What are the Restrictions and limitations of Instagram?

Instagram restrictions are due to the rules for using this social network.

Unfortunately, many Instagram users do not know the exact rules and restrictions, which can lead to certain problems such as Ban or blocking their account.

Therefore, recognizing the limitations and rules of Instagram helps users to use this social network properly and minimize the risk of losing and blocking their accounts.

In this exclusive article, we want to talk about the limitations of Instagram and some of its important rules. So join us.

Types of Banned, Blocked, or Disabled by Instagram

Before we talk about the limitations of Instagram, let’s say there are several types of blocking or ban on Instagram.

Generally, banning the user’s activities and his account can be done in three different ways on Instagram, which are as follows:

  • Action Ban on Instagram

note!This type of stagnation occurs when you do one or more similar tasks without interruption in a spam-like state.

For example, over-liking too fast  (liking other people’s images inside a very short period of time!) or so-and-so’s fast-follow/unfollow, can lead to Instagram identifying you as a spammer and not allowing certain actions to be taken on your account for a certain period of time. In this case, your so-called account has been Action Banned.

  • Shadow Ban on Instagram

note!Shadowban occurs when you do consecutive posts with similar hashtags or hashtags that have been identified as suspicious and blocked hashtags by Instagram.

In such cases, In such cases, Instagram makes your posts so-called Shadowban. So that the posts you send and search for the tags you selected for them will not be displayed.

In other words, in this case, the hashtags you consider for your posts are practically losing their properties. In this case, blocking or banning is called Shadow Ban.

  • Full Ban on Instagram

note!Full Ban is about when you have violated the basic rules of Instagram for any reason.

This type of blocking is the worst way to block an account, and unfortunately, there is no way to restore an account that has been completely blocked by Instagram.

Instagram even blocks the username you provided for the account so you can’t create and use a new account with a username similar to a blocked account.

Restrictions and limitations of Instagram?

It is interesting to know that: If Instagram takes the issue very seriously, it may block the access of IP, mobile applications,s and even your computer to Instagram servers.

Now you are familiar with three different models of account blocking and Instagram restrictions.

Note that Instagram generally does not block accounts without a convincing reason, and if you follow the rules, you will never run into problems.

Get to know better the limitations of Instagram

Now it’s time to introduce the limitations that you should pay attention to them when using the Instagram application and social network.

The main limitations of Instagram are as follows:

  • Follow Instagram restrictions

To prevent spam, Instagram has set limits on the number of follow requests per user during the day and at different time intervals.

According to the information obtained, each user can finally send a follow request within 60 hours, and if the number of follow requests exceeds this amount, for any reason, Instagram realizes that the user is spamming, his/her account will be in Action Ban mode so that user can no longer send followup requests to other people.

  • Likes on Instagram:

According to the latest reports, Instagram’s rules for liking other people’s posts have apparently become stricter than before.

Seemingly, the number of permissible likes per user per hour will be 60, and if the number of likes per hour exceeds this value, the probability that your account will be in action mode will be very high.

  •  Instagram comment restrictions

Comments on Instagram have no limit on the number of words, But of course, it’s not interesting that you type four pages of content in your comment!

To prevent interference and create a more comprehensible state, Instagram does not fully display long comments.

About 240 characters will be displayed under the post, and an icon with the symbol “Three Points” will be displayed along with a long comment.

Interested users can access the entire typed content of the comment by touching this icon.

But despite the length of the comment, there is apparently a limit to the number of comments allowed, and each user can write 60 comments under one post at a time.

  • Instagram Direct Limit

For Direct, there are exactly the same Instagram restrictions as for likes and followers.

This means that each user will not be able to send more than 60 direct messages in one hour.

If Instagram finds out you’re trying to circumvent its rules by sending inappropriate content via direct, It will transfer your account to Action Ban mode very soon, and if this problem persists, your account may be completely blocked (full Bann).

Restrictions and limitations of Instagram

Note: According to recent reports, newly created Instagram accounts will face more restrictions, and even the number of likes, follow, direct and comments allowed will be reduced to 30 per hour.

  • Limit a total number of activities on Instagram

According to the rules set by Instagram, not every user can do more than 1440 activities a day with an account.

This means that the maximum activity of your account, which includes likes, follow, comments, direct, etc., is equal to 1440, and more than this amount of activity is not allowed for Instagram users and leads to Action Ban.

  • Limit Type of posts on Instagram

One of the most important issues that Instagram emphasizes in its rules is the content of the posts that can be published.

Instagram users are not allowed to send posts with immoral content, promoters of violence, animal abuse, etc. in their profiles.

If Instagram sees such cases, it will quickly delete the user’s account. So one of the main rules and restrictions of Instagram is the type and style of posts that can be sent.

  • Limits on buying and selling accounts on Instagram

Buying and selling Instagram accounts according to the rules of this social network is illegal and unauthorized, and if Instagram finds out that an account has been purchased or sold, it will be immediately Full Bann.

Of course, Instagram generally does not notice the sales of Instagram accounts or refrains from engaging in this issue.

However, if Instagram receives a definite report on this matter, for any reason, the account in question will be Full Bann.

  • Login restrictions from various devices and IPs on Instagram:

Instagram cares about the security of its users, and if it sees login to the account on various devices and IPs, it may block the account or request a verification code.

Of course, using an Instagram account on two or three phones generally does not create a problem, But it can also lead to Instagram orders the account to be banned or temporarily blocked.

  • Buy and sell likes and followers on Instagram

When you buy followers and likes, accounts will be added to your followers and they like your posts that most of which are fake and make with robots.

The intrusion of these robots and fake accounts on your page will cause Instagram to become suspicious and not only block fake accounts, but also put your account under the magnifying glass and see it in the future and observe suspicious actions more quickly and block them with more certainty.

  • Buying and selling illegal goods, services, and services on Instagram

It is not allowed to buy and sell some goods and services on Instagram, and if a user does this, that account will be blocked or banned very quickly by Instagram.

The above are the main limitations of Instagram.

By considering these issues, you can minimize the chances of your account being blocked or banned:

  1. The first point to know is that sometimes due to hacking, your account may be restricted and your information may be lost. If you are faced with hacking your account, you can restore your account by learning how to restore a hacked Instagram account.
  2. The second point, If you have trouble uploading images and videos, do not worry, this problem is not one of the limitations of Instagram, and it happens due to the presence of bugs in the Instagram program.

Restrictions and limitations of Instagram

Now that we know these limitations, we want to know what are the best ways to increase your followers on Instagram:

  • Comments

checkmarkComments are usually between 180 and 200 per day. Don’t comment on a duplicate post in a row because Instagram recognizes duplicate posts, and this can be costly for your account.

Also, send fewer emojis without text, as Instagram may seem annoying.

  • Direct Messages

checkmarkYou can have between 50 and 80 conversations with Instagram users daily, to keep your account secure.

Note: If you are a new user, the maximum number of actions you can take per day is 500, and these 500 are related to liking, commenting, following, and unfollowing. You can also have between 20 and 50 direct messages or conversations per day.

  • Likes

checkmarkThe maximum number of likes is 1000 per day, but not all Instagram users are the same. So you have to like less than 700 posts a day to keep your account secure and not locked.

  • Hashtag

checkmarkChoosing the right hashtag can catch the attention of your Instagram users and you will have more likes and followers, but don’t take advantage of it because you shouldn’t use more than 30 hashtags per day in each post.

  • IGTV

checkmarkAs you know, Instagram released IGTV about a year ago, which allows you to share your videos with others.

You can make videos for more than 1 minute. Fortunately, there are no restrictions on post IGTV.

  • Story

checkmarkUsually, you can share 100 stories.

  • Caption

checkmarkAs you know, anyone can write a text or caption under their post.

The number of characters allowed for a caption is 2200. It is better to use images instead of long texts.

  • bio

checkmarkThe limit for the number of characters for the page bio is 150. You can’t write more than that in bio.

  • Highlight

checkmarkFortunately, there are no restrictions on story highlights.

  • Tag

checkmarkIf you are interested in tagging people on Instagram, then you should know that the maximum limit for this is 20 times.

  • Mention

checkmarkIf you have created a new account, you can mention 10 Instagram users daily.

What factors affect Instagram restrictions?

  • Age of account: How long it takes to create your account has a big impact on setting rules and restrictions for your account.
  • A number of followers: higher the number of followers, lower your restrictions.
  • Account engagement: Rules related to your engagement with other users and your followers.
  • Account Activities: How much you work in this space and how many posts you publish can change your rules.



Following the rules of Instagram is very important to have a comfortable activity in this global network.

Try to identify and adhere to the latest Instagram restrictions.

In fact, learning these rules is important, and taking them into account can prevent further problems.

In this article, you will learn how to remove Instagram restrictions and the most important reasons that cause your account to be blocked.

By following these rules, you will experience a more successful business and activity. Now that you’re familiar with the limitations of Instagram 2020, it’s your turn to share your experiences.

  • Have you ever experienced a blocked account?
  • What is the reason for Instagram to block your account?
  • What is the solution to this problem?

Share your thoughts and experiences with us and other friends.


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