood Partner) that helps organizations grow.

Instagram account not only provides a clear message for their tools but also helps to create brand awareness through a consistent feed and visual style.


A group of intelligent growth leaders, creative types, and data analysts who assist some of the world’s most recognizable businesses in achieving rapid development.

The #1 development marketing firm uses the best professionals and resources to help powerful brands expand.

NoGood’s Instagram is full of new and fascinating material explicitly created for the top advertisers in the industry.

NoGood’s Instagram shows that they are leading professionals who know how to have pleasure with a meme or two, in contrast to being visually cohesive. – 1.9k followers:

2 pm is the place to go to the convergence of eCommerce and media.

A percentage of monthly income is used to assist others in finding second chances. Subscribing to the complimentary Monday letter is simple.

2 pm is a top industry publication that examines the convergence of television and business and how similar concepts are used in other areas.

Their Instagram feed is a delightfully essential grid of their graphic article covers, and their selection is geared to attract both generalists and the intrinsically curious.

@digital marketer – 220k followers:

We make things simple for you. Stop stumbling through marketing by Googling…

This profile is for all marketing companies: it contains a feed full of the most excellent tools, strategies, and methods for becoming the best marketer you can be.

Keep up with the latest industry developments with quick tips from advertisers and tools to contribute to your advertising toolkit.

@design4growth – 35.4k followers:

Marketing and commodity development advice, creating about 150 enterprises all across the globe, a Designer proposal for free

Pony Studio’s accounts concentrate on insightful and actionable UX design and branding advice for product-driven success.

@canva – 807k followers:

We have a design tool that allows you to create anything and post it everywhere.

Canva is a powerful marketing tool that we have access to. Canva has swept the design business with various styles, tools, and factors that make the creative process a breeze.

Canvas Instagram feed is equally interesting: it highlights product capabilities and demonstrates how easy it is to organize content without additional features.

@marketing360 – 84.6k followers:

Marketing 360, the #1 marketing system and business management system for small businesses, can help you fuel your business.

Madwire is the engine that drives this site. Another option for rapidly estimating the extent of your marketing requirements is to use an online tool.

Marketing 360 offers a basic summary and recommendations to consider when you create your marketing strategy.

If you need immediate assistance, you can rely on the information Marketing 360 provides throughout its social media links.

@sproutsocial – 34.7k followers:

We create social media technology that helps the industry to expand by using the power of social. We’re going to talk about how we see society in various ways.

Sprout Social is dedicated to focusing on social media in a new way, motivated by their company objective.

In one fell swoop, their feed blends bright colors and soft accents to create a unique, attractive, and informational persona.

Their feed contains advice and insights on what great businesses are doing correctly and that you can do that with your social media.

@latermedia – 341k followers:

Instagram is the most popular promotional tool,  Plan, manage, and analyze your social media posts to help the company grow; use this link to get a *free* ticket to LaterCon 2021.

LaterMedia brings a fresh approach to Instagram technical SEO. The key emphasis of their page is on quirky colors, big fonts, and material that gets you to move your head.

The goal of their feed is to show how their aesthetic judgments can also be used to help them expand their business.

They’re the profile to follow if you seek color ideas and material ideas that will create social media consumers to stop reading.

@dtcnewsletter – 11 k followers:

From leading performance advertisers, direct-to-consumer insights.

Are you looking for a quick way of learning the most recent tricks and tips? DTC Newsletter combines their favorite material with jokes and videos to create a multi-media newsletter.

DTC guarantees that their users are engaged, absorbed, and anticipate getting solutions to all of their commercial worries and questions, rather than just posting news.

The last word,

Ultimately, we explore new and surprising ideas and motivation to maintain our current business as we see the world of social media develop and continue to be one of the main drivers of fan interaction.

We understand the value of keeping ahead of the game and current on industry tips, tricks, tools, and trends.

If you’re searching for ways or toolkits to try out, this list is a beautiful place to begin.

Get in contact with us if you’re searching for a team to help you go more into motivational tactics geared to your marketing objectives.

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