What is Poll Questions on Instagram

Users of any Instagram page are the most important contributors to successful Instagram.

Your Instagram posts you’ve published increase your Instagram engagement with the users; the fewer users on your Instagram results in the lower concentration.

There are various ways to improve and increase your engagement on Instagram. The most important is page content and posts; the more attractive and valuable your posts and content are, the more people like, comment, share, and view your posts.

The more that a user interacts with your Instagram Stories, the more likely your posts will show up in their feed.

Instagram stories content is also a great tool to boost your Instagram engagement. But how people can spend more time on your Instagram story content and interacts with it?

The easiest way is to respond to your story, but fewer users do it since it is time-consuming to reply to each tale.

Instagram knows that well and has provided users with good tools. There are tons of amazing creating Instagram Stories available to users.

One of these tools is the Instagram poll Sticker! With this tool, you can ask a question from users and give them two options.

Users also send you feedback by choosing one of these two options, and you can easily use their comments.

In this article, we will teach you how to use the Instagram Poll questions; if you’re ready, follow us!

Poll Questions

How does the Instagram Poll Question help Businesses?

An Instagram Poll question is a tool that helps you get feedback from users; for example, suppose you have two new products ready for your business and want to introduce one of them now and another one after a few days to your users.

The more well-liked products are selling more, and you can, without difficulty or effort, help your business by bringing forward products that users need more.

To know which users need more products, introduce these two products in a story to users.

And ask them using the Instagram poll tool. It’s necessary to know that users’ feedbacks on the Instagram poll tool is more than direct posting because the user can participate in the poll in less than a few seconds.

If you do not know how to use Instagram in your stories, we’ll show or explain how to use it in the next section. But if you know how to use Instagram, join us with our tips for increasing user feedback in the Instagram poll section.

How to make polls on Instagram stories?

There are 5 steps to create an Instagram poll:

  1. Create Your Own Story!

An Instagram poll is one of the story tools; in point of fact, to make a poll, you must make a story and put a poll on it.

Enter the Instagram Home page and make the story, and on the upper left side click on the Instagram icon:

In this section, you can directly take a photo (or video) or select one of your mobile gallery images by swiping your phone screen up.

Note that to receive the best feedback on Instagram polls, a photo story needs to be closely connected or appropriate to the poll’s topic!

In this case, users are more likely to respond to your votes. After selecting it, you can place your stickers or emoji on your story to start the next step (put a poll in the story).

Bear in mind that your accounts are not crowded, which makes your users confused; I suggest putting half of your deck into an open poll to see it better and easily record their feedback.

  1. Make an Instagram Poll for Your Story!

After sharing a story, it is time for making a poll for your story. For making a poll, you can click on the Story stickers icon:

What is Poll Questions on Instagram

You can make polls by clicking on the Poll tool. After selecting the Instagram poll tool on top of it, you should ask your question and click on any option to choose a response!

There is no limit to the number of words to insert, but I suggest you be a creative person!

Write short but exciting questions to receive the most feedback from users; for example, if you have written explanations on a story that the user is reading about it, there is no need to repeat that question!

You can write “what about you?” So the user, in addition to spending less time to read the question, is persuaded to respond because of your creativity.

Another issue is that you can write up to 26 words for the answer options, but only two options are available.

In this case, I suggest writing short answers like “yes” and “no” so that the user can answer your question

If you are going to use more options, this is not the right tool; Instagram recently, in its upgrade, provided users with a tool for multiple-choice polls that we will discuss in another article.

  1. Put Your Polls in the Proper Part of Your Story!

Do you remember the first item? We said that there is an excellent place to put polls.

Now that you’ve made your polls, click on the checkmark which is displayed at the top right of your story, and then go to the next step:

Poll Questions on Instagram


Now, just put your polls in your favorite place to enter the next step.

  1. Share Instagram Polls with Your Followers!

After making your polls, it’s time to publish the story. Poll Publishing begins! So click on the “Send to” and choose “Your story” to share your story with users.

Instagram Poll Questions

Now that you publish your polls, users can see your story and respond to them.
After users respond to your Instagram polls, you can easily see and analyze their responses

. To do this, go to the favorable story and click on the number of your accounts; you can highlight your story to enter the Story Analysis page.

This section displays the number of users who have chosen one of two options; however, keep in mind that users cannot change their response after choosing one option. And only the poll image is available to them.

For example, look at the picture below:


Instagram Poll Questions

In the poll, eight users have selected. Yes, and 2 of them have chosen No. This story is available to users for up to 24 hours, and this information will be updated as long as users participate in the poll.

If you have enabled notification via Story Settings, after each user responds to their Instagram poll, the message will be displayed in your mobile notification section.

After completing the above-mentioned five steps, you can make your poll and see the users’ responses.

If you are in charge of a business and use Instagram to market your products or services, the Instagram poll tool helps you receive feedback from users.

Also, if you need to receive entire users’ comments, use the question sticker.

How to make appealing Instagram Polls for Users?

Instagram polls are active for all users, and many people use them, but it is necessary to know that using the Instagram survey without strategy and creativity cannot produce good results for you.

If you use Instagram to manage a business or have a business page, there are various ways to increase the appealing of the survey.

You should try to create creative polls that encourage users to improve their engagement!

This section will look at three excellent ways to make a user poll that can improve users’ interaction on your page.

If you are ready, follow us in this section:

The first Method: Ask Users to take part in Your Poll!

In business, nothing is more important than knowing what users want! This is important to users in providing a product or service.

And you cannot figure it out as long as you ask them. Another important thing is that when you make a poll, users may ignore it!

Users see many votes that are not important, which has led to opposing viewpoints of the users.

If you want to receive good feedback from users on your Instagram poll, ask users to participate in the survey; then, they know that the study and its results are worth it for you, and they respond to it after reading the poll question.

What Questions to Ask in the Instagram Polls to receive Feedback from Users?charachter

If you want to have an Instagram poll but do not know what questions you can ask.

This is a problem with many Instagram pages!

They want to ask questions from users, but they do not know which questions are more important.

These questions can be:

Offer discounts for the products;

If you want to offer a discount for one of your products, you can ask users to tell which product they need!

In this case, the number of sales and, finally, sales will increase.

Features of the products that are favorable to users;

For example, you can offer two different colors of a product and ask users to choose their favorite colors!

In this case, you can provide more items with bright colors to your customers.

Ask publishing time of a video or a; for example, asking users to choose Live Instagram playback time (morning or night).

Ask the type of communication with users;

Ask users how they want to communicate with you! For example, offer them two options for calling or directing.

Polls on users’ favorite topics for making posts; if you want to make a post for users who do not know which topics they are interested in, you can give two options to users to select two different issues.

And make your post appropriate to the poll results.

The Second Method: Identity Your Market Needs or Interests of Your Followers!

If you are going to create content for your site or your Instagram page, it’s enough to make polls and ask users between the two different topics.

If you are going to create a product and offer service or education to users, first ask your followers about their needs to experience successful sales.

An interesting Instagram feature in the polling section is that you can share its results with users!

After completing the polls, you can share the results in a different story by clicking on Share Result and show results in percentage:

On the above-left image, Instagram poll results show that 92% of the users have chosen ‘Yes‘ and 8% have selected ‘No’.

You can also use these results on other social networks because Instagram users and other social networks are your target audience, and many followers have similar interests.


The Third Method: Scheduling for Events and User Participation

If you are going to hold a variety of events for your business, you can use comments of the users; for example, you can ask them about the city where it is going to be held, the reception, the people who are lecturing, and … And they, by participating in the Instagram polls, help you!

Remember that after 24 hours, you can see the results; then, you can make the right decision.

The Fourth Method: Determine Prizes for the Held Contests on Instagram Page

If you are holding contests on your Instagram page, you know that you have to offer a prize at the end of each match.

This prize can be one of your products or services; of course, it depends on your business type and contest.

For example, you can choose between two different items. And make polls to give users a prize and ask the users to decide on the final tip!

For example, you can ask them about the second and third prize winners. In this case, you should give the first person the first prize and the second and third.

And you can provide users with two options for polling!

The first option can be an 80% discount on on-site products or a regular prize. Select this item during the contest by asking users to participate.


Polls are an excellent choice for engaging in business.

Instagram is the most important social network for many companies that you can use to offer your products or services!

Fortunately, Instagram has put together a polling tool for engaging with users so you can get good feedback from them.

In this article, we have been teaching to making an Instagram poll.

Thus, it can help you increase the engagement of your users. We have also looked at tips and techniques to improve user engagement in the Instagram poll questions. So you can manage your Instagram page well.

If you have been using Instagram for marketing for business, how to use Instagram Stories polls for your business?

Please share your experiences with other users in the comments section and us.

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