Using Instagram To Promote Your Tattoo Business

Everyone who works in the tattoo field is undoubtedly using social media to spread their business.

Because Instagram is primarily a form of visual communication, its people demand to be exposed to new styles, and this can all be leveraged to build their brand, promote it to your intended audience, and attract new customers.

Instagram, like any other technology, must be appropriately utilized to yield the best results.


How to promote tattoo business on Instagram?

You may utilize Instagram follower’s software to quickly gain thousands of likes and followers, as well as new customers.

It would help if you worked with your desired audience – users enthusiastic about tattoo art, those who have tattoos, and those who haven’t yet but are preparing to contact a specialist for the first time – to obtain the most outstanding results.

And it may be you if your profile demonstrates that you are a trustworthy individual.

Here are some pointers to help you develop a reputable product:

It is perhaps the most straightforward stage in advertising a commercial Instagram profile.

However, it is frequently overlooked for unknown reasons, and who knows how several customers may be lost due to a poorly completed account.

Which do you think you’d prefer: a tattoo artist on Instagram with a complete profile and multiple ways to contact them or one with no personal or access information?

That is precisely the point. So, don’t be a slacker and give extra time to fill out your account!

Ensure to include your contact information, email address, connections to your other social media platforms, a link to your website, and so on.

Consider a summary of your work. The content in your profile must, in theory, set you apart from your peers and make you distinctive.


The most important thing is that only high-quality content should be used.

As a tattooist, you should understand the value of intense attention to detail. Remember that a poor photograph’s sharpness will ruin even the trendiest and most original tattoos.

Remember that and only share photos that are distinctive and expert. Also, remember to be creative:

Posting the same photographs of new customers’ tattoos will bring your fans and not help you gain Instagram likes or new clients. It’s part of the job to be inventive!

Watermarks should be included.

Watermarking your photos will not only prevent them from copying, but it would also make it easier for developing quickly to find you.

The logo might be bold and noticeable, or it can be subtle and hidden — it’s essential to decide which one will appear best on your photos.


Include more information about yourself and your work.

Remember that Instagram is first and foremost a social media platform, and your fans are engaged not just in your business but also in your personal life.

You shouldn’t need to publish a level of personal images, but you can explain to your fans more about your work’s origins.

You may display your workspace or specific items of hardware. You are telling your fans about your workflow – showing sketches and stages of the work process.

Your present and prospective clients will, of course, appreciate seeing your inspirations.

Such posts typically receive more likes and comments than expert posts. Make use of such content to interact with your fans in the comment sections.

It will allow you to engage your fans if you handle your Instagram posts appropriately.


Make tattoo hashtags for likes

Make it easy for potential followers and customers to find you. Use popular hashtags that describe the business style, but don’t overdo it to avoid appearing spammy.

Each of your posts should preferably have five up to 7 relevant tags. We suggest creating your hashtag to become an integral part of the brand as your profile grows in popularity.


Motivate your customers to review.

Customer comments will serve as an excellent display of your abilities. Push your customers to provide reviews with your company’s branding, for example, by providing discounts, by re-posting their images with their new tattoos.


Make contact with your coworkers.

They are using Instagram to connect with other tattooists and share their knowledge.

Follow well-known creators’ pages, like and remark on their photographs, and they will certainly follow you back.

You can use an Instagram auto like to make communication much more accessible by liking their posts regularly.


Customer relationship management should be simplified.

Of course, everybody desires followers on social media on their Instagram accounts who will soon become genuine customers and provide us serious cash.

But, if there’s a way of making Instagram more user-friendly, why pass it up?

An Instagram robot will not help you gain genuine followers who will become your customers, but it will do some work for you and spare you the energy you can spend communicating with your customers.

You can use Instagram’s automatic instant messenger feature to send messages to your new supporters, which will give you ample notice.

Although promoting an Instagram page is not a quick or straightforward task, it will assist a tattooist in gaining a reputation amongst prospective customers.

Make good use of Instagram, and it may prospective customers come your way!

It’s difficult to know where to begin with so many incredible tattoo artists!

You’re in luck because I’ve got some good news for you. From watercolor tattooists to conventional sticks and poked workshops, these are five of our personal favorites.

Now, after that, you understand how to use Instagram to promote your tattoo business lets to talk about the 10 top tattoo pages on Instagram:

The Best Tattoo Pages on Instagram

@sashaunisex with 739k followers

Sasha Unisex is known for her watercolor tattoos that border on decorative arts. It’s so distinct that artists who try to imitate it repeatedly fail to master the method.

If you can’t make it all the distance to Russia, you may at least present her on Instagram @Sashaunisex to see her stunning work.

@smithstreettattooparlour with 117k followers

If you’re a conventional tattoo fan like us, the Smith Avenue Tattoo Parlour provides anything you’re looking for! Just have a look at all of the rich, traditional styles!

@ _dr_woo_ with 1.8M followers

Dr. Woo is a celebrity tattoo artist best known for his intricate monochrome patterns on Miley Cyrus, Drake, and Cara Delevingn. These drawings are incredibly complex, and I honestly cannot believe how intricate they are!

@dotstolines with 494k followers

Chaim Machlev, a German tattoo artist, creates beautiful geometrical patterns primarily with lines and lines. There’s something for everyone, from the breast parts and cuffs to the portions that appear like a ribbon running down an entire person.

@emily_rose_murray with 297k followers

Emily Rose Murray, located in Melbourne, Australia, is certainly one to follow for tattooing ideas, whether you want a dark 1920’s classic image on your skin or not.

@tealeigh with 110k followers

Isn’t it amazing that stick and poke piercings can look good? They certainly can!

Tea Leigh pokes ink into the skin with a needle, which requires more accuracy and care.

Check out Raleigh’s Instagram for stunning sticks and jabs of everything from kittens to basic sceneries.

@suflanda with 423k followers

Is it possible to have black on black? Pictures that seem unbelievable? Isn’t that some beautiful linework? Yes, Susanne Konig, a German tattoo artist, has whatever you’ll require turning your fears to live.

@sarahgaugler with 119k followers

Sarah Gaugler is a tattoo artist in New York City who creates highly details little pieces with vegetarian ink.

@kamilczapiga with 81.1k followers

The pointillism and dot art of Kamil Czapiga are stunning! It’s difficult to understand how many small touches went into combining images that look eerily similar to Batman and animal faces.

@peteraurisch with 77.9k followers

Perhaps Peter Aurisch is what you’re looking for if you’re an artist. Look out for his one-of-a-kind geometric Picasso and Cubist-inspired drawings, which feature plenty of precise shadowing, thick black, and vibrant color bursts.

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