Top Wonderful & in spiritual Instagram Accounts to Follow for Personal Growth

Do you remember that I told you that Instagram has to be the worst social network in the case of mental health? Isn’t it crazy?! 

Let’s fix that by joining some of the most useful Instagram pages!

You’ll find my Top 10 Best Instagram Profiles to Follow for Personal Growth and development and Positivity in this weblog!

Take your phone, get set to explore the finest Instagram pages to follow in 2021, and ensure that your feed truly assists you in becoming the best of yourself!


The problems of Instagram on mentality

Let’s accept it: Instagram is a noisy environment where we’re constantly bombarded with stuff.

If you’re anything like us, your Instagram account is likely to be dominated by Influencers who only post about the “good life,” friends’ highlight reels, and celebrities’ lifestyles.

And, although we enjoy the program, we have an uneasy sensation that something isn’t quite right.

If you’ve seen our Instagram stories and posts, you understand that we believe the issue isn’t so much what content providers share as it is how we use social networks.

Instagram was named the worst social media platform for mental health.

Instagram was scored worst for young mental health in this survey, producing fear and tension, which can cause depression.

We are not a doctor, and we didn’t conduct the research, but we know that we control how we use social media.

That is to say; we have control over who we follow and can unfollow accounts and members that we believe do not offer value to our lives.

We also control how the stuff we see influences our thoughts – something we often overlook during zombie browsing.

Finally, we can intentionally analyze how our consumption impacts our feelings and ask ourselves whether we are encouraged or disheartened after looking through my Instagram news feed and making changes as needed.

instagram mental accounts

Why should you pay attention and follow the accounts for your personal development?

We can select how the stuff we receive affects us since we control who we follow on social networks.

We don’t know about you, but instead of feeling uninspired and miserable, we’d rather be motivated through Instagram.

Also, keep in mind that traditional Influencer profiles with stunning photos or comments might be motivating.

Remember that most of the time, it’s just a highlights package of ordinary folks like you and me who are dealing with challenges in their life.

You have complete control over how you receive and manage social media.

With the profiles covered in this article, we aim to provide some beneficial variations to your social networking use.

Best Instagram Pages to Follow for Professional Development and Performance

So our goal with this blog article is to assist you:

in waking up, realize that you can unfollow profiles that don’t strike a chord with you (even if they’re your closest friends), and demonstrate your contributes that we love and think can add value to your life while browsing through your feed – here are our individual top 10 best Instagram accounts to follow!

@melrobbinslive-1.3M followers

instagram mental account

What you will see:

Quotations, lots of videos, live events, and conversations are among the things you’ll see.

What’s the point of following?

Involvements handle real-life struggles and aids with anti-procrastination via a lot of videos.

Mel Robbin is a Television personality, lecturer, and writer from the United States (recommended read).

Her homepage is chock-full of encouraging words and videos to help you manage everyday problems.

Her Instagram is favorable since she appears to be so real and true. She also regularly goes online to provide random tidbits about her lifestyle, problems, and how she handles situations.

Check out her Instagram page for videos of her giving guidance to others.

@alexikonn-209k followers

instagram mental account

What you will see: 

Private images paired with thought-provoking text about the industry, relationships, and private life.

Why should you pay attention?

Excellent, fresh personalized page with actual real-life photos of someone accomplished in business and life.

Alex Ikonn’s Instagram profile has to be one of the most down-to-earth we’ve seen.

He’s a podcast host, entrepreneur, and creator who discuss anything from company to family life and marriage.

Most of his posts are on his lived experience and lessons learned. When he does advertise items (for example, Audible), you can tell he cares about the company and product and isn’t just doing it for the profit.

Following his account seems like receiving a real-life glimpse into his daily activities and ideas, which have helped him become a successful entrepreneur, parent, and spouse – take a look for you!

@mj.demarco-24.3k followers

instagram mental account

What you’ll find here:

Business quotations, films, and infographics, as well as jokes.

Why should you read?

No-nonsense advice, just right to the point, challenging information to help you start waking up and reconsider common views.

With his straight-to-the-point and no-nonsense style, MJ DeMarco has to be one of our favorite authors.

He’s a personality manager releasing material that challenges many common notions about money, success, and pleasure.

The page appears to be quite contentious at first look, and he is expressing things that many of us wouldn’t want to hear (for example, the myths about “following your heart” and “doing what you love”).

That is precisely what we appreciate about him and his work. Follow his Instagram if you’re looking for some straightforward, no-nonsense advice that will help you improve.

We also strongly advise you to read his novels.

@garyvee-9M followers

instagram mental account

You will find:

A lot of video retweets of his Tweets and his professional and personal endeavors.

Why should you pay attention?

He’s Gary Vee, after all.

When we first began our social media profiles, one of the people we began supporting and reading all of his books was Gary Vee.

He gets right to the point, and his information only serves to motivate you to take some action!

You’ll mostly find career and management guidance, with a focus on the younger age (under 30).

He teaches you that failure isn’t that horrible and that there is plenty of time in life to recover from your errors.

Follow him if you’d like an inspirational person to help you begin focusing on your goals and stop wasting time.

You’ll start again to live in no time!

@investmentpunk-103k followers

instagram mental account

What you will find:

Quotations and movies from him, as well as investment planning in the German language.

Why should you pay attention?

Positive marketing works, investment advice that is easy to understand, and honest talk about money, government, and the Future and current economy.

Please check out this Instagram account for all of our German-speaking followers!

It could even be worth translating his content for non-German readers.

Gerald Hörhan (a.k.a. Investment Punk) may appear aggressive and awkward initially, but you’ll soon see that he understands what he’s talking about.

With his no-nonsense style, he gets right to the point as a billionaire business owner and commercial property specialist.

On his Instagram feed, he posts videos with captions and comments that will make you think carefully about today’s culture, money, and business – much like his novels that all of which are highly suggested!

@tombilyeu-1.7M followers

instagram mental account

What you will find:

Quotes, comments, and conversations with other motivational persons will be featured.

Why should you pay attention?

Content that’s been well, as well as his motivational content.

If you’ve been watching inspirational Instagram videos, you’ve probably come across Tom Bilyeu.

He is a life coach and professional and none of the Quest bars (exercise and diet products).

We enjoy his account because he provides his thoughts and quotations, and videos to inspire you.

He also conducts conversations with intelligent individuals and offers them pertinent questions, resulting in lively debates.

Please take a look at his Instagram feed for some inspiration!

@steven-1.2M followers

instagram mental account

What you will find:

Quotations, leadership training clips, and retweets of his Tweets are among the items you’ll find.

Why should you pay attention?

A good speaker with a well-balanced combination of movies and comments.

When we initially came across Steve’s profile, we glanced at what he had to offer and were instantly persuaded to follow him.

He’s a 26-year-old businessman and political commentator, and it’s inspiring to see such a youthful, motivated individual use social networks for good.

The majority of the subjects are about basic live guidance and achieving your best potential.

He was looking for someone relatable in his mid-twenties who is achieving amazing things?

Now that you’ve located him go ahead and follow him!

@motivation_mondays-1.2M followers

instagram mental account

What you’ll see:

Lovely quotes on lovely images.

Why should you pay attention?

Get your daily dose of aesthetically pleasant quotes by clicking here.

Wonderful quotations in a minimalistic style can be found on this page. The photos are excellent and have a distinct style to them.

Do you want up to three new posts every day to give you energy? Monday Inspiration is your page!

@globalpositivenews-468k followers

instagram mental account

What you’ll see:

Upbeat, uplifting world news, as well as photographs with daily paper writing.

Why should you pay attention?

It’s important to be aware that there’s more to life than bad news.

Have you ever wondered why you feel miserable or disheartened after viewing the news on TV or reading the newspaper in your neighborhood?

We are in the same boat. That is why we adore the concept of this page!

Check out the Instagram page for daily news that reminds you that there are wonderful happenings worldwide – up to three new posts per day!

Although some of the stories and posts may appear absurd, the page does a decent job of identifying the media outlets in the subtitles.

Follow the site for a daily dose of optimism!

@nowfuture-506k followers

instagram mental account

What you’ll find:

Professional and life advice quotations and infographics.

Why should you pay attention?

Subjects and material formats are well-balanced.

The problem with most curated sites is that they are either excessively corny or overrun with advertisements.

But I have various feelings about this page — Now Future offers a terrific combination of photographs, quotations, films, and infographics that bring value to all aspects of life.

Finally, Adjust your Instagram account to support your personal development and happiness!

There you have it: ten incredible Instagrammers to follow that will make you better as a creature.

Select the ones that speak to you the most and follow them so that their postings appear in your feed daily.

Said, you’ll have a better time going through your Instagram account if you do this!

Unfriend any profiles that are presently not improving your life so that more positive fresh information can appear and assist you in growing.

We are happy you enjoyed this article and that it inspired you to seek out some of the top Instagram pages to follow for Personal Development in 2021!

What are some of your favorite positive accounts to keep up with?

Let’s motivate each other by sharing them in the comment thread!

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