The Methods That Dentists Can Use To Be Successes On Instagram

Nowadays, social media has an essential effect on all businesses all around the world.

At first, the most popular social media that attract most users to start their business was Facebook that has more reflection.

Now there is a question that is Instagram as effective as Facebook on companies?

After Facebook, Instagram is the second successful app that has more than one active billiard user.

At first, Instagram was the app just for sharing photos and videos and spending time with friends.

But now, the issue is different, and Instagram changes to a platform that has the most interaction and participation.

From one place to the next, brands and businesses started their activities on Instagram.

This caused Instagram’s popularity to increase and changed to place to earning money and fun.

So different types of works can be started on Instagram. One of these activities and businesses can be dentistry.

So if you are a dentist and need to increase your business to find more customers follow this article to learn how to attract your audience with essential tips.

The Methods That Dentists Can Use To Be Successes On Instagram


First: Recognize Your Platform

If you think that the dentistry topic is not enough excitement and entertainment for Instagram, we should say you are wrong.

This is the truth that people follow entertainment, but they follow businesses like dentistry if your page is worthy enough.

So as Instagram, it would help if you worked on your page and its content to attract your audience.

In this step, there 2 points you should pay attention to:

  • Instagram is all about you.
  • It’s all about the graphics.


  • Instagram is all about you.

Followers want to connect with their desire businesses on Instagram as their friends and families.

It would help if you used this opportunity to communicate with your customers out of your office.

When you start to be closer with them, they felt comfortable with you, and their fear reduces from the dentist.

So we advise you it is better at first focus on your relations more than financial benefits.

  • It’s all about the graphics.

Dentistry is a visual business that you can share how many posts you want. Since humans are graphic inventors, they can understand photos and videos more accessible than texts.

So if these photos and videos are created, more robust and attractive can be effective.

By the research, the factors that cause the audience to change to the customer are the visual feature and the page’s color and posts:

  • 93% visual
  • 85% color

So by your idea, which visual factors are essential for the dentistry business?


Second: Take Advantage of These Best Practices

When you want to check out the dentistry area, you should pay attention tips below:

  • You should be aware of your target market.

On Instagram, all users like to have a real connection with their desire businesses. So you should think about who you are to connect with?

With every post, consider your audience’s values:

  • What aspects of your profession do your patients enjoy the most?
  • What are the issues that your patients are dealing with?
  • What are the objectives they intend to achieve?

Instagram helps you to remember your audience that you want more. By the researches, more than 90% of Instagram users are under 35 years old.

Instagram marketing has the most benefits for businesses even your audiences are under 35 years old.

Continuous presence on Instagram helps you to be brand on Google engine SEO. The best dentists can help all people of every age to have healthy teeth.

  • Make use of your business account.

Instagram, after the businesses started its activity in 2016, start-up its business accounts.

A regular Instagram account can use the Instagram business account possibilities:

  • Include your business hours, address, and phone number.
  • Learn more about your audience and how they interact with your posts.
  • Create an Instagram ad and utilize it.

Go to Settings and select “Switch to Business Account” after you’ve signed up for Instagram.

  • Instagram is a great way to advertise.

Every business can use Instagram advertising. Because of that, all the information such as contact number and address available for your customer is better than Facebook for your business.

There are two choices available:

  • Using the Instagram app, you may market your business (promote existing posts)
  • Use Facebook’s Ad Manager to promote your business (design ads to drive specific actions)

The Facebook advertising platform supports Instagram’s advertising abilities. So for this, you need to have a Facebook account.

There are a variety of ad types to choose from.

You’ll be interested in the following for a dental practice:

  • An existing Instagram post with a lot of likes and comments.
  • A high-resolution image or video of your course.
  • A carousel of images highlighting various aspects of your company.


  • Keep the 80/20 rule in mind.

The Instagram marketing for dentistry should contain about 80% engaging and specialist content, and the other 20% can be assigned to improve the practices.

You’re doing it incorrectly if you spend too much time on Instagram advertising yourself.

Keep in mind that Instagram is all about being a member of the group that surrounds your work.

Put your #hashtag skills to the test. Hashtags are an essential part of your success in Instagram marketing. If you use the hashtags related to dentistry, undoubtedly, the users that search in this case find you easily.

The following are some instances of dental Instagram marketing:

  • #dentist (10.1 million posts)
  • #teeth (7.7 million posts)
  • #dentistrylife (816K posts)
  • #dentalhealth (661K posts)
  • #dentaloffice (491K posts)
  • #familydentist (188K posts)

Hashtags help you be connecting with the world around you. Research shows that posts with a hashtag 12.6 percent can be offered more than posts without any hashtag.

If you spend time finding the hashtags related to your businesses, you can earn more benefits. So focus on the sources that help you to find the dentistry hashtags.

  • It’s all about timing.

Because of Instagram’s algorithm, your postings have a short lifespan.

You should pay attention to the users at which time of day has more interaction on your page. Check out and find your audience how to enter the system.

It is better to post regularly and test the different times, see the insight, and analyze the details.

  • Encourage the utilization of user-created content.

It is not necessary to create a post by yourself every day. Some of the strengths and famous marketers use this method to increase their interaction with users.

The content creates by users is the best method that you can use to fill your content calendar and also to connect to your followers.

This content can be photos or videos, even the question, and answer. Then you can show them as a story or post.

UGC can be generated in a variety of ways, including:

  • Pose questions that your audience is keen to respond to.
  • To persuade your followers to interact with your Instagram story, use polls.
  • Hold contests and prizes regularly.
  • Enable visitors to tag your profile or use hashtags so you can repost and earn exposure.

Please take note of your findings and put them to good use!

Data is at the heart of digital marketing: evaluating, measuring, and applying it to make better marketing decisions.

Instagram Insights are available if you have a Business account.

By visiting this page, you may learn more about your audience’s characteristics, which content performs best, and when your users are online.

The following are some statistics to keep an eye on:

  • Per impact of training (likes, comments, and shares)
  • Observations (number of times someone laid eyes on your post)
  • In dentistry, there are specific hashtags that are currently trending or popular.

The more efficiently you are with data and using it to make wiser judgments, the more successful you will be with online marketing.


Third: Use Instagram’s Newest Features to Your Advantage

Instagram’s appearance, performance, and features are constantly evolving. To prevent appearing out of touch, try to use all additional features as soon as they become available.

  • Remain top by using Instagram Stories.

Instagram story is one of the popular features of this platform. It allows you to share your photos and videos that disappear in 24 hours.

It is placed precisely top of your profile name:

  • The stories are the best place to use the hashtags.
  • You can tag your friends or everyone you want by write @ with the name.
  • For using feedback from the followers, you can use the poll feature.
  • You can use the story highlight feature to select the best stories you want.


Influencers are Instagram users that are reliable in followers’ views. If you connect with this person, they can tag your page and your id in their stories and posts and advertise to you.

Many influencers in the dentistry business can use the related hashtags and tags that attract followers to follow their page.

Also, the influencers can advertise and sell the accessories of dentistry too.


Dos and Don’ts for Dentists on Instagram


  • Upload actual photographs of your dental business when posting a dental Instagram post (instead of stock photography).
  • Members of your team should be highlighted so that your followers may learn more about you.
  • Answer to tagged photographs and respond to comments you get.
  • In your post, tag all of the participants.
  • @ mentions can help you boost your engagement.
  • Instagram photographs can be printed and displayed in your office.


  • Too many posts (multiple times a day). Nobody enjoys it when a single individual dominates their Instagram feed.
  • Without their consent, take images of your patients.
  • Overuse of hashtags: The maximum number of hashtags you can use on Instagram is 30, but using more than that with a caption can make your post seem irritating.
  • Only use postings to promote your dental practice.

Please get in touch with us.

When it comes to Instagram for dental practices, with the correct care and attention, an effective social presence and creativity can help.

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