Why Is Instagram Such A Great Place To Sell Handcrafted Items?

Getting the word out about a one-of-a-kind business.

  • Do you enjoy knitting, needlework, cross-stitching, sewing, ceramics, paper quilling, or any other type of handicraft?
  • Are you enthusiastic about what you do?

Whether you’re a novice with a few items to offer and are ready to continue crafting handmade items for sale, or you’ve already sold things elsewhere, it’s time to make a fortune from your passion on Instagram!

Why would you want to sell on Instagram?

Instagram is the most used social media app nowadays. It is trendy today, and it is also extensively utilized to find companies and products.

As a result, you can draw a large number of customers here.


What are the best methods to create a sales profile?

So, you’ve decided to build an Instagram marketing profile; now follow the tips below:

  • Consider what kind of username you’d like to use. It should be simple to locate and hence apparent.
  • Upload a photo to your profile.
  • Write down all of the ways your consumers can contact you, including direct messaging, connections to your shop and other social media sites, e-mail, and anything else you can think of.
  • Make a bio for yourself. It should be short and to the point.

What pictures do you want to share on your profile?

Create content that is both unique and engaging. You have the option to post:

  • Upload the photo from your handcrafted creations. Choose a photo for your profile that describes your activities on your page.
  • Upload images of your products in action, such as a youngster playing with a handcrafted toy or a photo of your wares in a setting.
  • Photographs of the production process. People are always interested in seeing what goes on behind the scenes of the creative process. It’s always fascinating to observe how something develops. Furthermore, you can entice them with your new product and keep them waiting for it to be released. Take pictures of your workspace or tools, such as knitting needles, yarn, spools of thread, paintbrushes, and so on.
  • Entirely flat layouts. Make a photo from above by grouping elements. Combine your handmade with other materials such as flowers, candles, any interior item, or whatever else you may think of to generate a photo that is pleasing to the eye.
  • Now and then, post a picture of yourself. It’s fantastic to see who makes all of those lovely things. People want to deal with genuine people when they make purchases. You can also add pictures of your relatives or creatures on occasion. However, this should not be done frequently. Mixing your professional and personal profiles is not a good idea.
  • Make an effort to engage with your fans. Inspire them to talk over something. Allow your fans to feel like they’re a part of your artistic process. Create a welcoming environment. Post a photo and in the description, write about your weekend and ask others how they spent their weekend, or write about how your morning started and inquire about theirs. Alternatively, you might publish a photo of two similar handcrafted items in various colors and ask, “Which one do you prefer?”
  • Use the content that users produce. Request the buyers to mark their images with your products. Under their pictures, you can be sure that words of respect and appreciation for your work will be posted!

Edit your image to make your account look cohesive. In such a method, it will seem more elegant and appealing.


Should you attempt to be a master of creativity?

As everyone knows, Instagram is a visual platform. As a result, you won’t need to write much there.

Nonetheless, captions must be written. Be eloquent while remaining succinct.

It would be best if you weren’t a superb storyteller in this situation. A caption should be eye-catching and straightforward to read.

Because the caption is cut off in your followers’ feed, start with the most important terms.

Don’t just write pricing in a caption!

Describe your handcrafted item, provide context, write about your influences, expose the personality of your item, and describe the creation process.

Prompt people to participate or debate something by asking a question or posing a challenge. Allow them to feel involved.

Posting schedule: when and how often should you post?

It’s also crucial to post at the right time. It’s preferable to pick a time when you won’t go ignored and instead get into someone’s feed. Pick a period when there are more Instagram users.

it’s the incorrect time to post

According to studies, people generally scan their newsfeed in the morning, when they have just woken up, or before going to bed. Also, the most active period is between 5 and 9 p.m.

Many people use Instagram when they leave work and are on their way home, between 5 p. m. and 7 p. m.

Furthermore, because few people post at this time, it’s a perfect opportunity to appear in your clients’ feed. Lunchtime, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., is also suitable for posting.

For example, 9 a.m. is not a good time for posting because many individuals start working at that hour.

  • When individuals aren’t at work, it’s best to post videos in the evening or on weekends. They have some free time, so they can relax and watch a video while listening to music.
  • When it comes to publishing on Instagram on a weekday, several studies demonstrate that Wednesday is the most fantastic day. Posting is difficult on Sunday and Monday.
  • Nonetheless, it would be best to consider your intended audience, whether they work in an office, are learners, or are new parents. In addition, if your consumers are from several nations, keep in mind the varying time zones.
  • To avoid being forgotten by your fans, you should post regularly. Don’t post too much, but also don’t post too little. The best strategy is to post 1-2 times per day, although 3-4 times per day is also okay. Don’t post photo after photo or overload your followers’ feeds, resulting in many unfollowing. Take a half-hour break between each post.

Manually accomplishing this is time-consuming and difficult. As a result, scheduling can assist you in this situation.

And still, you can always explore. Because of the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of your products, your recommended sending time may vary from the one listed above.

Now let’s go to know the famous pages about handcrafts on Instagram:

The best & Interesting Handcraft Accounts on Instagram

We occasionally explore new approaches to study handcrafting. Instagram, which most of us use regularly, is a great place to find these ideas.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to various Instagram accounts dedicated to DIY handcraft crafts.

@abeautifulmess – 676K followers


The original Craft lifestyle website is A Beautiful Mess. Find all you need to know about home renovations, stunning stationery, makeup advice, food, photo editing, and even how to start your blog. So by this popular Instagram page, stay at home & make something.

@damasklove – 86K followers


Damask Amber is the Instagram account used to make when it comes to creating, Love keeps things authentic, fun, and light. Her Instagram account is vibrant and engaging, and you’ll find yourself thinking by yourself that you can do everything.

@ohhappyday – 505K followers


A little help from the Oh Happy Day page on Instagram enables you to create the most epic celebration of all time. Learn how to make a giant takeaway box photo booth, a Parisian cafe background, and a box for the best perfume.

@thecraftedlife – 50K followers


The Crafted Life is another one of the brightly colored accounts where you can get helpful hints on how to live the fashionable, enjoyable life you’ve always desired without spending lots of money.

@thediyday – 229K followers


This is the channel to follow if you’re seeking amusing and helpful DIY videos. This section is all covered by trying to stamp, bullet journals, embossing, stencils, and more.

@studiodiy – 421K followers


Studio DIY has a distinctive perspective on the creative experience. This profile will likely bring a grin to your face if you enjoy eccentric attire, organizing parties, and colorful food.

@prettylifegirls – 27.5K followersINSTAGRAM HANDCRAFTS ACCOUNTS

“Style+DIY+Food+Family” is how The Pretty Life Girls describe themselves in their bio. When you follow these two creative sisters, you’ll get a continual stream of all things gorgeous.

@sugarandcloth – 290K followers


Nobody makes food appear more appetizing and attractive than Sugar & Cloth regarding DIY Instagram pages. Get all of their delectable recipes, as well as some cool crafts and elegant decor.

@handmadecharlotte – 62.7K followers


Handmade Charlotte demonstrates that unique crafts aren’t always complex. Find easy DIY projects that you and your entire family will love.

@ohjoy – 455K followers


Oh Joy is more than just a designer of gorgeous baby items and trendy, colorful baggage. It offers one of the best DIY Instagram pages and crafting websites online!

What are some of your favorite Instagram pages for DIY projects? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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