Top Product Photography Ideas For Instagram In 2022

On Instagram, there are a lot of styles in photography.

Choosing the best way to photograph for Instagram advertising is so difficult:

  • Is it better to turn off the colors and go for simplicity, or something shiny with unique colors?
  • Is it possible that reducing the contrast level to a bare minimum and leaving an extremely dark image would be preferable?

Photography Ideas For Instagram

Here are some of the excellent product photography suggestions on Instagram:

Let’s jump into the classic but excellent techniques of photographing Instagram items after you’ve gone through all of the trends.

You’ll attract a considerable amount of attention to the item and sell it quickly with levitation photographs and flat lay!

However, before diving deeper into this essay, it is recommended that you first learn how to make an Instagram storyboard.

Flyaart levitation

The shots of levitation are incredible!

They pique the interest of the audience and prompt them to consider what is truly wrong.

If you look up images of levitation on the web, you’ll discover some incredible examples.

However, this style has yet to gain widespread popularity. I suppose it’s because levitation appears to be pretty tough.

Most people would be shocked to realize that the comment is simply a composite of two or more photos in most circumstances.

Try to capture what you are excellent at and mainly stick to your field, as do most professional photographers.

Maybe you needed a new creative flow as well as a means to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

The first attempt at levitation can be difficult.

After testing it step by step, you should write down all the new things you learned to better your levitation shots the following time.

You’ll find the lessons we learned below, so you don’t have to travel down that difficult road.

  • Getting ready for an Insta Photo Session
  • Gather up all the necessary things.
  • On a cloudy day, take a photo.
  • Use a down angle to take your photos.
  • Take photos of transparent backgrounds at all times.

Gather up all the necessary things.

A camera, a tripod, a person, and accessories are required to make levitation photography, such as a chair, stool, or ladder.

Bring a remote camera button with you if you have one.

On a cloudy day, take a photo.

In post-production, the sunlight and harsh shadows usually add a lot of additional labor.

Removing a chair or a staircase while maintaining your model’s organic shadows can be a difficult task for even the most experienced Photoshop users.

Use a down angle to take your photos.

To provide the impression that the item is floating through the air, photographs from a low viewpoint. However, be aware of the magnitude of this.

This object will obstruct portions of the model’s body if you’re under the position of the props on which the model lies or stands.

Photographing from the top of the objects your model is on is the safest choice. Body clipping is also less likely if the model is positioned near the front of the supports.

Take photos of transparent backgrounds at all times.

Follow these criteria when prepared to construct the images that become part of the end levitation picture:

  1. To create one image, take many shots.

The most fundamental levitation pictures are made up of two or more shots. At the very least, you’ll need one image of the environment and one picture of the figure against it.

  1. Shots in combinations

To capture their ultimate photographs, several levitation shooters utilize Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

It is suggested that you color adjust a sequence of images to be all the same color, irrespective of the program you use.

Lightroom features a fantastic “sync” tool that allows users to add the same adjustments to a group of photographs simultaneously.


With a human and a levitating item, you may create stunning photographs.

To learn more about how to capture models on Instagram, check out our people shooting tutorial.

Do not even remember to upload anything you shot to your Instagram account.

Show some behind-the-scenes photos and videos to give buyers a sense of your company’s genuineness.

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