How To Make A Photo Collage On An Instagram Story (Steps & Tricks)

As everyone knows, Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing and creation platform that all people use from child to old. This famous app has lots of features that are practical for users all around the world.

So, if you know how to apply the accessible techniques, you can create some fantastic images and videos.

The exciting and most used part is its Story. Instagram Stories option allows you to share what’s going on in your life quickly.

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The best part about Instagram stories is that you don’t have to worry about posting the perfect photo or video.

Additionally, you can share a single photograph or a photo collage made up of numerous images simultaneously.

Making a photo collage spares your followers time by eliminating the need to go over multiple individual Stories.

As we mentioned above about photo collages, we’ll look at using Instagram to create them.

The procedure is so easy and takes just a few moments. Continue reading to learn how to make an Instagram Story photo collage.

Methods to make an Instagram Story Photo Collage

To continue, we want to talk about the three steps to create an Instagram Story photo collage.

This feature can be made by Using stickers, layout mode, or third-party collage creation applications.

We’ll go over each technique one by one. So be with us up to the end.

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Method One: Making a Photo Collage by using Stickers

If you want to have complete control over the look of your college, using Instagram’s Stickers feature is probably the best option.

You can personalize your background and choose or create photographs for the college by going to Your Story and selecting the Stickers option.

The most significant advantage of this method is that there are no limitations on how many photographs you can use in your collage. You can rotate, resize, move, and overlap them as much as you want.

You can create some fantastic collages! Also, the best news is that this feature is available on both iOS and Android.

To make your college, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Instagram.
  2. At the top, press Your Story, or at the bottom, hit the + Now take a photo, and don’t stress getting the perfect shot; this will serve as a backdrop for the photo collage.
  3. In this step, you can use accessible editing tools and edit your image as you want. Select a color with the airbrush tool to obscure the background picture, then mask the image with the brush.
  4. Hit the thumbnail symbol on the bottom left to select an existing image or snap a new one to create a background. Put your camera face down on a surface if you want a black experience.
  5. To bring up “Sticker” selections, slide up from the bottom of the background image or hit on the sticker icon on the top of the page. Tap the “Gallery” icon next to the “Camera” icon to access your phone’s Images/Camera Roll library.
  6. To add a photo to your Instagram Story, click on it.
  7. Select an image to include in your college, which will be a sticker on your backstory. The idea is now displayed over the background of your choice. To add an image to your Story, press it.
  8. If the pop-up vanishes before you can press it, go to the upper right and click on the text option (Aa). Touch and hold the window to insert your image, then paste the picture that copied it before.
  9. If you want to delete a photo, hold it down and drag it into the trash icon that appears, then it is deleted.
  10. You can now rearrange, resize, and even rotate the photo on your Story as you desire.
  11. After that, repeat the process to add more photographs to your collage as desired.

You can use these steps for both iOS and Android.

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Method Two: Making a Photo Collage in Layout Mode

Another option for making a collage is to use the layout mode. You don’t need to download or install another extra app to make a collage, just like you don’t need to download stickers.

The best part is that the method works on both Android and iOS.

The Instagram Layout feature makes it easy to create images with numerous layouts and features, particularly the collage feature.

However, you are limited to specific collage layouts that confine the collection of images you can use, such as 22, 44, 33, or 1 x3 arrangement.

Moreover, the characteristic does not permit pictures to be positioned in random segments or to overlap.

Using the Instagram Layout option is the simplest of the college choices, but it has limitations.

Here’s how to use the Layout option to make an Instagram collage Story:

  1. Using your mobile phone and open the Instagram application and click on the Story.
  2. On the left-side vertical menu, click the “Layout” icon.
  3. Choose a layout option, such as “13,” “44,” “33,” and so on.
  4. Begin by selecting your pictures for each portion, beginning with the top part. Press the gallery icon in the lower-left corner to add images, or click the white circle to take a photo with your camera.
  5. When you’ve decided on an image, tap the “checkmark.” to verify. Your photo is added to the college.

The steps above should be repeated to add an image to each pre-arranged section of your college.

Other Methods for Including Photos in An Instagram Collage

When creating a collage with Instagram Stories on Android or iPhone, you can clearly state the image’s reference.

You can upload pictures, and screen grabs from your image gallery and pics from other social media or other files containing images you created.

You can use images downloaded from an online cloud service in your Instagram collage to take it a step further.

Adding the Final Embellishments to Your Instagram Stories Collage

  1. You can arrange the photos from front to back by tapping them.
  2. You can change the background color by selecting the “Brush Tool,” then hitting “Select Color” and holding your finger across the screen until it changes to the color you want.
  3. The “Brush Tool” can then be used to add borders and hand-drawn illustrations.
  4. To make your collage stand out, you can also add “Stickers,” “Emoticons,” and other effects.

That’s all you need to know to make Instagram Stories with multiple photos by Instagram tools.

Now, if you want to create something new and unique, consider using third-party apps with special effects.

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Methods Three: Making a Photo Collage with Third-Party Apps

You can make a photo collage by using a variety of third-party mobile applications. The most significant advantage of third-party apps is their adaptability.

These applications provide a plethora of added features that you would not usually find baked into Instagram.

But, you should only go for them if you don’t mind an extra download.

The last word,

We’ve all seen Instagram Story updates that are far too various to read. The first one that you start to watch and then get frustrated with.

Using collages, the most practical feature of Instagram, you can prevent such circumstances by sharing more than one photo per Instagram Story update.

We’ve provided three methods for creating a collage. So, we hope you found this article helpful and have fun creating Instagram Stories.

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