The Practical Ways to Improve Your Instagram SEO

Brushing up on your Instagram SEO abilities can help you increase your visibility, searchability, and interaction.

Many of the tactics you use to boost your SEO on the web can also increase the visibility of your content and account on Instagram!

We discuss how to adopt an SEO strategy on Instagram, from tags to alt text, and why this might assist you in enhancing your visibility.

PLUS, we go over Instagram’s newest “keyword searching” tool, which is being tested in 6 countries right now!

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Instagram Debuts New “Keyword Search” That Isn’t Need Hashtags

Instagram said in mid-November that English-speaking customers in 6 states, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada, can now look for content on the network with keywords rather than hashtags.

Before, you could only perform this to find Instagram profiles using keywords in their name, biography, or Instagram name.

Instagram is now allowing people to browse for posts using keywords as well!

For example, if you look for “dogs,” Instagram would show you numerous suggestions that include that term in the search engine results.

If you select one hashtag, you’ll be sent to a page with posts linked to the keyword, as well as other relevant keywords towards the top of the page.

According to The Verge, Instagram examines “many parameters” when surfacing accurate answers, like “kind of content, captions, when it was published,” and more.

Machine learning is also used to “find the highest quality material that is useful to you.”

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So, how does this affect you?

In other words, there are more opportunities for your content to get recognized in Instagram Explore!

It’s more crucial than ever to improve your Instagram SEO. For example, if you can improve your Instagram posts for different search terms (by writing detailed captions, integrating alt text, and more), they may display keyword search results.

Please remember that Instagram currently only provides search terms for a restricted number of times – for example, seeking “red couch” will return no matches.

In contrast, if you look for “sofa,” Instagram will show you results for “sofa,” “sofa workout,” “lounge sofa,” and more.

If you type one of these suggestions into Instagram Research, you’ll get more specific suggestions to help you focus your exploration.

Please remember that this function can only be used to find grid items, not Instagram Reels, stories, or anything else for the time being.

This new tool emphasizes the increasing importance of Instagram SEO, which boils down to making your content as searchable as possible on Instagram Searching.

Are you ready to discover how?

We’ve outlined six techniques to use SEO to improve your Instagram findability below:

Improve the visibility of your Instagram page by optimizing it for searches

As part of the search page, Instagram Search is the directory to every Instagram page on the application.

Like you would type a search word into the website, you can use the search box on the top of the search page to find and discover accounts, hashtags, and locations.

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However, how does Instagram choose which search terms to show?

The search terms you see on Instagram are based on various things, including who you follow, who you’re linked to, and what photographs and videos you enjoy on Instagram, thus according to Instagram.

They are, however, based on keywords!

When you searched for a phrase on Instagram (say, “social media scheduler”), it filters through millions of accounts to discover the most useful, accurate results for what you’re searching for – aka profiles that include that term, just like Google.

So it’s highly likely to appear in Instagram Searching for specified keywords! So all you have to do now is improve your account for those specific keywords.

Here’s how to do it:

You’re Username & Name

If you want to score for a term like “candle,” you should include it in both your name and your username, as both are accessible on Instagram.

Naturally, this isn’t always the case, particularly when it comes to your username.

Take the woman candle brand Otherland, for example. In the same way that Lululemon’s username (@lululemon) does not contain the phrase “yoga pants,” their username (@otherlandco) does not include the keyword “candle.”

Fortunately, your Instagram bio’s name section is likewise accessible, entirely customized, and independent from your username.

As a result, you can replace it with words that describe your Instagram account or company.

If someone searches for your keyword phrases, this is a terrific method to enhance your chances of appearing in the top results!

To modify your profile’s Name box, go to your account and touch “Edit Profile.”

Take a look at how later handles this. Although our handle (@latermedia) does not include the term “social media schedule,” our company name does.

You’re Instagram Bio

Your biography, like your name field, should be keyword-optimized for your brand and business.

You may also include accessible hashtags in your bio to increase your chances of showing in your user’s account search engine results and when someone looks for the hashtag!

Are you ready to know how to write an excellent Instagram bio in 2021? Then, please look at our complete guide!

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Make a list of descriptive captions.

While keywords and location tags are the only ways to find your Instagram photos on the Explore tab, there are other strategies to boost your content’s searchability, such as creating relevant, detailed descriptions.

But, before we find the “how,” let’s talk about how the Explore page works. Instagram’s Explore tab, like your Instagram profile, uses an algorithm that learns from your actions on the application (such as which profiles you follow and whose pictures you like and comment on) to identify what content you’ll appreciate the most.

That’s why your Discover page looks nothing like your closest friend’s Explore page — it’s personalized to what you’ve already expressed interest in on Instagram (along with other elements like the profile you follow, your location, and how recently a piece of content was posted).

So, what does this should do with captions?

Instagram has revealed how robot learning is used to choose what content to show on the Explore page.

We discovered that, rather than searching for specific comments, Explore relies on determining “the most role in economic and social based on personal interests” when producing growth.

In other ideas, if you’ve expressed an interest in latte art, Instagram will use that as a signal to offer you more content from latte art-focused profiles.

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But how does Instagram recognize when a profile is tied to latte art… or whatever?

Instagram claims to use a robot learning technology known as “word embedding” to discover topically similar profiles.

In simple terms, Instagram analyses the words used on profiles to evaluate how related they are to each other.

While some of those keywords are derived from a profile’s name, username, and biography (as previously explained), others are derived from your writing descriptions.

In other words, if you post descriptions that are informative of your company or sector, Instagram will notice and group you with profiles that are topically related.

The primary point is that by incorporating additional, comprehensive words in your Instagram posts, you’re more likely to occur on the Video platform for individuals who have already shown an interest in issues relating to those terms.

More advice on how to organize your Instagram posts may be found here.

Don’t forget to register for Puno’s free course on How to Build an Instagram Content Strategy!

instagram hashtag for seo

Hashtags should be treated in the same way as keywords should be treated.

Using relevant and essential targeted hashtags in your Instagram stories and posts is still one of the best ways to reach younger fans.

And this can lead to increased interaction, following, and consumers for your company.

To draw a connection, the impact of Instagram tags on increasing searchability is similar to the effect of keywords on improving SEO (search engine optimization).

If you want to be found on Google for a specific phrase (such as “top acai bowls” or “Toronto salsa class”), you have to develop material on your blog or website that is optimized for that term.

What other way is there for folks to find you?

If you have a public Instagram profile and use a hashtag in an image, that post will appear on the search result for that tag.

Using the “correct” tags can bring you in front of your intended audience, even if they haven’t interacted with you previously, because hashtags are used to discover new topics.

But hashtags are helpful for more than just increasing your visibility.

You can use them to develop a network, find consumer content (UGC), run campaigns, learn more about your intended audience, and more.

That’s why provides a well-crafted and robust hashtag approach is critical; outside without, you risk missing out on chances to optimize your profile and gain more interaction and follows.

You don’t see all of the labor that goes into organizing and sorting our hashtags, finding new trending keywords, and tracking how they function.

However, this is one of the most crucial aspects of executing your approach!

Keep in mind that your Instagram hashtag approach doesn’t have to be complicated.

The most crucial part is to test and record your efforts to determine what isn’t performing. Learn everything you could want to understand about Instagram hashtags by watching our video!


Make Your Customized Text

Instagram alt text is a new series that allows users to add a unique external view to their images to provide a complete explanation.

Whereas the functionality was created with visually impaired Instagram people in mind, it can also be utilized for SEO.

Instagram already generates automated alternate text so that you can use your touch screen to hear explanations of photographs.

As you navigate the application, the function employs image recognition software to summarize photographs for browser plugins, so you may see a list of items that pictures may include.

However, you can use custom alt text when sharing a picture to provide a more detailed account of your posting!

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Before you share a photo on Instagram, hit Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page to see and alter the alt text.
  • Then, click the Write Alt Text button.
  • Now, all you should do is type your alt text into the box and hit Done!
  • To change the alt text after you’ve shared a photo on Instagram, go to the images, click the ellipsis icon, and choose Edit.
  • Then, on the bottom right, click on Edit Alt Text.
  • Now, all you have to do is type the alt tags in the line and select Done.


Obtain a Tag

So far, we’ve talked about ways to make your Instagram account and content more searchable and discoverable.

However, hashtags and comments are other features that can aid in the finding of your Instagram account.

Tags and mentions on Instagram are similar to backlinks on the internet, albeit far more difficult to regulate.

You can do a few things to boost your odds of being tagged in other people’s comments, but the most successful method is to produce excellent material that people use to share!

Users uploading other customers’ Instagram photos to their Instagram Stories, for instance, were a hot style in 2020.

Getting named and referenced on Instagram is also a show of confidence since it shows that your work is valuable and that others are engaged in it.

As a result, it may improve your visibility on the Video platform or people’s home pages.

If you can find out how to get more comments and feedback on Instagram, you’ll be well on your way to attracting more interest to your account and content!


Keep track of your Instagram followers.

Do you want to know if your Instagram SEO efforts paid off?

Then have a look at your Instagram analytics!

You can use Instagram Insights to discover more about your followers and the individuals.

They connect with your company on Instagram if you switch to a business page or creator accounts:

  • Open a post on Instagram and click the View Insights icon beneath it to see you’re Post Insights.
  • Go to the bottom of the page to the Discovery section.

Here you’ll get information on how many people viewed your material and where they saw it, such as in their newsfeed (if they’re a follower), hashtags, the Explore page, and “Other” (which includes shares, saves, tags, mentions, and notifications).

You can rapidly evaluate how well your content is optimized for search using this information.

You’re Instagram Insights, which can be accessed straight from your account, is another place to look.

You’ll find information about Discovery such as your overall reach and views in the last week and Contacts (the number of profile views you received) in the Categories based.

If you’re looking for information, check out Later’s Instagram Statistics, which provides all of the Instagram stats you’re used to from the application, as well as additional data, in an easy-to-use desktop interface!

Instead of only two days’ terabytes of information in the Instagram application, you’ll receive up to three months’ worth of Instagram Stories statistics with Later.

It means getting patterns in your content and profile finding a lot easier!


With Later’s Social Media analytics, you can increase interaction, optimize your stories, boost traffic, and more!

When it comes to optimizing your Instagram account for finding, thinking about Instagram SEO can be beneficial!

Many SEO techniques such as keywords and profile optimization apply to Instagram, and they can also help you establish a more structured and intelligent content plan.

In the comments, let us know in the words of our Instagram Tips and tricks!

Are you prepared to get organized and schedule your Instagram photos ahead of time?


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