Content Strategy for Creating Content on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most extensive content-based social networks globally, and businesses have a great chance to sell their products and services using Instagram!

But why isn’t it possible to achieve such sales on other social networks?

There is only one reason which is that Instagram is content-based! You might have heard the saying that “Content is King,” which is precisely what has turned Instagram into the best social network for online product marketing and sales growth.

Of course, you have to remember that only consistent and high-quality content is “King,” and you CANNOT expect to sell your business products by producing low-quality and worthless content.

The first step towards delivering high-quality content has a content generation strategy on Instagram to know when is the best time to make a specific type of content.

Being organized and consistently generating content helps you increase your followers and convert them into actual customers.

In this article, we will explore the content strategy on Instagram so that you will be able to grow and expand your business using Instagram.

Before familiarizing yourself with the Content Strategy on Instagram, you must first understand the concept of Instagram Strategy.

Instagram Strategy

What is Instagram Strategy?

It is important for businesses to do certain things in a timely manner and as planned.

Strategy is the exact factor that helps businesses to plan for their business and to do so in a timely manner.

In fact, with a well-planned out strategy, businesses will already know when they need to get certain things done.

In fact, Instagram Strategy means planning, implementing and evaluating all the activities that are done on Instagram.

Instagram Strategy

 Content Generation Strategy on Instagram

Content Generation Strategy on Instagram means having a specific content generation plan on Instagram.

In fact, Content Generation Strategy on Instagram is part of the Instagram Strategy that helps you create content on a regular basis.

Instagram users are looking for pages that they can learn from! So having high-quality and practical content is the key to having a successful Instagram page for your business.

By having a Content Generation Strategy on Instagram, you can teach your users many things, answer their questions, advertise your products, and ultimately increase the sales rates of your business.

The Key Elements of Content Strategy on Instagram

In order to have a successful strategy for generating content on Instagram, you must first identify the key elements!

In fact, to succeed in managing the profile page of a business on Instagram, you need to identify the elements that are essential to and make up the Content Strategy.

There are four key elements that shape a Content Strategy:

  1. Identifying the Topics for Content Generation

Before you can generate any sort of content, you need to know what your Posts are about; in fact, you must specify a Subject Category for yourself and look for popular topics.

Once you’ve found the topics you want, prioritize them based on how popular they are on social networks.

For instance, you can use the number of Hashtags on social networks for that subject or Instagram Analytics Tools.

social iconSome topics have interest more people and some interest less! The number of contents generated for more popular topics should be higher than the number of contents for less popular ones.

For instance, if you are active in the restaurant and catering business, your categories can include the 3 categories of Local, Foreign, and Fast Food!

If local food is more popular, you should post a higher number of Instagram posts about local food compared to foreign and fast food (depending on the number of searches and fans in that field!)

Creating Content on Instagram

  1. The Significance of Timing Posts in Content Strategy

For many users, Instagram is merely a social network used for entertainment!

Even users who learn something on Instagram may have no purpose other than to spend their free time.

This has caused users to be more active on different days of the week and during certain hours of that day.

One of the key elements of a Content Strategy on Instagram is having a schedule for posting Posts!

This simply means that you must know on what days and at what time you ought to post your Posts in order to get the most amount of feedback.

The Instagram Insights tool is the best tool for identifying the ideal time that a Post is to be posted on Instagram and allows you to see how many users are active on different and certain days and hours.

If you haven’t already used this tool, I suggest that you read the article on Analyzing Instagram Pages.

Analyzing Instagram Pages.


  1. The Customer Persona and Content Generation Based on it

Just as the audiences of different businesses are different, so are the audiences of varying Instagram pages!

First, you need to know your audience and their characteristics!

Content generation on Instagram should be based on audience characteristics to be able to gain their attention.

Understanding your Instagram audience helps you bear in mind their personality when generating an image or video.

For instance, the audiences for a Movie Page are different from those for a Website Design Company; the audience for the Movie Page can range from children to adults!

Now, if the number of your audience aged between 15 to 20 years old is higher, you can include videos of animation, but if your audience is between 25 to 30 years old, you need to have adult-genre videos to be able to reach out to your audience and draw their attention fully.

  1. Increase User Interaction and Participation

Increasing user interaction and involvement has a huge impact on the growth rate of an Instagram page!

When you are deciding which topics to include in the content of your Instagram page, or what day and time to post them on Instagram, you are indeed looking to increase the amount of user interaction.

User interaction means Liking Posts, Leaving Comments, Saving Posts, and Forwarding them to other users.

The more interaction a page receives, the faster that page’s growth rate will be; however, if the page is about a business, more user interaction means more sales of the business’s products and services.

instagram-grow-iconBenchmark your competitors in order to know ways to increase user interaction!

By using benchmarking, you can identify the performance of different activities and their impact.

There are Posts with more Likes or Views on your competitors’ pages. By visiting your competitors’ pages, you will find out which Posts your audience likes the most, and you can increase the amount of interaction with your page by generating similar content.

One of the most important types of Posts that will make your page more engaging is answering users’ questions in a video format!

These kinds of Posts give users the sense that they are important to you, and you will always get a good deal of feedback from them.

Increase User Interaction and Participation

 An Important Tip for Creating Content on Instagram

If you are the manager of a business and want to promote your products or services, you should NOT post a large number of Ads!

In fact, when users read your content, they should not feel as though they are facing promotional content.

The best way to promote a product or service is to provide 80 % valuable and practical content and only 20 % promotional content.

Also, if you want the 20 % promotional content to have the most impact on users, the other 80 % must be fully practical and useful so that users can learn from your Posts.

Creating Content on Instagram

Also, in your promotional content, rather than talking about the benefits and advantages of your products or services, it’s better to talk about how they can meet the demands of users.

Nowadays, due to the presence of many powerful competitors in various fields, Internet Marketing depends entirely on providing valuable information to users.


Generating proper content on Instagram demands a certain amount of planning! In fact, you need to know what Posts are to be produced and when they are to be shared in the next few days.

All of these issues can be found in the concept of Content Strategy (Content Generation Strategy on Instagram).

In this article, we have thoroughly assessed this concept in order to help you boost your Instagram page dramatically.

If you have any questions regarding Instagram Strategy, let us know about it in the comments section so we will be able to help each other.

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