The Instagram various features (Instagram Setting)

Users who have just logged into Instagram need to become more familiar with the Settings section.

So that they can use it as they wish.

So we decided to write a complete guide to this section and introduce the various features that Instagram gives you.

How to go to Instagram settings

For using Instagram you need to download the app and install it on your system then follow the instructions below:

  • To enter the Instagram settings section
  • Go to your profile from the options at the bottom of the page
  • Then select the three-dash icon (on Android phones) or the spinning icon (on iPhone and Windows).

In the image below, you can see the location of the two desired buttons on the Android.

 instagram-setting1                              instagram-setting1

Now that you’ve entered the settings section, you’ll see a variety of options.

In the following, we will introduce these features to you and explain the function of each of them.

Just note that the Instagram settings page is divided into different sections, and we’re moving forward based on that section.

As we mentioned above, after entering the setting section, there are various parts that you will face that maybe you know their meaning or not.

But do not worry! You will know all these parts after reading this article. So follow us.


A: Follow and Invite Friends

This section will help you invite your friends to Instagram, which includes 4 options:

  • Invite Friends by Whats app

By selecting this option, Instagram will ask you to connect your Whats app account to your Instagram account so that you can invite your friends on Whatsapp to participate in Instagram.

  • Invite Friends by Email

This option gives you the ability to invite friends to log in to Instagram in a variety of ways, such as emailing sharing your Instagram app through other apps.

  • Invite Friends by SMS

This option scans the phone numbers on your phone and shows you the people who are members of Instagram.

Of course, provided that your friends have registered their phone numbers on Instagram.

Otherwise, even if they are members of Instagram, they will not be seen in this section.

  • Invite Friends by Instagram sharing

This option gives you the ability to invite friends to log in to Instagram by sharing your Instagram app through other apps.

  • Invite friends by sending the Instagram link to contacts

By using this item, you can invite your friends that saved their number before to enter the Instagram app from the link you send them by SMS.

B: Follow people

In this part, you can find your friends or everyone you know and follow them on your Instagram.

C: Facebook friends

With this option, you can find your Facebook friends and contacts and then follow them on your Instagram.

Note: For doing this part you should connect your Facebook and Instagram before.

D: Instagram Account

The Instagram setting of your account is from the parts that we will explain to you below:

  • password

The password changing is the most important part of the Instagram set. So by clicking on this section you can change your Instagram password easily.

This part can be in two ways:


  • First, click on the change password.
  • The chart open for you contains the reset password link.
  • Then you click on it and enter your Email and open the post and change your password.


In this method, by clicking on the password change section you see the 3 charts.

To do this:

  • In the first part enter your current password
  • In the second part enter your new optional password and then in the third part repeat the new password again.
  • Now your password changed successfully.


  • saved

By the last version update of Instagram, the part activated that the user can save their desired posts and stories there that be in access every time.

So you can save lots of accounts and post when searching them and want to see them again next.

To find and use this feature:

  • Just enter the post.
  • Click on the saved icon.
  • Now it saved successfully.


  • posts you liked

There are lots of posts that you like. Now all of your likes are gathered as an album. by this act, you can check out your favorite topics next.

  • original posts

This part has 3 keys that by activating them, by every sharing and posing, all of them saved in your phone automatically.

  • Search history

By selecting this part, you enter the page and you will see the blue writing, and when you click on it all the searching you did before was removed.

  • cellular data use

By using this feature of Instagram you can reduce the consumption amounts of Instagram using.

For this purpose just turn off “USELESS DATA”.

Note: By activating this part the quality of photos and videos increased.

  • language

This part of the Instagram setting is related to the app language. By selecting this part you enter the language section and you can choose your desire language and set your app by it.

  • request verification

This part is new in Instagram and is active for some pages now. By this feature Instagram provides the situation for users to confirm their identity and get their Blue Tik.

  • business settings

The “switch to business” is one of the most important sections on Instagram that use by whom to start the business.

  • switch to business

With this feature, everyone can change their account to business accounts.

E: privacy and security

The privacy and security part of the Instagram set is the most vital section for every users. This part contain some data that everyone who use Instagram should know.

  • Blocked accounts

The block account part shows you the accounts that you block. Also, you can unblock everyone on this list too.

  • Activity status

The activity status is active by default, and by deactivating it, you can hide your online or offline status. By this, no one can know if you are online or offline.

  • story controls

In this part, you can control and adjust the stories.

  • comment controls

In this part, you can control and adjust the comments.

  • two-factor authentication

One of the other parts that users can adjust in the privacy and security part is activated the two-factor authentication.

  • add account

By the add account feature, everyone can create a new account and easily use all accounts simultaneously.


In this article, we explained all-important and practical sections on Instagram. By using all these parts on this popular app, you can enjoy your Instagram.

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